NOFAP Day 11 | WATCH THIS if you are STRUGGLING on NOFAP (Dealing with Urges + Relapse)

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NOFAP Day 11 | WATCH THIS if you are STRUGGLING on NOFAP (Dealing with Urges + Relapse)

711 views | 28 Jul. 2019
711 views | 28 Jul. 2019

Are you tired of another relapse on Nofap? Do you feel like giving up? In this video I share some LIFE CHANGING ADVICE on how to deal with urges on Nofap. Watch this video and TRANSFORM your life by finally reaching 90 days or more as you embark on your journey to reboot / rewire.

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Mike V

Man, did you wax eloquent in this one! You've definitely still got it as an extemporaneous wordsmith! There's hardly been any more heartfelt expression of commitment to getting over porn and fap. I wish you the greatest of success this time.

Tony Ferguson

First, Day 14 for me, keep it up mate :)

Kier Mailan

Love & light! Thank you for watching & supporting these videos. :)

Green Polo

im single and dont watch porn. But on nofap and its a struggle

Michael Been dor

Hey dude. A new subscriber and i really love your content! You have a great potential! i hope you will continue to upload more videos. But no pressure

Self Mastery Youtube Channel

Day 4, I Edge 3 times and nearly relapse. But i still continue on my streak. I don't want to restart again and again.

rodri venema

You Nailed it with this one man 100 fucking procent when things dont work out u seek that life boosting dopamine if we keep this shit in our balls we can be great man ur videos ar the best !


Hey again! Perfect video. So much relatable stuff...

Sunny Born

Knowledge of self will elevate you. Keep going.


On day 7 today. My balls are achying. Any tips?