New Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer Tomorrow! (COD BO3 Weevil Gameplay On Rise)

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New Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer Tomorrow! (COD BO3 Weevil Gameplay On Rise)

121 893 views | 2 May. 2016
121 893 views | 2 May. 2016

The new call of duty game for 2016 Infinite Warfare from Infinity Ward will be showing it's world reveal trailer tomorrow May 2 at 9am PT.

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call of duty: infinite warfare

All Things Outdoors

does the buff go for zombie mode too? cuz it sucks


I'm going to grind 1000 crypto keys and then I'm a see what I get and how broken this system is.

Nadir Robinson

he said like 10 things bad about bo3 and he acted like it was a little .

Zander Duke

Supply drops are confirmed, trailer breakdown on my channel. It's real guys.

Ny Freak

Thunder is the only YouTuber who is not uploading shit lot of infinite warfare videos

187GAMER559 ._.

dude did you upload this late?

James Souder

Yo thunder go on these COD ads and check out that like to dislike ratio

South Paw554

Don't get me wrong I'm looking forward to cod 4, and I'm open to giving iw a chance. I'm honestly kinda disappointed how fast the community moves on though anybody still love playing bo3 and just want to enjoy it while it lasts?

Kevin Mendoza

Infinity Ward says battles will be fought both on the ground and up in space, putting players at the controls of jet fighters and spaceships!


We need a triple double weekend.  Double crypto keys (including double liquid diviniums in zombies), Double XP (including zombies), and Double weapon XP.   Treyarch and Activision are losing a lot of fans.


Thunder Throwing Shade at EERRRRRbody lol

Steel City Constrictors

Free for all again man? Getting pretty old

Jared Distel

idk i watched the teaser trailer and the launch into space scene made me think more like it's going to be a call of duty version of halo reach.


ground control to major thunder, rip david bowie

hiang kiara

wtf YouTube unsubscribed me

R. Maynard



Call of Halo.

Right at the beginning of the sequence where they are battling on that giant staircase and the big piece of some structure rolls down the hill, you see two guys jet pack over the tanks.
Looks like another CoDless year. Blops 2 is STILL being played strong.

B Murphy

I'm just happy modern warfare is coming out and that's what I will be playing
. I don't care for any of this lag ops at all. But to each is own.

RISE uno

i felt like i was watching a new star wars trailer

Oroku Miwa

Buy Infinite Warfare-CoD4 bundle, sell Infinite Warfare. Buy BF 2016 instead :)


Dude i saw your Minecraft Videos from 2011 theres NO way thats you... you sound SUPER different

Kenneth canral

Look almost like bo3 to me. Look like jet packs are back and more in space type of stuff


06:12 gets killed 4 feet away by a shotty PAY TO WIN!! P2W P2W REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Thunder, We all know they are going to release the other 10 maps including the original dlcs as new dlc. Just think about it. They have to fuck the game up somehow.

Savior Of Noobs

If you enjoy BO3 that much, it's cool! Keep playing it while the rest of us get on some Infinity Ward shit. Better hot detection, less lag, less spawn trapping, less predictable map routes.

David Smith

Hey Bro, can you present you attachments prior to starting a match?

Sgcnino 223

Honestly your the best cod youtuber

うずまき ナルト (Naruto Uzumaki)

Great video thunder!

Savage Lee

you're a savage with that weevil! Loving the vids thundercat!

say what

Call Of Duty games are getting too futuristic, Do I speak for anyone else when I say they should go back to something a little but more like COD 4, Such as Modern Warfare 4?


I went 57 and 18, and only got 2 crypto keys


(seen)I hope there is bunny jumps only in campaign


$80 to buy COD4 with 10 maps, and you already know they are selling the rest of the maps as separate dlc or it comes with the Infinite Warfare dlc.

Jake Driver

Im really not interested in either infinite warfare or the remastered cod 4 , outright i think the next cod is going to flop & cod 4 in today's standards is going to feel incredibly basic & just simply doesn't feel like it will have enough in it. Fair enough it had a decent amount of weapons ( even though you only ever used about 5 of them) Very basic attachments , perks & 3 kill streaks , 10 maps is nice but i really do think after the honeymoon period dies people will realise how little cod 4 actually had and how much the newer cods have .

Alex Jaras

who else is gonna buy infinte warfare just for cod 4?


Johnny Sins, LMAO!!! Thunder be watching them XXX films huh?


Master prestige lvl 463 and I'm getting nothing but laggy shit games even with a Netduma, good loadouts turn sour with every patch FFS


Question do you think if I save up to 1500 krypto keys which is like 50 rare supply drops do you think I might get one of the new weapons or should I save up to 3000 to get 100 rare supply drops?

Connor Zola

Waiting for a thunder reacts to the new Star Wars trailer, oops, meant Infinite Warfare.

FTW123 _

I'm not into bo3 No nore

F4t4l Trips

Like when coke came out with the new improved formula.

