Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2.6 - Wizard SMS (MD2)

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Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2.6 - Wizard SMS (MD2)

5 375 views | 14 Jul. 2020
5 375 views | 14 Jul. 2020

Sonic Robo Blast 2

Wizard SMS MD2 by SuperPhanto

OddBall Md2 pack by LonelyFoxz

anglestand by Krabs

Tropico Valley by Hejod

Starshy Stages by Starshy

Havocked Hive by Silver Sonic

Xx Berry_The_Smuggy_Eevee xX

Sonickid can next sartuday do an destructive illusion server for some people that can't download that

sonicsswws1997 Sonicthehedgehogfan

there are more character md2s like SSNSonic,SSNTails,SSNKnuckles (old characters)


Im surprised that you didnt use over half of HMS' moves


Please make a tutorial, It doesn't work for me

Sonickid Gaming

Sorry about the audio in 1:54 to 2:17, I got copyrighted for the music at that point

Goku5736 1

how do i put the models?

Lirpa Notlaw

Now how to put this on Android port

Mr. Lumo

I still want a normal SMS mod.
And with that, i mean one with MS, that is Mistical Sonic, because, we have SMS (Super Mistical Sonic) and HMS (Hyper Mistical Sonic), It would be cool that.

Sage Ducky

Aw yeah now dis is happening 'w'

SuperHasson Tracy59

All of ur mods work the mod does not pop up

Miguel LUIZA

how put the codes on models.dat?

Xafeld The Hedgehog Gaming

what happened did the audio

zenix o ouriço brasil

I am black sonoc with stripe purple

Armaan Aali

How do I get this working I tried to make it work but it did not work

Plush and Gaming

How to use THEM

Super Phanto

For those of you who think that some of the animations look weird, you might like the newest update! I changed the Boost to be tilted forward instead of wider, and the running animation was tilted forward as well!

DaBoi 7513

Is the mod your using SMS reborn since that menu is from that mod

Fake Tuber

Finally a SMS model! First comment

Xafeld The Hedgehog Gaming

Super Hyper Sonic Full Power?

Curtis Anthony Jr

Dont collide the jeck jims sonic model with handwrited sonic btw



Gustavo the hedgehog

New sub

xavier Kemplin

Wizard sms was oddballs sonic the whole time on 2:51?

Ananas I Love roblox

Yess!!!!! Super Sonic mistic 3D!

Emerald Star

Great News!! Me will fix 3D Knuckles Swiming Animation & add 3D Modernsonic's Trick Animation from Jeck Jims!!

Vincent Rock's 2.0

I tried to use it in 2.2.8, but it didn't work.

Brave Prondex

this video in a nutshell: Amazing