ALL ESPERS ULTIMATE WotV Esper Build Guide | War of the Visions

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ALL ESPERS ULTIMATE WotV Esper Build Guide | War of the Visions

11 479 views | 23 May. 2020
11 479 views | 23 May. 2020

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The ULTIMATE WotV Esper Build Guide in War of the Visions. For every current, UR and MR Esper and more! The EXACT skills you need to be looking for, what their purpose is, and how to utilize them to the FULLEST. This is the current LAST STOP for ALL of your Esper Needs in War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius!


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Brian Gates

Thank you for this excellent explanation of esper builds. I’ve only been playing a couple weeks now and needed something like this


Which anime ff is that.

Bucketbot The Casual

Go 0.25x speed during the Ramuh segment

Steven Marion Almagro

Thanks for this, Howllzz. Very helpful information.

Timothy Goddard

Lol sirin is for fire killer...

Ram Dwarka

Great vid buddy. Can u do a definitive vid on weapon enhancing and more specifically, when to use hammers/seals. A lot of contradictory information around at the moment with some saying use hammers first, and other saying hammer at the end. Does it depend on the stat? Some clarity would very much be appreciated. Thanks man

Mumu Gung

Neo vision Aerith EX 1 brave shift,
Old version Cloud EX 1 brave shift,
7 star cg squall leonhart,
King Rain.....
320871913434 ,
Both same password:- HILLSONG

lou gait

Wait a minute, you referred to Marlboro with a gender pronoun. Am I missing something?

Capricorn IXVI

Do you have any recommendation esper for a mage?
It's seem all the OP espers right now are physical oriented.


Can you share the link about the esper calculator/simulator?

Drew [makes] Beats

Another banger. I just started looking at esper builds so this is good info to digest. ...yes my sleep pattern is out of control right now.

Anton Lazarev

as a guy who melts ppl with Frederica, i would have suggested to max ATK% on Iron Giant. We need to remember about ranged attackers too, cuz Lucia is quite a threat (your videos are very useful but most of what i hear about meta from u is like ranged attackers don`t exist). I would even better attack an opponent with Orlandu than an opponent who has Lucia in his formation.

Hans Brush

WOO HOO - Siren getting love! Only UR Esper I have - would pull for Odin, but saving for Agria - too excited for her.

alfonsius ronald

How to lvling fast esper ? It take more time to max esper one


Cactuar on Kitone with the hate card is great. been two shotting Orlandeau in PVP while dodging most things going her way


Cactuar is great for offensive mages as well

Prince Mark

Anyone knows the link where we can do that? the simulator for esper skills? thx!


thank you for making all these informative videos for us. Thank you Howlzz


great video as always howlzz appreciate it!
btw what emulator do you use to play this game? i tried many and all crash whenever i run on multiplayer

L.A. Smokehouse

Is there a tool to build charatcers

Phillip Contreras

What is the use of farming Esper Awakening Stones? You get the perfect number from doing the Beast Den for each esper. My Siren is 2star and I got all the materials I needed from the Beast Den. I still have Awakening Stones left over and can farm them on multi: What is the point?

Joshua W

So helpful as always. Started down the wrong path on a couple builds, but reset the boards and they are looking great right now! Thanks for your time and effort as we all learn this amazing game together!

Travis Otwell

Thanks for this!


cheers buddy!! balls deep into the summer work season these days and its good to be outside, working. Thanks for the infos


My boy, Howl! Awesome video!


People still play this trainwreck of a game?


Dude that’s crazy. I ask those questions.


20 minutes of Howllzz hating on 4% Accuracy in a semi-evade meta

Edit: great vid though ;]