Blizzard Screws Gamers AGAIN! The Blizzcon App is SPYWARE?

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Blizzard Screws Gamers AGAIN! The Blizzcon App is SPYWARE?

28 340 views | 5 May. 2019
28 340 views | 5 May. 2019

After signing up for Blizzcon 2019 I started looking into the REQUIRED app and what I found was AWFUL so lets talk about it!

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"EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod (

Took a glance at the AXS App permissions... It's... Bad. Spyware level bad.


read your contacts


approximate location (network-based)

precise location (GPS and network-based)


take pictures and videos

Wi-Fi connection information

view Wi-Fi connections


receive data from Internet

view network connections

pair with Bluetooth devices

full network access

prevent device from sleeping

view network connections

read battery statistics

pair with Bluetooth devices

access Bluetooth settings

full network access

run at startup

control vibration

prevent device from sleeping

modify system settings

Wow. So the bluetooth permissions are going to be used to track you as you walk around the event. There will be bluetooth beacons hidden in places and your phone will detect them and the app will know where in the venue you are located even if your GPS is off. The same goes for Wifi Connections at key locations at the Venue. This is fairly common for medium and large venues. It gives the venue information on what was popular, how long people stayed in various areas, etc. But just because it is common doesn't mean this type of tracking is "ok", especially when that information is given out to companies that are not hosting the even. Most people have no idea this happens or how common it is.

The "Adjust System Settings" permission allows it to do things like... Turn on your GPS, turn on your wifi, turn on your bluetooth. Run at startup ensures it's background services will be up and running at all times, which can be used for tracking. Full network Access allows the app to send all of the tracking information out to the internet, including a list of every one of your contacts, your location history since the app was installed, the history of what wifi networks were in range since the app was installed, and your history of all of the bluetooth beacons placed around the event that you walked in range of.

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Dw, Blizzard won't allow you to use anything other than your main phone to install this app on or something!

Late night Gaming

My wife's birthday is may 7th. Happy birthday dreamcast guy

Timothy McCalpin

This is some dark web type shit

bacd 1990

Blizzard died along with Diablo 3 reaper of souls dlc. RIP

Darth Kai

Do you guys not have privacy?


Don't most apps come with the majority of these terms? Not saying its right, but, I feel like most apps require you to accept these very similar terms to download. And most of us have dozens upon dozens of apps.

Too late in the game - unless congress decides to tighten up, but I think the majority of them are just learning about MySpace.


So what? Nintendo screw me for years and you don't see me making a YouTube video.


you go to Blizz to be Conned so this is not surprising


that's every app game agreement you download, whats new?


evo uses this app too

Vic Plaza

Wao this really happen or this another acting video like the one you make from pirana dlc smash Bros

Smart Haris

Thanks to +1(562)281-4356 he help me got Access to my wife phone


This sound like the beginning of SKYNET!!!!!


Just wanted to make this as a warning since I am still VERY excited for Blizzcon 2019 but this is a scam that needs to be AVOIDED! Thanks for watching and liking this video <3

KO Assassin

Screw blizzard. I'm so thankful I dont give my hard earned cash to those twatwaffles

Fat Tiger

Wow, Blizzard/Activision is hellbent on being the biggest evil in the video game industry by miles. Just wait for how EA responds.

AMD phone

Get your old phone from the bottom of your desk, yes the one with the broken screen.
Install this garbage on the old phone, take the battery out once you are in.

Check if there still is a micro ssd inside, and remove when it does.
Reset to factory settings.
Or buy a cheap/used phone, this has the advantage that it never registrated anything from you.

Than install the app where there is public internet.
It is impossible to stop all the tricks they use to spy on you.
But you can try reducing it to a minimum.


Your name should be dreamcastgirl because you cry like a little girl


1st of all grats on getting your BlizzCon Tickets! :)

2nd of all Blizzard always outsources their tickets to 3rd party ticketing systems. The one they used the last few years was horribly made and most people I've talked to hated it. Having them switch was a very welcome change!

