White Dave - Bands (NBA 2K17 Official Video)

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White Dave - Bands (NBA 2K17 Official Video)

93 348 views | 16 Dec. 2016
93 348 views | 16 Dec. 2016

'The Season of The Rich' mixtape out now.

Bands on iTunes: http://bit.ly/bands2k17

SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/SOTRstream

Spotify: http://bit.ly/SOTRspot

Tidal: http://bit.ly/SOTRtidal


Video directed by Aaron Covington




t. gblt


Shaquile Rowe


Dead Channel

white dave u lit

WP TraKo


Mikki Cheral

Hey this your cuzni Erinelle Colquitt


This nigga dabed 5 times in this video #TheDabIsDead


He meant to say Scott summers but it’s good lol

Bre Karnell

This song is going to blow up in the right way. I can't wait to hear it on the radio !

Ricardo Barrios

Thank you White Dave for having us on your music video. Great jam!! "Mariachi" Richie

BigBoy King

Who here from 2k17

Yung Hitsugaya

"Call me Scot Summers all I see is red nigga"

Tonio Suave

This song is really dope af.

Kameron Taylor

can someone please bass boost this


Most underrated song on 2k17

Homie Zern

HOLY FUCK!!!!!! I found a rapper that actually has some talent and doesn't have a voice that Sounds like a damn bear scraping a chalkboard

#InBankWeTrust Shakur

Your cousin Xavier in Toledo brought me here

Ira Stubbs

Who else thought this was P Diddy rhyming when you heard this ?

Vizual Hights

That beats crazy


Is that a Guyanese, African or Grenadian flag in his pocket? Dope song

Bruva Cap

it's great hearing this during My Career

Bruva Cap

This how you lyrically abuse a beat

Stephen Ankney

This was the first song I heard when I fired the game up and instantly went looking for it. Hopefully my neighbors and town love hearing this song, bc this song is going to be blaring in my car and sound system whenever I get the chance.


this song hella ass

Bruva Cap

last year Dynamic Duo had 2K's best song this year it's this here

tate the 9

Why tf is this not on Spotify

Lola Rose

I love this song

Mazeratti Grimm

Fuck that go get you parents phone and and brother sister cousins and girlfriend boyfriend and like and subscribe to this


I always play this song. Its fire

Ak & Rose

The last great 2k

Puck Island

best song in nba 2k17

XxSavageSayainxX 223

When I was playing 2k17 nba with this song I got fire up,I almost beat 15 people beacause of this song

Bruva Cap

I been listening to this all day #OnRepeat


shit fire ...ayeeeeeee

Mazeratti Grimm


Lil Ay K _47

9 dislikes are from people who had nba live 17

Ace Bandy

These needs to be on Apple Music ASAP! Wonderful song bro, maybe somewhere down the line we can do a collab haha. But great job bro!

Dominic R

Clever hook I want the bands mariachi

Young Keys

2K17 brought me here...this joint is fiya

beasty Butcher


Mazeratti Grimm

It's great hearing this anytime!


fucking dope

Mazeratti Grimm

this is the only song i slap on 2k17... dope video... Dave you inspired me to write music for video games and movie soundtracks... thank you.... #BANDZ

Abdullah Lujain

1:43 damn that girl on the right is FINEEEEEEE! Who is she??


2019 anyone?

noah white

is it Jst me or did he snap with the opening to the video....


Apache <3

Derrick Holt

Best Song In Nba 2k17


очень крутая песня!!! nba2k17<3


Is this the first time where people aren’t actually here in 2020 ?

Tricky nick

Theres the guy


Justice Young!!!!

Y. D.

What's with all the exoticals in the video? Non-racially ambiguous black women can't get no video love?
Anyways, love the song on 2K. Keep grinding bruh.

GREYXD And Allen

Comment and like if you came from Nba2k17


I really thought this song would blow up like crazy, this fire


Tryna get them bands/mariachi.



KJ's Throwbacks

Justice Young in the real 2:04 Micheal B. Jordan. Dope track!

str8 vibez

If you didn't know this is the same house jake paul filmed his everyday bro btw its ass

SSJ Sal 215

This song should’ve blew up

Mazeratti Grimm

Let's make history Blanco!

The Lego Show B

my dad is in this video


This song gets me so fucking hype bruhhh

Eunico Guiang

Why is this not on Spotify?

Mikki Cheral


sixgang 6

2K 17 bought me here I was f**** with the song I had to know who he sung it


This is going viral

Dennis Stewart

I was on 2kbeats and found this


#Repeat been looking for this song for a minute


Honest to god the best song on 2K17. Hype song during the game.

Suat Satka

This song is LIT

bleach boy

This is the only song i've been looking for out of the entire nba2k trash ass soundtrack and they didn't even put it in their songs list wtf

Oreo Shake Boy

Glad to have subscribed to you and get familiar with your work early man

Tanisha W

Something is missing

XII MIPA 7 Kevin Ravendra

2k17 anyone?



Puck Island

such an underrated song... I wish this was a much more popular dance as well


Just played 2k17 again and dis tracked popped and nostalgia hits thoooo


Filmed at Franklin Clinton house in Vinewood

The cool kid 101

This is the greatest song ever

Jordan Bledsoe

Real ones remember this from NBA 2K17

Double8 Productions

Best song in the game.

BlackTaliban Ola

i aint know about this till 2k17 but this shit too

Hordan Hones

Nice Jordans son

Clint _

White Dave is awesome!

Matthew Boyce

Hey Dave this song is ligit fire i love it. I always want to play this song. Good Job man. #respect.

Kameron Taylor

if chance the rapper had to change his identity this is what it would be... but its lit so i wouldn't mind

Sixth SZN

Hey! Do you like Mask Off?
watch our latest ty


Flow & beat on point

Huncho The goat



not trying to be racist but should't it be Black Dave??


at 2:02 is that Michael B. Jordan on the left?

Yung_ Viking1


Mazeratti Grimm

I need a whole album with blanco!

Edis With The Memes

Best song on 2k don't @ me

Orestes Sophocleous

Every time I play I change it to this song

AT Kubelka

This needs to blow up, underrated


This brings back so many memories listening to this in 2k17 just running around the park :(


What if Kodak wasn't Black?
What if Pop didn't get Smoked
What if Polo G didn't wear polo
What if Lil Pump wasn't Lil?
What if White Dave isn't really white

Joao D'Almeida



Found this song on 2k17 it is so sweet upload to iTunes please