Borderlands: Presequel! - GWEN'S OTHER HEAD Unique Pistol Location Guide

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Borderlands: Presequel! - GWEN'S OTHER HEAD Unique Pistol Location Guide

46 433 views | 16 Oct. 2014
46 433 views | 16 Oct. 2014

In this video I show you how and where to find the unique Dahl pistol "Gwen's Other Head". This thing is pretty damn strong with extra crit damage, burst fire while zoomed, 2x bullets per shot, fast fire rate and decent accuracy. Though the exact stats will depend on how it rolls!

It is located in Titan Industrial Facility inside of a locked safe. Look into the safe afterwards for a bonus easter egg!

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Borderlands is a Loot-Based Action RPG First Person Shooter. Basically it's what you'd get if you crossed ARPGs like the Diablo series with the FPS genre. It features thousands of different guns, character builds and customization, vehicle and first person combat and a detailed story mode. You can learn more about Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on the official website:


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Feryquitous & Sennzai - 緋の青 (Album: Arrêter le temps)

This is a reference to the movie Se7en and to Gwen's Head in Borderlands 2 which is also a reference to Se7en.

It can spawn in one of 5 places in the complex. Smooth is a prefix for the Maliwan barrel.

Misleading video is misleading.

Noah S

Ziggy it can actually be found in any box in that area. It can because I found it randomly in a box


Does the quest "lets build a robot army" have to be active? The safe isn't there for me.


I got a corrosive Gwen's Head from a scav drop not from this method....


I got it without even knowing what it is and it has a bayonet


Thats in bl2 as well and it's a reference to the movie Seven


Great, thanks. I got the chain with no safe until the 4th save and quit so it is a random spawn,


There are other locations that it spawns. I got it in the room where you meet Gladstone face to face and he shows you blueprints of the Constructor.

Ian Raab

I got it somewhere else


I found my gwen's second head in the room the science guy is.  It was in a safe on the control panel thing.


Actually, this can drop in virtually any safe.


I found it in the room where you first meet Gladstone

Noah S

And yes it is a reference to the movie seven

Sean Spade

Mine wasn't in that one


Hey ziggy, its important to know ( especially when it comes to uniques/ legendaries) that the prefix changes every time and has different stats then other prefixes, so it would be more accurate that you found "Gwen's other head" rather than with the smooth prefix.

scott h

There are 5 different locations in that area where that pistol spawns


Wow Ziggy your starting to feel like the new Yoteslaya(R.I.P.)

Azure | ItzAzure____

Does it respawn??

Roshan M

Hey guys, just wanted to inform that you do not need to have this mission enabled to find this gun (I'm not sure if the spawn rate is 100% with the mission enabled.). I can confirm this as I found this gun at the same spot in this video way after completing this mission, though not at the first try. 

You might need to do it a couple of times to get the gun spawning here. The box will not always hang on the chains as depicted in the video. Also, looking at other similar videos, players have reported that this gun's spawn location is random in this map. Some said it can be located further up in this map (where the robot arms + stingrays are). Just to be sure, check every of those small money boxes and lockers and you might find one. Hope this helped!

Sean Spade

I just now randomly came across this i was so confused


I don't know if you mentioned it, but I did not hear you mention it but the Gwen's Head can be found in cryo, corrosive, shock and in incinendary. So if you didn't mention it I'll leave this here so everyone know that they have elemental versions too.


Oh man that's sweet, I've actually been wondering for the last few days if there was gonna be a box weapon like in bl2. Guess so!

ZiggyD Gaming

Gwen's Head was a weapon in Borderlands 2 I believe and this is a reference to that! And I think the whole thing is a reference to the movie Seven? Not 100% sure :)


I opened a lockbox during factory mission. Went straight through a wall, couldn't get it. :(