3rd, contact access is VERY common for apps these days with social components. If you want to invite friends from your contacts list OR search for friends using the app based on your contacts if needs to be able to read them. Not 100% sure how Android handles this, but on iPhone it's opt in only at the time where you would actually use it. 100% optional. Also there's laws in the US and the GDPR specifically in the EU that would prohibit just searching through contacts and selling it to the highest bidder. But Skype and a million other apps do this...

4th, the location data can be determined in multiple ways. On iPhones it's either all in or all off. If you opt to let them see your data (again, optional at least on iPhone) they can access either. Obviously they would try to use GPS as that's far more accurate than WiFi or IP as that can sometimes be over 35 miles off and an app designed around letting you find and attend local gatherings wants to be helpful and get the nearest items possible.

5th I don't know why the android version of the app wants camera access. The iPhone app never asked for it and doesn't have it according my settings. This is likely the result of a developer starting with a template that already had all the permissions code and relevant libraries attached and forgot to remove some of them. But even if they meant to include it it doesn't imply anything nefarious. Any app such as discord can allow users to take pictures to share or upload existing ones. And to do that they need permission to (access your camera and photo library). Just because they ask for something doesn't mean it's evil. Also, the permission granted only grants the app the right to tie into those OS layers. Not the legal rights to those items or the legal rights to distribute them.

6th WiFi and cellular data is often used by apps to now if it's safe to send you hi-rez data or HD video or if they should tone things back to respect a cellular data plan.

7th Access to the internet is literally for alerts and updated data. This one is so innocuous that I don't think iPhones even have an opt in or opt out of this one. It's literally asking if an app designed to search for events is allowed to use the internet to search for events.

8th IDK what the hardware setting and bluetooth settings are for. I have an iPhone I guess all I can say is if you're paranoid about this, buy a more secure phone maybe? To quote Google's Android chief, "We can not guarantee that Android is designed to be safe, the format was designed to give more freedom. ... If I had a company dedicated to malware, I would also be addressing my attacks on Android."

9th the ability to prevent the device from sleeping is super handy for times where you are sitting in a waiting room to try to order tickets. Nothing would be worse than waiting in line for a chance at tickets only to have the phone go to sleep and lose your position in line and miss out on the tickets entirely.

10th you only need the app to get your badge the day before the event. After that, your badge is how you get in and out of the event so you can uninstall it after check-in.

11 would be that I can't suggest strongly enough that you actually look to see if there is any evidence of any wrong doing on the part of AXS. Most of these permissions are standard and make sense. I read the entire privacy policy and nothing in there is out of the ordinary either. The US has data privacy laws and the EU has MASSIVE collections of laws that would prevent any unauthorized data collection and selling. It may just be me, but until there's any evidence of wrong doing I'm not going to assume there's wrong doing.

Finally #12 hope you have fun at BlizzCon! And that it isn't overshadowed by wild rumors and speculations about an app with 0 proof of misconduct.

Ricky's Used Stuff

How about just NOT going lolol

ks ks

Linus basically confirmed your Android device takes screen shots of whats displayed on your phone screen, on a predetermined interval. How about you fully realize the extent of these invasive practices.

Charles Vincent

Well I rarely down vote but this one deserves it and so do others that complain about the spyware app and yet still go to the con. You're stupid and aren't fixing anything, rather you're exacerbating the problem.


I would never go.

Synthetic Humanoid

Do you guys not have spyware?

Dr. Steve Burnell

Yet another made up fakelore story by DreamcastGuy.

Dude you weren't going to go to Blizzcon just like Piranha Plant didn't corrupt your save data.

Graham J Hall Audio


Dude is Myspace Even Still a Thing???

Cyber Gaming Studios

Okay i used multiple development apps and scanned it and results are: "No Spyware Detected" i even checked it for adware and samething


The best way to fight these kind of behavior is to not support them. This is just like game pre orders, at first it was "A way to ensure you have a copy of the game at launch". Now its the only way to the get full game.

