Let’s Play Divinity Original Sin 2 | Part 57: The Last Forest Tiger

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Let’s Play Divinity Original Sin 2 | Part 57: The Last Forest Tiger

2 206 views | 8 Dec. 2019
2 206 views | 8 Dec. 2019

Rock Paper Shotgun’s Divinity Original Sin 2 let’s play enters December as Alice grows Antlers and we spread Christmas joy to the Last Forest Tiger. Oh, anc check out the new Divinity Displates on our Displate store: https://displate.com/rockpapershotgun?art=5d947922ad0d0

In this episode of Let’s Play Divinity 2 we continue to explore the Nameless Isle, crossing off the temples needed to reach the Council and ascend to Divinity. This week it’s the Orc temple or Vrogir and a trip to the Tir-Cendelius’ join in the elves’ domain. Some nasty Shrieker action there. It’s an episode full of puzzles and potential animal extinction. Let’s see how we get on with the Last Forest Tiger. But first: can we steam the Eternal Stormblade from a gang of angry Eternal Guardians?

Otherwise this week is mostly spend trying to keep Delorus alive for the Familiar Face quest and marvelling at the first merchant beast we’ve encountered in the game. We also blow a load of gold on pointless trousers. You could use this video as a Nameless Isle guide, as we tackle the main quests (the Drowned Temple quest), although you’re better off reading the comments for proper Divinity Original Sin 2 tips and tricks - our wonderful viewers have been giving us a Divinity Original Sin 2 walkthrough every step of the way.

So thanks again to the regular viewers who make this Let's Play such a treat to put together. We wouldn't have made it this far without your advice and forgiveness. Please do check in on our other Let’s Play series Let's Play Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines (https://youtu.be/v0syd2T5rAc). And if you want to see some more full team action, check out our Live Reviews Roulette from EGX (https://youtu.be/qlkOth0W8pM) Thanks for watching and hopefully see you soon.

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Fish Table Game / Golden Dragon
The CastAway DC

Alice: When something goes wrong it's you.
She does remember the Sebille Egg eating event & the Dog in a box debacle?

oliver cardenes

I love that people are still making vids on this awesome game!


Matthew Castle - Notorious Th I C

Captain Britain

48:42 Buster?

Tavita Tata

Hey, throw a rune in a frame before you slot it in a weapon to increase it's effects.


Sorry for getting you into trouble there. I did kill each of the elementals in the stormblade cave without them agroing but I did it by ranging them and not having anyone in their cone of vision. It seems that if you attack where they can detect you then they will all agro and go into battle, but if they can't see you then they will all ignore you while you attack. I should have been clearer in my description. Still, your method also worked well, so good job there.
For the last forest tiger, sorry Alice, if you talk to it at all, then you will have to fight it. The god-king will convince it to attack you and it is impossible to successfully persuade it otherwise, no matter what dialog choice you make.
Finally, now that you are at the elven tree, you will have a choice to make for Sebille. The tree will want her to replace it (as a tree). You have to decide if that is the right course for both Sebille and the rest of the elves, or if Sebille remains free. By the way, I did thoroughly enjoy your holiday spirit. Matthew plays an excellent curmudgeonly santa, and Alice is a very pretty reindeer to balance it out.

rebel without-a-clue

Yaaay Christmas Bulls(beep)t!!!


I heard wand as well

joe hue


so much for the jungle tigers


I enjoyed the inventory management. Glad y'all did that.

Captain Britain

Magister Dolores is having a terrible time.

joe hue

thank you for my spiders and bugs, I put them with last years,

they're all dead now

rebel without-a-clue

39:50 Remembered Alice needs a butt pillow.


Imagine me sat here last week, occasionally refreshing my Youtube page, wondering when you were going to upload, then remembering no episode was coming. Sadness.

All good though, went and watched the WTM:B playthrough from the start instead. It's also good. :)

joe hue

you ate it's soul

that's not a kind thing to do

Lionel Fernandez-Alba

Matthew, I understood the "I want to go to there" reference.

Justin Williams

"Sit through to inventory sorting, it'll be worth it"

Ends a species

And Sir Lora is still alive. The perfect example of how life isn't fair.

wind Zero

Fucking early merry christmas!

Phantom Eyebrow

The Merchant Beast means business!

Buyers remorse is a terrible thing, but it triggered a long overdue root and branch review of your inventory and equipment, which pleased me greatly! [Thumbs up emoji goes here]


Lube man, slipping down your chimney, with spiders and bugs and a chocolate orange? I'm in.


Nothing is more Christmassy than genocide!