iPadOS 14 Public Beta 3 | How to install, YouTube 4k, Netflix 2k, New Widgets and more...

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iPadOS 14 Public Beta 3 | How to install, YouTube 4k, Netflix 2k, New Widgets and more...

6 048 views | 29 Jul. 2020
6 048 views | 29 Jul. 2020

Apple iPad Pro 2020 iPadOS 14 Public Beta 3 | How to install, YouTube 4k, Netflix 2k, New Widgets and more

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Raza Saigol

I’m not getting the 4K options on my YouTube app. After updating to iOS 14. I have iPad Pro (2018). I’ve turned on vp9 from settings menu. Please help.

Ilya Vasilevskiy

Hi! I have iPhone XR, iOS 14. Why I can’t watch 4K videos, only 1080? VP9 codec doesn’t work.

Parth Oomphy

Can we watch 2k youtube video on iPhone too on iOS 14?

Who am I?

4:16 This is not a bug. Since those widgets aren’t part of the ‘pinned favorites’ section on the today view, you are able to swipe them away to clean up the today view.

Rohit Verma

Your iPad wallpaper is like Samsung tab s7

Apache Gamer

How to reinstall original .
How you edit your voice .
What gear you use for shoot ( have you shoot with sony6400+16mm sigma lens )

Please explain in details

Rishi Rajasekaran

I like your explanation

prajwal poojary

bhai how to enable 4k on ipad pro 11 inch 2020 model

rahul sharma

Do ipad get heated too much after gaming pls reply iam a intensive gamer

Kartikey Vishnoi

In my ipad 8th generation YouTube 4k is not playing.
Any suggestions?


Why my iPad Pro 9.7 can not youtube 4K in 14.01

rahul sharma

Can u tell on apple tv plus can it play 4k videos

Niko Manuelides

I’m on iPadOS 14 beta 3 and cannot see any YouTube video in 2k or 4K. Only 1080p as always (I have an iPad Pro 2017)

S Sid

Running the iPad OS 14
And really disappointed with the fact that I can't stream YouTube in 2k or 4k
It is really heart breaking specially after the amount of money you've spent


I have a 2018 iPad pro on os 14 and it can’t play 4k even with vp9 selected. Is it only for 2020 iPad pros?

You Are an IDIOT but

Hey do you enjoy watching videos more on iPad or S20, gone through all of many of your videos. You are really amazing. Would appreciate a lot more if you spoke with a bit more energy and enthusiasm.
Anyways great job,keep at it and your channel will surely grow. Good luck to you

Satish Chennagoni

Can you really watch 4K YouTube on iPad, ipasOS14 public release doesn’t show 4k

S v

Wait wait wait whut?? So u mean ipad pro 2020 version with retina hdr diaplay didnt supported netflix UHD earlier. What are u saying ??? man. Check ur facts.plz.

Nguyễn Đức

Hello, your Ipad's wallpaper is really cool :v where can I find it or could you share it ? Many thanks

Devil Thakur

I just wanted to know how is your s20 going? Did the updates improve the battery life and heating problem?

Xiong Bruce

Why my iPad Pro can’t play 4k on iPad OS 14 beta5