 You're calling the app a cancer, but you are still going to the event. That'll teach them! /sarcasm

Idle Carnage

Why don't they just use Flash Seats like normal cons? Answer: They want to own you!

Ebenezer Spludge

Happy Birthday Dreamcast Guy. I would't ever go to Blizzcon after last year but if I did I would download the App on an old Phone I don't use anymore.

Zerod Requiem

anyone sheep enough to accept their terms of having your phone being monitored during the apps pressence on your phone deserves to be ripped off to be honest. if companies like blizzard can do no wrong, then handing them all your info and data should not be an issue now would it? vote with your wallet and don't accept any retarded term they come up with. remember, YOU pay them, not the other way around.

Commander Emperor

First: You might want to consider a different hobby if you are tired (as you proclaim, very often and at great length) of video game companies disappointing you... they are not gonna change. Second: There is no reason at all to go to California unless you like high gas prices, crime and lunatics literally crapping in the streets.

Alejandro Rodriguez

More then half of all apps have that...

Charles Housey

I have got access to my husband phone with the help of hacker quban you’re my angel on earth WhatsApp him via +19252728344

Alex Ghost

Not blizzard. Blizzard died and activision cut off its face and is wearing it


What if they got a bomb threat or something similar, so they want to track everyone for “safety” and to “catch the bad guy”

Patriot act..............


That Easter egg pink shirt pic has successfully made my eyeballs turn inside out.


Why are u gping through this trouble yo attend this event, why are u supporting bliz for doing this


Isn't it a little hypocritical to make this video warning the public but yet still attend BlizzCon? " hey this worries me, don't support these scammers"
some time later
"Blizzcon was fun"


Dale Gribble's worst nightmare ! *Throws pocket sand

Tristan Backup

So you not allow to turn off your phone after you get in?

Jim Davies

Bloody hell man, this is some dark Web kinda shit. I advise anyone who has downloaded it to delete it ASAP. You never know who's watching...

Israel Chavez

Blizzard used to be #1 in the PC gaming market. I used to love em, but they have made choices that I just don't agree with anymore. It's not the same people in the company. WoW is fun, but I honestly can't bother any of my irl friends to play it anymore.. it's just a nostalgia of walking through an old burning crusade area like the blood elf starting zone or running dead mines or warsong gultch that still makes it fun for me. Hoping wow classic does well, but as far as blizzcon and this app goes.. fuck that shit. Just use Ticketmaster and print a ticket out at home, don't be so dense blizzard if it ain't broke don't fix it!


After signing up for Blizzcon 2019


wall mob

This is misleading. Every app that you have ever installed requires sketchy shit like this. Seriously. All of them. Not saying its right, its not but every app now a days requires permissions like these.

Dave Sugrue

Happy Birthday Man!!!

Tutos Chez Jau

LOL I'm so happy to be European  


Take a stand. Don’t go to Blizzcon. Make these companies suck it.


Uninstall as soon as you enter the door...

Ryan Knight

Everyone who is planning to attend should boycott it.

Faolan Hart {Animal Above The Man}

After everything that has gone down recently, those who are still willing to give Blizzard silly amounts of money are probably the best ones to screw over.
Because chances are they'll still continue to support you.

Sharif Sourour

This is a legitimate reason to boycott.


Wow.... Just.... Wow...

Terry Pennington



Joey Vellestra

Ok why does this sound like when people found out square enix could get all your deux mankind devided playing data and suddenly thought they were up to something rather than y'know collecting the same data they had been since early 7th gen tomb raider titles. Mostly for demographic and very specific types of info like "where does this kind of player struggle in action stages as opposed to puzzles"

Now while I don't have the app I do know how my phones permissions work and if you have a cell phone and are worried about your contacts being sold I hate to break it to you but your carrier already did.

Now while I don't like blizzard and their mostly mediocre that somehow gets showered in praise games if they are doing anything that approaches what you're suggesting yea string em up and let em bleed out slow. But it just sounds to me like a boiler plate license agreement got thrown on an app that used a bunch of boilerplate code for a ton of general uses for an app nobody wanted to spend too much money developing

Jermaine Morton

Happy birthday

Pinky Mixology

I actually decided not to attend an event because it used AXS

Kolger Doomsword

And they wonder why they're hated by so many people nowadays.


