Overlord II - Episode 5-6 | REACTION & REVIEW

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Overlord II - Episode 5-6 | REACTION & REVIEW

474 views | 3 Sep. 2020
474 views | 3 Sep. 2020

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Finally we gonna watch Overlord!


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That doesnt really has to do with Overlord but the theory that I told you with Puck making the bunnys was a little wrong.
He didnt make them they probably came because of the "apocalypse" that he made.

In Need Of Church

Some fun facts, Cocytus is the glass cannon of the Guardians. His defense is relatively low for his lvl but he has high damage output, and they couldn’t even touch him


It's finally revealed guys, Lano is a lizardman!

Nireus *



Cocyutus did take a step back out of appreciation to the effort lizardmen Sasha brothers made. He is the HONORABLE archetype. He has not moved his feet otherwise the whole fight.

EDIT: Can't wait for Belmont to appear

EDIT2: I still think episode 6 is one of the mos heartwrenching episodes ever that just implies things that have happened to Tuare...


Oh dear...ShallCHAIR Buttswollen...^__^