Easiest and often most efficient Falstad build? (With commentary)

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Easiest and often most efficient Falstad build? (With commentary)

25 158 views | 4 Jul. 2018
25 158 views | 4 Jul. 2018

Falstad is a global macro god, but with his short range and underwhelming damage, many people don't enjoy playing him. Here is a game with commentary showing how I play falstad.

Thumbnail Art: https://kuteynikovroman.deviantart.com/art/Johanna-vs-Falstad-540931345

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aviad Szanton

Can you make a video on Murky? I know his not so popular these days but the fish needs some love XD




Talks about global presence...plays on spider butt map xD

Owl Raider

This is a great style of video, showing a rather unique/unpopular build while playing and explaining all its merits. The only issue is the team voice chat that disrupted your commentary at times. Team voice chat can be nice at times, mostly when its the focus of the video, but in a video about a specific build it just gets in the way and makes it hard to hear the commentary sometimes when the voice chat is very active.


more of this pls!

Kiarash Tohidi

That’s a nice build but I usually go with the Q build. It’s a bit harder to play but absolutely worth it.


Man I discovered your channel today and oh boy it's high quality content.

ProPlayer Universe

This is my favourite build of falstad,but is good against concrete heroes, its called the "Tazer build"


I love the style of the video btw, more like this please. Like, not full on guides, but rather more casual, just playing HL and explaining as you go, makes us learn a lot while still keeping it fast paced and full of gameplay

Der faule Lenz

Great video! Can I ask, what would the level 20 talent have been?


What you told about Flastad was great, but the team chat was very detrimental to the video.

Also, tell Alarak to configure "Push to Talk", for crying out loud!!

Ardent Word

I enjoy these commentary guides but the background comms have to go; it's ridiculous. You're talking. Having audible voices overlapping and disrupting the flow of the guide is incredibly annoying.

Max Jambon

+NotParadox Which Storm talent do you recommend? I mean you didn't get to finish your build before the game ended.

Sagun Singh

As my most played warrior, that Dva made me cry. So bad, :(


I want to hear that very much but I cant due to the second person speaking. record in again Please


As a Tyrande main pains me to see the other team EVEN AT HIGH LEVELS not knowing what they're doing lol.. Got two tips for "free folk" out there lol

1 = Don't take Tyrande unless having a double tank/double support HIGH PEEL (VERY IMPORTANT) composition

2 = OR if someone DOES (like the dude, I guess insisted on playing her cause their team was awful toward protecting her) = then please ADAPT and take heroes with *AS MUCH CC AS POSSIBLE*, they basically had only Garrosh for that purpose which ALSO had to INITIATE FIGHTS on his own = so that draft was a big NO GO lol

Apocalypse _March

Why don't you quick cast?

Enryu Wolfgang

I’m curious why u don’t collect all gems and orbs? U just ignore them a lot.


I think you made the worst calls on the mercs in this game.

The midlane camp is alway useless on this map esspecially if u steal the enemies one, they insta RIP to the fort and do no damage or pushing.

You should have bribed the siege giants bot lane right before they turned it (or you turned in),
after the spider wave you would have had enough stacks again to bribe the hard camp if you really wanted, but just doin your own camp would have better tbh.
I really dont see the point in stealing the enemies camp on this map and the average player will just run into valeera while doin so and RIP.

Also i think this map is the best map for any seasoned marksman build, so not sure this map is a good showcase for this build really...

david beaubien

they should make a girl skin dor greymane but instead of turning into a wolf she turns into a cat

Xxanu 1860

@NotParadox - Does holding max bribe stacks when camps are safely available make laning a bit devalued for yourself? Seems like wasted potential energy to me.

Yordan K

Another very good video, thanks for that! I knew the build but it was very nice seeing your macro and logic in a game ;)


You should make your videos shorter but good vid

Vladimir Andric

2:00 how does the Alarak Q ability doesnt have the little triangles on the sides???

Morgan Guillermo

I thought that especially in the beginning it was hard to hear you over the other people. I actually shut down the YouTube app to see if anything was bugged. I liked it but I came here to listen to what you have to say, not the random people on your team.


loved it! can we get a murky one aswell? ;)


Don't bribe the enemy bruiser camp! It's useless without minion wave's support and better enemy teams will ignore it.

Cody Stockin

Damn dude if i knew you were posting a video of us i woulda shut up and played a hero im better at XD


Hahaha I'm level 1473 and i never knew there were arrows on the mini map showing the direction the enemy team was going. Blew my mind. 11:37 was best advice ever.


