Maw of Lorkhaj Hardmode - 167'506 Score by Hodor- Templar Healer

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Maw of Lorkhaj Hardmode - 167'506 Score by Hodor- Templar Healer

9 287 views | 18 Apr. 2018
9 287 views | 18 Apr. 2018

This is the full run of the number 1 score in Maw of Lorkhaj 167'506, vitality 36/36, 18:00 minutes (16/4/18). That negate tho...

Dragon Bones DLC.

My written build on Tamriel Foundry:

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nice run :D

Loreto Püschel Araya

Can you explain me the skills that are you using in this trial?

James Newsome

Alcahst and his potty mouth

Steve Devereaux

Why in your Templar reliever build do you say to get all the fighters guild passive? You don’t use any fighters guild abilities so the passives are useless. Same with the mages guild for the most part.

Jon Siey

GG, good negate :D

Le Flâneur

What's that 'X' looking ability?


HI vana, great video i was looking at your fps.. is it normal even for an high end pc to have fps like around 40 in most chaotic moment of the raid in general? Could you please provide the graphic settings you uuse mid raid? ( granted that of course most of stupid addons are disabled) tyvm

Lukas K

Trägt der andere Heiler durchgehend jorvuld?

Jacqueline Thurn

Hey :) ich benutze auch das Addon 'healersgroupframe', was genau lässt du dir unten rechts auf den Leisten anzeigen? Ist das die Höhe der Schilde in Zahlen?


Hey Vana :) congratz for the score. I have a quick question regarding the use on Mending on Rakkhat, is it really helpful or do you use it for safety ? I've heard some people say that the debuff doesn't affect mechanics such as orbs. Thanks :D!!


Omg you guys are so amazing! You are literally my inspiration for becoming a healer


Vana I'm seeing lot more orbs then healing springs, is it better sometimes for healing?


Why IA on the first boss? Is it immune to concussion?


As always, I enjoy watching you heal. You do a great job. Thank you for your videos. Is there any chance you would could take segments of some of your videos and do a voice over of what you are doing as a healer and some explanation why? It would be a tremendous help to those of us trying to become better healers. I know it takes a lot of practice but I think it would be very helpful to know your thinking and "rotations" or sequences you use in particular parts of the trials/situations.

Aureliona Adcrech

Hello! I'm sorry if it is been asked before, but pls tell me how did u get those beauuuutifull raid frames. I understand that it is kinda LUIExtended provides, but can u screeenshot your settings in section raid or just tell me how I can do exactly the same raid frames?

Abdullah Hassan

Lol negate but GG guys you all did good specially healers looking forward to hodor next score run


Tell me which battle add-on you are using