He avoided the "don't you people have phones" joke by making the don't you people have phones joke. lol

FurBz GriNd

lol... shockleberg


This is ridiculous, WTH BLIZZARD!!!!

GO jump

just don't go!! force them not to have this kind of app ever !!!


Fake news

Drew Dahlen

Big up to all of us May 7thers!also let's talk about the folks who don't own phones that do apps like flip bro plays tons of games yet doesn't like phones that have internet connect.. So they don't want money?!.. Smh


I know that this is pretty hyped at the moment, and I know that people will likely attack me for it. However, as a security professional, these allowance are pretty normal. In all seriousness, do you read the allowances that your other apps utilize and have access to in your phone? From your reaction in this video, I have a sharp understanding to assume that you don't. The vast majority of those settings and allowances are usually due to options within the app. Consider the function of the app, it is to prove who you are and that you own your own device that you're using for third-person authentication. This is why it has so many allowances to begin with. Don't believe me? Look at similar apps and their allowance, they all roughly the same because that is the nature of third-party authentication toolkits. I know that chastising Blizzard is fun and all, but at least be honest about it. Literally ANY other third party authentication service would have required most-to-all of those allowances.


"Do You Guys Not Want Spyware On Your Phones?"


Simple thing to do is just not support these practices. They no longer care about their hard core base. They only see the ludicrous amounts of money from the cell phone business. More specifically places like china. Which is where they are getting the biggest chunk of money. I think with this app not only are they ensuring you have your phone but want to know the habits of those that do. They basically want to justify going in this direction of cell phone based games and leave the PC games behind. Blizzard is no longer what it used to be and will never be what we want anymore. Activision has dug too deep and the money is all they want. They don't care how they get it now. Even if it cost alienating the loyal customers they had since the beginning.

Toki Wartooth

That's some effort in your description.
I don't like any of Activison's games. I do like Blizzard games. But those studios retired or went elsewhere sometime around 2004-2008.
Though to be honest I do get some use from SC2 with community content only. Mass Recall is the best remake mod I have ever enjoyed. Ironically the mapmaker tools required for these are free without the SC2 game purchase now. Damn.. Lesson learned.


I believe that anyone who thought about going to Blizzcon after they stabbed all their clients for the past year deserve it, If a person betrays you, you forgive that person, the answer is no, I would not piss on that person if she was on fire , let them burn. But if you're the forgiving type, that's what you deserve.


You know that guy from the Ill timed April Fools Joke is going to be a hero this year if he shows up.


A lot of apps have EULA language that come across as creepy for anyone who doesn't look at contracts very often. Most of what this app is reported to do is fairly common. If the app has any sort of GPS navigation function will require the GPS EULA language, same with the Camera for social media integration, etc, etc, etc...
That said, this app looks to scrape WAY more data that would be necessary for just ticketing & scheduling.
The 'run at startup' and 'contacts' is a serious cause for concern, pretty much everything in the "Other" category makes this look real sketchy too. A bad look for Acti/Bliz.

Paul Mikshenas

does not trust but still is going to support their products by going you’re halirious

Dmitriy Chaikovskiy

Dont you ppl ever used spyware ?????

gigi vig

I'd be seriously rethinking attending Spy-ConI don't understand why you'd still go to blizzcon. At that point I'd get a refund and stay home

Moose Bullwinkle

I would like to know after doing the cheap cell phone smash after the Con. look for meta data acquisition software installing itself on any of your other systems. Because they already know who bought the tickets. Did you use a credit card? After installing on the one device you have already agreed to have it on all of your devices. :(

