Is He a Killer? Tim Norman, Miss Robbie Montgomery, Andre and the Drama at Sweetie Pies | Story Time

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Is He a Killer? Tim Norman, Miss Robbie Montgomery, Andre and the Drama at Sweetie Pies | Story Time

447 361 views | 19 Aug. 2020
447 361 views | 19 Aug. 2020

Is He a Killer? Tim Norman, Miss Robbie Montgomery, Andre and the Drama at Sweetie Pies | Story Time

Hey there, if this is your first time watching one of my videos, let me first apologize for this type of video. I don't usually post videos about pop culture or current events,, but since I had a working relationship with the people involved in this situation, I felt it was necessary to voice my opinion on Tim's criminal past and his current legal situation.

Back in 2012, I worked with Tim Norman, Miss Robbie Montgomery and her grandson Andre during the height of the Sweetie Pie's popularity. Sweetie Pie's was a soul food restaurant in St. Louis and the owners pitched a show about the restaurant to Oprah's television network, OWN. The show aired on the network for multiple seasons before the finale and the restaurants remained in operation after that.

Back in March of 2016, Miss Robbie's grandson Andre was killed in St. Louis. Everyone believed that it was another random act of violence that often happens in St. Louis. Tragic, but unfortunately, not uncommon.

On Tuesday, August 18th, it was reported by several news and media outlets that Miss Robbie's son and co-owner of the Sweetie Pie's restaurant and co-star of the show, Tim Norman, had been arrested on charges of a "murder for hire" plot against his nephew Andre. It was reported that Tim took out a life insurance policy on Andre prior to his death, and allegedly filled a claim on that policy one week after Andre's passing.

It was also mentioned that Tim allegedly conspired with a stripper from Memphis named Terica Ellis, to set up his nephew Andre to be murdered in St. Louis.

CORRECTION: Tim Norman was arrested in Madison County in Jackson, Mississippi not Missouri.

Tim and Jenae were never married, she is the mother of his son TJ and his ex fiance.

In this video, I mention several articles that discuss Tim's criminal past. I will link those here:

Tim's felony charge:

Tim's back rent lawsuit:

Tim's lawsuit filed by his mom Miss Robbie:

Tim's assault charges from Jennifer Williams:

The Shade Room article:

St. Louis Newspaper Article:



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Grace Mott

I watched the program faithful and Jena and Tim were never married as I recall. I really enjoyed the show very much. I'm so sorry for Ms.Robbie she and all her sisters are very beautiful ladies. Yes she loved her son and lil TJ,Tims baby boy.

dana ward

He was not married to his baby moma

Ladylyricarmel Smith

St LOUIS isn't as bad as people make it out to be I use to live in St LOUIS it's got it's bad and good just like any other city

Floyd Turner

Tim was always questionable but MS.Robbie was always one up on Tim she knew him left and right " this is the one thing that slipped by her. But she has always been a hour ahead of Tim.

Janice Linton

Too much ,

Earnestine Bailey

I feel you my sister! I really enjoyed the show so much, wouldn't miss a show the whole nine miles, and I've literally cried for Ms. Robbie and the family, because I felt as though I was a part of them! I visited the Restaurant in California where I live several times, never saw Tim there, but recognized the employees from the show! I remember Ms.Robbie singing with Tina & the Ikette's here in LA.!! My prayers are definitely for the Comforter to ease the FAMILIES pain at this time, and( if) Tim was involved in this crime I pray that God and the family will forgive him for letting the devil trick him into believing that he could do this without a penalty! And I agree totally with you, that the family do not deserve any type of ridicule coming from The Sweetie Pie fans! Thank you J for your input on the situation, be blessed!❣

Rose Jackson

I Agee with having life insurance but why wouldn’t he sit down with his Nephews Mother or his Mother and say I want too get an insurance policy on Nephew because we knows what happens too black men all over St Louis I live in St Louis and it’s not in certain areas it’s everywhere here now and I don’t want too go in on why so may of Black men and women are dying here!! I’m praying

Anita Burton

@ life insurance, speak the truth Nubian sista!!!