Being global and able to solo makes Falstad's bribe perhaps the easiest to stack, bar Brightwing on a clumped team. I was picking it up even before its buffs, first the 5% damage increase, now the 3 seconds off a long 15 second cooldown, its never been a stronger pick, though its still fairly map reliant. As for full W being often the most efficient build I don't find to be the case. Rather the heavy, consistent ramping damage over time is a niche that can devastate certain heroes, even tanks, who can't reliably break the range, either because they must stick to Falstad for a duration to deal damage (works wonders against Illidan, for example) or can be otherwise kited. The slow and gap closer from his other abilities can really compliment it too, making it a nasty harassing tool in lanes.

But if you can't keep it stuck to your target without going into danger, or simply get burst down faster than the lightning rod can stack, you're better off grabbing hammer talents to have a better burst, better AoE and better waveclear (which in turn will help you gain bribe stacks). That being said, I also see W build not being played in many cases where it absolutely works, so Paradox is definitely onto something.


Is it too much effort to do a shorter cliff notes version in try mode? then show it in action In a match while explaining your talking points from the short part? May not be worth it. Just a thought since some people are saying that a full match is too long.


Do you offer coaching? I’ll pay.


but what did u get at 20? map ended early


what would you have gotten at level 20?


There was a genji?


Is there a way to track how much dmg boost you've gathered with ur bribe stacks?

Business Cat

Paradox, MFPallytime and Grubby - best HotS content creators on YouTube!


Im disliking this. Not for the content (thank you kindly for your helpfull advices good sir), but for the background noise which really ticks me off

Hjalmar Nordén

That Genji, man! What a ninja. Hardly even saw him!

let me tell you

i always played him like that!


This so called Tazer build 3-1-3-2-1-3-4 is quite decent
But for this particular map (because of double soaking) and against Valeera wouldn't it be better to take Boomerang-auto-attack-build 3-3-2-1-3-2-3 ?
With Boomerang it's much easier to clear the minions and kick Valeera out of stealth.


Your team lost fights over and over because you were split soaking even when fighting was the smarter thing to do. This is particularly obvious when you're lvl 14 vs 12, you have the talent tier advantage on them, at which point you should be punishing as 5.

But instead, you tell your team you're "soaking 16," and they get killed.


I'm here for your insight into HotS, so if you make hour long videos analyzing Abathur or 9 minute videos about Macro vs Micro, I'll watch all of them. Your understanding is your brand man, whatever medium you choose to use to distribute this is your call!

Richard Lam

Love this vid and the build! Would you go epic mount at 20?


I dunno if it is just me but it looked like he didn't bother picking up about 15 gems right next to him


I like your videos but the background noise bothers me a lot.


Live commentary vids with background people talking is quite interesting. Great commentary! Hope to learn more Falstad XD

Martin Crabtree

I love the length of your vids! Obviously ive seen shorter ones when you just showcase one or two things on a character, but in these scenarios you need a full match to get the understanding of the build in a match environment. This video helped a lot! Thanks mate!
P.S: Isn't Falstad dead?

Jackson D

Love how your commentary is super instructional. Thanks man.

G Han

so there's valeera and genji diving in, but where's the genji :)

Rob Pi

The short tips videos for the individual characters and maps are excellent and for me at least, a video such as this where you tie everything together and explain why you are doing things makes it much more of an effective learning tool. It isn't just what is happening in the video or even what you are saying, sometimes just seeing where you position yourself can set off that "AHHHH!" moment where something finally clicks and you understand it.

Don't listen to whingers who tell you the video is "too long". They can fast forward, skip or watch something else. For the rest of us, this stuff is golden mate.

Siyu Wu

New players usually struggle with macro. They can hardly keep track of the 4 teammates and 5 opponants' position outside their screen. So in my opinion it's not recommended to play global style Falstad unless there's a team captain keep giving them clear order. Also q build has way faster wave clear which is very very important for split push. I usually pick w build only when there's a melee assasin gonna jump on me for sure.


I loved it. Make more. There's nuance in these full games that is missed in short-and-to-the-point videos.

marco zappulla

I would like to know what the downsides of this build are.
I believe that one of the flipside of stedy continuos damage is that people have a very long time span to react due to mitigate the damage, other then that I think that this build is pretty solid, every time I pick falstaf is because of this build and the macro playstyle that it allows.
but I have to say, I'm not a Falstad main nor a GM.

