[KF2] how 2 kill a fleshpound

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[KF2] how 2 kill a fleshpound

508 views | 27 May. 2017
508 views | 27 May. 2017

using only a katana, apparently

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Farming Simulator 17 ᴴᴰ GreenRiver by Bart - NLD Farmers
Sea Devils Chanell

It gets funnier with 6 people and higher diff

Eduard Dietl

k e k


r e k t

Major Blitz

Ryujin no Ken wo kurae!
Fleshpound 0-1 Infectious Frostbite


by playing Metal Gear Rising it seems

† Masterhp †

I remember the old days when you could not block flesh pounds, then I took a drill into the knee.