Sue Bryan


Creative Diva

I need to take out life insurance on sister who's mentally incompetent. When I inquired about coverage, insurance company stated "that person must let us know it is okay for you to cover them". Of course my sister's schizo/bi-polar mindset thinks everyone is out to get her and that she's going to live forever. Hmmm don't want to do a go-fund me...any recommendation for this dilemma?

DanElle McCombs

The whole thing is a sad, sad, mess. I only watched the show marginally but the season that Andre was killed what I saw in Tim was not what I saw in the other family members, they were distraught he was just quiet. The look on his face was one of " That's a damn shame", I took it as a hardness he had to develop in prison. I also got a vibe of sneakiness or that he was hiding something whenever he was involved in the plotlines. I just thought he was a thief! All I can say is Wow!

Lakeshia Barnes

Girl, you went extremely LEFT with the insurance conversation lol! We KNOW insurance is important! Literally everyone has a policy. Tim LIED on the policy!!!!! There was fraud!

Dee Dee McElrath

Be careful who you have kids by. This sick ass trait didn’t come from his Mother. When your grown ass kids show you who they are, believe them . It’s gonna hurt but cut their evil asses off!

Onita Jiles

Praying for family

Chanel Ward

Thank God They found out who did it before miss Robbie passed away she probably would have left Tim everything

Alicha Jackson

Yea right his grandmother or mother should have had a policy on him not Uncle Tim

Linda Eastering

Thanks for the truth as you know it. You are there and ur words came thru loud clear and informative. Prayers to Ms Robbie and family.

Gail McNeill

So sad

Anita Burton

Love it!! Bring more!!

Cora Keels

On the show “Sweetie Pies”
Tim and Janaye called off their wedding and never got married!


Your comments are incorrect. Tim (according to court records and allegedly) took out the insurance policy NOT to care for Andre's arrangements in the event of his death BUT FOR HIS PERSONAL GAIN - and - he allegedly LIED on the insurance application (which is against federal law) in order to profit from his nephew (his brother's son) death.

So, Tim taking out the insurance policy was not perfectly okay.

Now, I wonder did he have anything to do with his brother and cousin's death. It's sick and sad.

Rose Shimabukuro

The whole process of obtaining of the insurance. It is on cell phone obstained from FBI's all your explaination of Tim's reasoning for getting a Life Insurance for Andre was just wrong. Ms Robbie is a good woman. It is sad her own son who took him out and had her grandson she loved Killed and taken away. I hope everyone continues to use her restuarant and show her much love. Sweetie's should continue and continue the restuarant and Tim will see his motive
were so wrong. And staying in the gang was so wrong, too.

Cynthia Parsley


debi sybesma

she rambles and has a tendency to go on and on and ON making sure "we" understand her "facts" that she THINKS.....she has right!!! but "we" can go check......sorry, next please....

Anita Burton

Hearing you is like talking to one of my cousins....your facial expressions add to your report.

Iloyse Carnegie

I pray for Miss Robbie and family


Prayers up for:
MICHELLE GRIGGS (Andre's mom), MISS ROBBIE (pronounced ROB-be), CHARLES (Andre's close cousin) and the entire family

Lindade Holmes

Are you kidding me!
Is it foreign to lie!!!
That is why he never collected..He lied on the policy. If it is an honest policy and you are trying to collect, you don't LIE! By the way you don't profit on the death of loved ones.
wow you sure did an about face! Most people feel sorry for not just Ms Robbie, but his poor mother and family..

You are clueless!!!

Shunta Dillard

17:50-18:20 she talks about people need to let the family deal with this, stop making jokes, eave then alone etc. But yet she's a FORMER employee and decided to make this video

Viveen Mcdonald

I just popped in your channel very good!!! You speak soo clearly so i can understand!! Well done to you my dear

Phyllis Everette

I'm sure Ms. Robbie and the family would have pulled together for Anrea's arrangements. Tim sounds guilty. I feel so sorry for Ms. Robbie.