Like the commentary but I think that the psycology in game and why the pros use certain characters are your trademark.
Also, Im telling you as a friend, sometime you sound like you think that you are way better then the others, even tho you always have a nice word for your team. Still, I do like your content and I like the way you do your things, good job NotParadox! :)

Joel Bacon

as a newb to Falstad, @5:34 I just realized what take flight does.. woah. What's the range on that move?


Great vid, rly enjoyed the commentary


If you want to double soak, is it an option to go for boomerang on level 7? Your wave clear gets so much stronger. I find it hard to miss out on it.


I used to have this build when enemy have hero disrupt me from leeching life doing sustain dmg with aa. such like illidan.

Alber Makary

I have only 1 question. What Genji ?!!!!!


Great video!


Great content, keep it up :)


Nice one

Thomas Dorenlot

ads are heavy....


Level 4 should be updraft. It's basically additional health. Static Shield is the trap talent you should never pick.

Nahele 44

Great video. Keep going on this style. Love it

Daniel Rydberg

I don't dislike this, however I do feel that you are starting to repeat yourself over the course of your videos. Not just in this one, but others as well. That makes the videos longer than they need to be, I like the more short and "to the point" videos. Thank you for great content otherwise!


Nice video.
I like that you did again a hero I really like playing, but with whom I'm really bad. :-D

arek k

backgroung noice dont bother me at all. I Dont understand u guys

Himari Himatsu

cool to see both ryoma and glogan in the game, 2 of my more favorite entertainment creators

Mario D. Zmaj

I tried this and failed miserably, I tried your Thrall build and failed spectacularly. Friend of mine told me his hammer build, still I failed miserably. I tried auto attack built and while it feels best for me, I still failed. I can't play falstad, thrall or zul jin, and they seem really strong when others play them.

Darth Reaver

I like the video as it is. We get to see where you are mentally which is nice. The background chatter doesnt bother me.

Kyle Herbert

You should open the talents tab at the end of your game so people watching can easily see the entire build you just used

Apocalypse _March

Dva feels so weird can you do a guide on her please?

Alex Bobrovnikov

Great video, thank you for the insight. One suggestion would be to show the talent pick screen at the end of the video when you summarize the match

Matt Nixon

Loved this video. Thanks!


Getting a keep in your first wave before min 10.. and with a spider wave that not your team nor their team bothered to get close to.. The level of focus lol. and.. the in-game chatting made it a bit annoying I gotta say.

Lily Jackson

I personally like the commentary in the background but a bigger volume difference would make it better when you start explaining.


OMG when you do the video turn off the in game voices, use a replay

Brian Baker

at 11:45, I could have liked to have seen u fly down, and gust the team INTO your towers as an offensive move to get a kill or two with the towers.


Me likey. Do more.


so cringy gameplay, you never take gems or globes, i cannot watch this.


Sorry for the noise I didn't know there will be one or two more like this I turned theirs down by 50 percent. I will keep it in mind for future videos. For those saying it's too long. It's active commentary in a game. Nubkeks grubby mfpallytime and every other twitch and YouTuber do these as well and ultimately I talk through my mentality much more from what I can tell. I'll do fewer of them if you guys want but I kept hearing from people to make more.


Love your videos, keep it up. Have to agree on the background chatter being distracting, but you took the feedback, so it's all good :)


Might be nice to have a link to the build somewhere for easy reference.

Piotr Marszałek

In my opinion this is not a good build BUT i played this one few times casually and must agree that it's really fun to play- it can melt thrall on lvl 13 with i believe 4 stacks of bribe used.

Travis Hughes

glogan not playing specialist??????


2:20 standing with his back against the vent, CRINGE


The length is totally fine. Fast becoming my go to guy for hots content. Keep up the good work man.

Enryu Wolfgang

Lol this title is so smart. Rly urges ppl to watch since they all want smth with little effort. Impressive job but I didn’t expect less


I would like it if you did more explaining on the talent build during your intro part of the video so that we have the build in mind from the start, since it also was a little jarring to have another "intro" during the loading screen. You can still explain your thought process on every choice and maybe situations for a different pick.I didn't enjoy the voice comm chatter, only because it was distracting to the commentary.I liked the video overall, perhaps because I'm biased, and I think I'm gonna go play a match with my boy Falstad.


Can't watch this with the random talking in the background. It's too distracting and makes it difficult to understand you.