How to Beat "True Love" RL Base LVL 43 - Boom Beach

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How to Beat "True Love" RL Base LVL 43 - Boom Beach

624 401 views | 9 Jul. 2015
624 401 views | 9 Jul. 2015

Another attempt watch there: -----------} *** *** (LESS CASUALTIES)

Boom Beach "True Love" Rocket Launchers Base Level 43 conquer.

By Tmed player lvl 41. Tanks - lvl 6, Medics - lvl 1,

Gunboat energy: 42 + 6 (statue 12% bonus)= 48.

Troop Damage : +41%, Troop Health: + 34%.


I KNOW THAT IT CAN BE DONE PRETTY GOOD ALSO BY WARRIORS, and there is already many examples of it on youtube.

I'm not pretending that this solution is the best.

Just show for Tmed preferenced players how it can be completed.

Angle Rodriguez

Truth love sniper tower on headquarters

Erika Dominguez

I destroyed true love it was insane I was lagging a lot

Seth Ayscue

that base looks so hard was it

Kylo Ren

lol, u loose one tank

Nonamee Nonamee

i destroied this map with only Gun Boat ;))

Cryptixz Bruh

Heavy zooka MEDIC you dont lose a singel troop xD

Logan Sweet

The Videos I Watched Are nice Videos

Tuấn Lê Văn

Good tank and doctor

Youseif fayed

you can use the warriors

Bartek Degórski


Baris Şenman

onu bizim tim deki herkez yapti

Cameron Fisher

lol you lost troops on that xD

Tan Hong Zhi

its not advisable to do this

2 bac


Joshua Thefirecreeper

why do u not speak


I can use gunboat energy


I killed it with grenadiers and didn't lose any troops.

Simeon Bell

warrior rushing (lvl 12 warriors when I had it on my map) will get it flawlessly, but I already had about 40% troop damage when I was at this vp level.

Олег Голиков

4ак убить ракетный установки в форме сердца

super_boy1210 lion604

w the same thing



Youseif fayed

and medik

Krish M

Use warriors! Don't shock anything, throw all the medkits you have just when the smoke clears

Chris Shatzer

What level are troops?

Julianna Péntek

It was better than warriors

Punisher 13



Warriors ftw.


Warrior attack its better - may not lose any troops


Is it me or dose the volume not work

Chaotic Reaper0

who is the fucking sadist who works at supercell that makes these shit levels

Kenan Dokuyucu

Nicely done. Wonder if I can do this with lv 4 tanks


Intensity to the max!!!!

Sérgio Seven Fotos & Filmagens

Já destruí dois desse...

Tamashebi Gmail


Demon Arshan

the most beautiful base in gmae

Terence Pointer

I was trying to retreat while watching this


What about one scorcher ?

Poison Shadow

All you need is smokes and warriors just put them at the same shoreline


Just storm HQ with barrage and artillery

Waleed Abid

much easier with warrior rush :)

Finn Klein Brinke

How do you record your screen?

Andreas Daoutsalis

i think it would be better with warriors

Kelvin Grommers

way cheaper and more effective with warriors; smoke and shocks

Mary Anne


Courtney Mader

the reason this one is so hard is cause of the lag XD

Justice Weikel

how is this true


I can take it down with barrage

santu praveen

this can be done easily with smoky warriors .. try them !! shock some of the them and heal !!! I can't post it now as I'm not getting this ..

Daniel Kreuzer

Smoke worriors (level 15) to the hq and then use medkits works flawless.

Raewho San

Just use warriors lol





Jesse Sousa

Didn't it used to be Sniper Towers


go for the HQ with warriors and smoke, easy but dont shock anything, just pass a lot of medkits


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Mitch Kingston

Why don't you talk

niel mertens

warriors is easier


I beat true love for the 3rd time


I did dat with only gunboat Haha gg

Edis Lubas

so cool base


lol your doing it wrong..  warrior rush smoke... and shock bombs

Arv_ n

Lol, i had 1 with those lvl 2 snipers, u just need to barrage on de hq, for mine!:p

Lê Thanh Tùng

This pc base is very easy to take down. Just use warriors and smoke boom


Do you have an apple iPhone? If so, what screen recorder do you use?

Nelly Covita



eu tinha mas destrui '-'

Mar Lopez

Mike Herrick

Actually all you have to do is barrage the base and then shoot 4 artillery shells at it and you don't even have to land troops at all. The base is only 10,000 health.


You can do that with level 5 tanks without losing one. Just barrage the hq until you can't use anymore to deploy your tanks. Deploy them and then the damage from taking out rockets will destroy the hq. Easy

Richard Harrison

Thanks so much for posting this. This was my situation, lvl 6 tanks. Got wiped out so many times I gave up. After seeing this, I cleared 5 of these from my map :-).


Just use all heavys deploy on left of the beach take out a few rockets at random then the heavys split off into two groups and heal the group going towards the base occasionally stunning rockets easy I do it everytime without losing troops - qwertyuiop

Clayton Andrews

Start your barrage and mines at the break in the arrow work your way down . Release your tanks wait a10 seconds or so then release medics .. If done this way you lose no tanks or medics from rockets hitting them from behind


I destroyed it with all riflemen and no gunboat energy



Chris Atkinson

12 lvl 1 grenadiers 10 lvl 1 medics level 17 barrage and artillery works great no casualties.

Robert May

This works fantastic. I have like 8 True love battles, and I could not win any. Now I have beat two, and getting ready for number 3. Thanks for the help.

b0at man



First time I saw boom beach lag due to an excessive amount of rocket launchers

Saifali Shiraz

i can finish this base with GBE. or when im bored i use warriors :D

Thierry De Smet

i did all tanks... no medics... 0 losses...


They do so little dmg

Bom beach estas en mi corason Cortes

Terence Pointer

Bruh ur gbe should b enough

Dhairya Mehta

I did with just a scorcher and 3 medics
I put the scorcher to work and in thr end to boost up damage I deployed tanks

Christian Curti

è impossibile porcoddio

Mohemmed Muqtaar

I used warriors. Shock some of launchers, drop some medkits.

Nathan Crowe