Aaron Kenon

Lady some one should get a life insurance on you with out you knowing

Carle Wooley

Of all the comments on your site , yours was the most informative and detailed. Your comments could very well have been on the evening news.


First my sympathies and condolences to Miss Robbie and her remaining family. May God give her comfort and peace. Now, I could go for what you said about Tim attempting to collect the life insurance IF we were talking about a family that DID NOT have financial resources. However we are talking about a family that would not need a fish fry or Go Fund Me to bury a loved one. And, since Tim was unable to collect because the policy was taken out based on false information about Andre, those funds were not available to the family anyway. Tim is clearly a sociopath that has run unchecked for most of his life. I think the smile in the mug shot says it all.

Pretti Belle

Tim Norman is a Devil. I feel terrible about this.

Chacha Espinoza

Poor miss Robby my prayers are for you n your family
I loved your show

Viveen Mcdonald

Your instincts telling you tim is a monster

Trigeminal Neurolgia

life insurance yes but he didn't need a $450,000 policy on the kid the kid who didnt have any offsring u trippin

machelles happy hobbies

I agree we dont know what happened. I just know I dont have room to thriw stones because we all have our faults. I just feel sorry for Mrs. Robbie and the people that are hurting.

Charlotte Rivers

Everyone should have life insurance so no burden will fall on the family in the case death!

Anita Burton

But why is his UNCLE taking out the life insurance?????? No uncles of mine ever held a life ins over me or any of my cousins

wyona johnson

I hope you have some of your facts correct. Tim never got married.

Marc Martin

All life insurance policies will not payout if it is found in their investigation that the person was, A) Committing a felony or crime at the time of his death. B) To have been known as a criminal “living a street life”, you have a felony criminal record. C) the death was a suicide. D) You die in war / combat zone (private company insurance policies, not military insurance benefits from the government).
So it is pointless to waste your money on a policy if your loved one is a criminal, they won’t pay out anyway.

Feledor Jones

Thank you. God bless you and even more.

Okeitha Allen


Sandra Smith-Dickens

Knowledge wisdom and understanding

Mari Roze

This is so

Greta Jackson

Prayers for the Robbie family my God be with you and may God have mercy own the person responsible for this!

Gail Thompson

If you google “Terica Ellis,” a new article provides several updates, including another possible motive for Andre’s tragic death.

dyanne Lynne

I love your honesty and I applaud you! I have always had a weird feeling about Tim as well... I read somewhere that Tim had an insurance policy on Ms Robbie too... I feel so bad for her

Feledor Jones

And Miss Robbie has not only 1 but 2 family members to grieve. And close relatives. Her only grandson and her only son that was living, and possibly it causes old wounds from when her oldest son died.
Prayers, Comfort and being Mindful
This to shall pass.

Darae Jasper

Why would you want to work for someone if you have to watch your purse?? Doesn’t make any sense

Chris Arena

A life insurance policy is something you take out on yourself to leave for your family not something you take out on someone else just because. That smells like stinky fish to me just saying.

Walyala Carroll

Why she doing this for clot cause she work for him she fake


Tim n Jenae were never married to my knowledge.

Yolanda Booker

Girl get a life and stay out of other people's BUSINESS!!!!

Jenny jones

I disagree Tim had no business getting insurance on Andre, what are you rambling about.

Jacque Renee

First off Tim never married Janae

Vera Gary

Your getting off topic!!! That man killed his nephew for the insurance money that’s not common chick

DBSpecialist Robins

Yes girllllll Love this video! Very very very good statements about life insurance.

Tommie Luck

agree totally about the life insurance

Jackson Tines

What part of Mississippi?!?


I love your facts. Thanks!

Rose Shimabukuro

But Tim was not the one to get a life insuranse when he would be the sole benefit.

