Lord Huron - Cursed (Lyrics)

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Lord Huron - Cursed (Lyrics)

415 517 views | 14 Aug. 2017
415 517 views | 14 Aug. 2017

Hope you guys enjoy

Sovereign Follower

What the... its an adventurous hike through the unknown (like most Lord Huron songs), and then behold... Coruscant

Tyna Darco

Wow great song. Heartbreaking.

tyler griggs

this song doesnt make me feel lonely anymore

Linda Hummel

Love this, thank you !


Is that.... Coruscant? Like, from Star Wars?

Schmetterling ::

Is this written for me

Mitchell Boring

I can’t remember the last song that made me dance like a heathen around the campfire in my apartment kitchen at 2AM. I love this song.

Elissa El Haber

Lord huron songs should be played on a late night drive in a mustang

Miss Machine

What's the background?

Patrick Boyer

I LOVE LORD HURON! Grossly underrated!

Chynna Vindiola

Sequel to the night we met

Di Marker

This song helped me get through my break up from my gf of three years. Thanks for the lyrics.

mohib khan

He makes me believe that I loved someone

kane gallagher

This is someone who knows what being in the tries of it is like. I’ve never heard a more apt song to describe it. These guys are genius and magic.

Fiona Rayward

This band has laid a curse on me.
Because I’m always happy when I’m listening or singing to their music! ❤️

Zachary Bunting

They somehow turned my last 6 years of mania into 4 minutes of magic

Di Bn

Escape dear...!...it's not too late...or rather wear a White and hold her ...so both of you are in snow white...

XxSlayerxX GR

That women created Niggas.. Everything she touch turns black..

Opal Farris

This song makes me want to dance in the kitchen while cooking with my lover at 2 a.m. (not necessarily a bad thing....)


You obviously have great music taste + this is a lovely video

Mountain Man Wannabe

My new favorite song!

Martha Gregory

My cousin and my aunt, laid it on me

Max Eee

This song is just too good.

teako north

I'm convinced that Lord Huron writes songs about dudes who fall in love with Eldritch Horrors and I'm so into it.

Chris Eklund

Great song, but is that Star Wars in the background??

Fernando Castro

Damn. This song hits me hard. I LOVE IT!!!

Kristy P

One of my favorite songs. Ever.

Rosie K

I feel so sad knowing they're so underated!!! None of my friends listen to them :(

David Camara

Love this band.


She started using the word "cursed" way too often out of nowhere and i knew something was wrong :) After some time she said she wanted to break up w/ me and then I asked her "what's up with that 'cursed' you are using?" And then she answered that her new bf was using this word often so she got it from him :)


I married her...then I remember I belonged to Jesus and was saved by his blood not doomed by my own.still married and separated though I pray for her and AM no longer prey for her..AMEN

Cindy Evans

♡ this will be on repeat

Austin Myers

Holy shit how did I miss this song!! Just wow!


why does this only have 109,000 views this song is great


:O whoa!!!! That screen pic is my desktop wall paper! :)

Jhiuliana Kill

this is what happens when you fall in love with Hecate


This old dude discovered Lord Huron about 4 months ago. Fantastic band.

Erick Jimenez

Dis band knows true music


I know this song is about a guy who desperately loves a girl that clearly doesn't deserve him, but in my mind the song reminds me of a girl who loves a guy already a relationship and tries to forget him but the guy is a friend so they see each other often and it breaks her heart every day. I always hated love triangle plot lines but I feel obsessed with this imaginary story when I hear that song... I feel like it could be good if handled properly. Kinda like A Tale of Two Cities.


What a band. And they even have a movie coming out now!

Great backround btw

za wardu

thanks a lot

Lenni Alen

Someone clearly has a Cluster B ex, lol

Vaibhavi Dave

LH is magical in its own best way. I love you guys so much!

Marko Konkolj

love the background pictureee, source?

Salvador Mendez

This girl has laid a curse on me.

bloody John

Since the first song this band has laid a curse on me.


That girl has laid a curse on me ❤❤❤❤❤