Barney Clarke

As and Android Dev I can confirm this is par for the course. Just have a look at any of your reputed company apps - there are far more invasive permissions. To challenge your perspective, firstly, I can see valid reasons for each of these permissions, especially to increase interactivity at the event, indeed Android would count most of these as low risk for the user (though that doesn't mean they are!). Secondly, on Android your App Permissions in Settings trump the app's ability to engage with any of this (including access to system settings). However, this does not stop the Dev from disabling the app or functionality therein if you do not have these permissions granted. Thirdly, it isn't just the apps code that asks for permissions, advertisement libraries always come with a request for location (approx) and usually come with a request for specific, so it might not be Blizzard that is using the permissions. When loading an app on Android it will always ask permission the first time you want to use it for location, camera, contacts etc, just select no if you aren't comfortable. This is set at an infrastructure level and cannot be compromised just by having the app outside of Play Store control. Permissions will only get 'unadulterated' access when the user selects 'Allow' and "Never ask again" and those are the low risk ones, you can still turn them off at any time. This doesn't mean the app is safe as it isn't open source, but Permissions are generally a poor judge of an app's legitimacy for people who have never worked with the platform - I would be more worried about what your ISP and Google can see haha. Your data is likely already out there if you were born after 1985 and have used social media, storecards/rewardcards or subscriptions at any point. Pipl is a good place to start.

Spawn 1210

Ok, what about if you legitimately do not own a cellphone, are you not allowed to go to BlizzCon??

Tim Herald

Now we know why... mobile device games
Trust no corporation.
They may have more rights than us .
That doesn't make them more right than us.


It’s sad that you need to buy a burn phone FOR A FAN CONVENTION. If you down load that app DO NOT CONNECT IT TO YOUR COMPUTER! I would reformat (reset) your phone to factory settings. I can still see this app running on your phone in the background even after you delete it.

Zack Schilling

I dont have a smart phone so would I just be SOL ? I wouldnt ever go to Blizzcon anyways, but what if other cons start doing something like this?

Typical 90s Gamer

Please keep in mind this is just my assumptions and I have no proof of the company using the app in this way. I'm just here to give an Android devs perspective on those permissions.

First off, the combo of "take photos", "photo library access" and "change network settings" would allow them to take photos or send existing photos over WiFi, and then remove all evidence of uploading via the "data usage" menu by just deleting it's place in that menu. That alone should scare the shit out of you. Combo that it could just as easily take video and audio recordings and do the same...

Titiana Rasputin

did you just say myspace


Don't smash the cell phone, but format and then destroy the sim card if need be. If you must go to this even get another cheap phone to act as a host and keep it as basic as possible. One that wouldn't give them much of anything like personal info, a GPS device, and so on.

Jerone Hall

dumb question is this app also in iOS as well?


4:26 Oh My GoOdNesS

Blaze It Ken

This event needs a boycott. Complacency begets ruin.

Don't let them get away with this. It's precisely the convenience these apps provide that enable them to harvest data unimpeded by concerns for privacy.

Frank Schwartztrauber

This shit is big brother bat-shit crazy! I hope people see this and are aware of what’s going on. Thanx for the info DCG! Keep up the good work!

Der Napalus

Happy Birthday and greetings from Germany.

John Grain

did you just say MySpace nobody uses that site

Ambee Gaming

Wonder how many people will buy a $20 throwaway phone the day before the event for the app
Edit I didn't know you suggested this lol

Daniel Shuler

Don't forget they have access to your credit card information, so Yea.....

Dingo Blue


Jocelyn Daoust

The problème is all yall fan boys and girls they know youll Buy their shit anyways cuz yall dumb as fuck


Complain about it for 12 minutes, still give money to blizzard?


This is so shady I'd just straight up call my credit card company and launch a fraud report and get my money back. Worst thing is that Blizzard can just deny having any knowledge of this and skate on by.


I just have an old flip phone. Can i still go to blizzcon?

Sapia Ntomata

why the "?" in the title? it's confirmed that it's spyware, and a very bad spyware.

Rick Vice

hate to tell ya dreamcast guy but youtube does the same thing through your google account.

peameister 0

Everyone go out and buy a burner phone for this one thing so the planet can die twice as fast as it is now, what a fucking joke.