Charmel Adams

Tim didn't have no business taking out life Insurance on Andre .. Andre had a mother and grandmother 2 do that if that's what they wanted .. just the fact that he took the Insurance out on Andre and then made his self the sole beneficiary .. if that's not a GREEDY RED FLAG .. I don't know what is

Lakeshia Barnes

Literally everyone’s on Miss. Robbie’s side.


So much heartache for Andres momma and Miss Robbie! Someone needs to smack that dumb smile off Tim’s face! Smh

Tommie Luck

yeah being from the sipp, we got that esp about people

Debra Miller

I believe Tim killed his brother too. Starting to wonder who killed Miss Robbie husband

Fola Maverick

Why is the fool smiling so broadly in a mugshot?

Linda Hill

Did you ever ask your college friend with Benefits, where is this relationship going with you and me?

andrea johnson o1

Lord break this curse

Machella 123

It's about the money. Tim I believe is a scapegoat. Why would he need the insurancee money, when he stood to inherit from his mom's buisness

To much money for a black person to inherit.
What happened to the other sun that died.

You may want to follow the money.
Also who takes their purse with large amounts of money to work. If you were suspicious why not just take out your ID and leave the money home.

Rosetta Peart

I use to love the show i cannot believe this man is. Killer but see not what in the dark will surely come to light why did he let the devil over take him like that and to kill ur own nephew that is just evil so now miss robbi as no son because now tim will be heading off to prison he is just greedy that is why he end up like that i remember mother sue him and i was wondering why is mother's sue him but he is too evil .him need just

Theresa Miller

I'm praying for Ms. Robbie and her family. It's like I know all of them from watching them on Welcome to Sweetie Pie's on OWN TV. I hope and pray that Tim didn't have anything to do with his own nephew's death. Ms. Robbie even though I don't know you personally I'm praying for you and your love ones. God is with you and I know without a shadow of a doubt that God will see you through this.

Monique Coleman



"Where is my

Ocie Clark

Hi I just have to say they all should get the fucking death penalty sorry Andre was my cousin so who ever don’t like what I put on here oh well but for me all the people that had something to do with it should be held for the crime

Mildred CARTER

i believe this is a horrible act murdering your nephew for money was he planning to kill his mom a person with this much hate is bound to do anything


You've mentioned you work on the show and that's how you knew Tim, in what capacity were you used i.e. manager, server etc.?

Akila Mwongozi

I don't know anything about all of this but I was enamoured by Jay's beauty so I stayed to listen. So beautiful!

Valencia Smith

Can somebody tell me why he's smiling so hard?

Lynelle L.

No but Tim lied and obtained the insurance illegally.


This is sad and heartbreaking for any mom and grandmom to go through this

Lenora Marine

Why is he smiling in a mugshot? Sick

Allena Ross

This is so unfortunate. I know what it’s like to have family killings.


Ok I'm curious how was it ok for Tim to take out insurance Andra has a mother see he just get the money I'm confused,and regardless he still got the boy killed smh this is crazy

Jelly Waltz

That's all BS your talking dear your being way too nieve... anyone who takes out a life insurance policy without your consent is up to no good BOTTOM LINE!!!

wyona johnson

My heart goes out to his mother.

Jomaica Kellom

Tim probably had his brother killed too. Smh

Judy Gwen

It's very suspicious if someone takes out a life insurance policy on someone without the insured's knowledge or permission. That is very strange. I watched the Sweetie Pie's series and can't imagine that Tim is this bad. That doesn't mean to say I don't believe he committed the crime. I am just shocked if he did something so horrendous.

kimberly dullen

Jesus do you still work with them

Rose Shimabukuro

No! It was wrong! The process to get the Life insurance was for Tim only!

M. McLaughlin

This is totally sad and I pray that it’s not true my condolences and prayers to the entire family

Viveen Mcdonald

Thank you my lovely you have explained the story sooo clear!!!


do you need a logo for your youtube channel or business?

lenora cofield

justice will be served

DarPoe Judah

I hate gossip!

Regina Robinson

Tim was not married to Jenae. .