Jordan Jones

its still fresh


I love bo3, but I wish they would just take the damn supply drops out of cod! They are ruining the whole point of a season pass imo.

Bandido Borracho

I hope Call of Duty 4 is sold separately.


Thunder....this new COD game is basically Killzone.

Kenneth canral

Think it was way to early to have a trailer for next cod game bo3 is still to new

Dylan Langevin

I completely agree, I'm not even close to done with this game yet and after seeing that trash ass trailer for infinite warfare I think imma be skipping out on cod this year


Social Media + "Leaks" Kill The Feel Of The Cycle

Gustavo Alaniz

The reason why you're not complaining is because you're playing on play station 4


not interested in space doody! just want co4 back, as long as they don't ruin it with lag comp and shit hit detection etc.

Adam Hood

I don't get why people give the supply drops so much shit, there just an extra bit of fun to try and get they really don't make a difference to the game except maybe cooler camos and some melee weapons and some pretty average guns, maybe change the keys stop rate but that's it...

Jebediah EstaBob

In not getting a new game until I see what the games are like


Great Commentary ! Your Rite B03 till September

Deasert Fox

Please check this out
COD 4 Remastered information here:

Brandon Fauljs.

Yoooooo thunder throwback to some Bo2 comonteries?

in heaven

There are things to change, proper ones, not just making game futuristic and adding jetpacks...
Couple examples came to my mind:
1. Bullet travel with dropoff
2. Better engine with more proper physics (right now it feels same as it felt in cod4, strange and unrealistic)
3. Better graphics (i mean infinite warfare looks just slightly better than mw3)
4. More polished animations

Bram Houben

Thunder there are dedicated servers in cod 4 remastered


the thing i hate is that they launch a new cod so early like cod bo3 has no even been out for a year yet

Brandon Romero

Black ops 3 is boring it's too balanced


dude i love this game. i love the movement system. you cant abuse it as much as aw

Kev O.

no joke. i had to scroll past 9 tmart 1 minute videos to get to thunder's

Comrade Bear_Ro

its like a futuristic P 90

some brains

Thunder, are you going to be posting any Overwatch Beta vids?


Thunder check it out activition is giving out free supply drops for SEASON PASS OWNERS


Not gonna lie, I'm not too hyped about CoD4. Sure... The game was great when it released. It was something never really done before. Kill streaks, custom perks and classes etc. However now it's just kinda, eh... I couldn't give a shit about CoD4 now.


Man I was pulling for Infinity Ward this year as well. Theres exo suits in the game (campaign as far as we know so far) Theres no extinction man Im already thinking this game is going to be shit and I probably wont play it.


Been watching thunder for years. This man never fails at making me laugh.


found this to be hilarious and very true unforetunately



Tyler Cutlip

The new cod is boots on ground and it has zombies


Thunder im fairly new to your channel, would like to know why you are Blacklisted? keep up the great vids. funny, entertaining and speak your mind.


Man, this FFA gameplay is getting very very boring....switch it up a bit

Quintin/a Anderson

your gay

Dare - Dark , BlueSheepMc

yeah Wtf This is like destiny LOVE NO ALIENS MAKES ME HAPPY


you should look at battlefield 1 thunder


Place make a video on the huge amount of dislikes the reveal trailer has racked up on the official COD YouTube channel!


You sleeping on that Infinite Warfare trailer impression sun.....

arnold knelsen


Papa Prindle

What he actually said was " I want the fans to say they haven't seen this much change since COD4"


cod4 = GAY!!! .... #hate mail welcome

Simon D

The next Treyarch Cod will have a Bo1 remaster for 79.99 dollars,I hope you are happy because this is going to be the future of the franchise + supply drops.. AND STOP PRETENDING TO ENJOY BO3 ,IT'S CRINGEWORTHY

Will Twerk 4 Peaches

Activison is scared that Infinite Warfare won't do do well so they slap cod 4 remastered with it to get people to buy it. My guess is that the game will suck.

Christopher Armstrong

Keep up the good work Thunder.


what a BAD video lol ... watch my video as a textbook chicken NOOB hahaha lol


I got to master prestige on BO3 and uninstalled it lol

Kevin Mendoza

Infinity Ward says battles will be fought both on the ground and up in space, putting players at the controls of jet fighters and spaceships!

George Murp

100th thumbs down!

Winnie the Fooh

You played blops2 for 3 damn years, of course it will feel like blops 3 came out. lol


As soon as Red Dead Redemption 2 is out next year COD will immediately be placed on the back burner.

philly d

Can you ever post a video about your combat record? Your a great player and I'd love to see you stats for guns, specialists etc :)

Gabriel Ferreira

not buying the next cod... fuck that im into bo3 now

P Rojas

just to play again 10 of the best maps of cod 4 deserve to buy..i enjoy play crash remaster than the futuristic burdel of nuketown now..

Dan Roach

Listening to thunder at .5 speed is funny as hell to me.

Slim Curry

You are lucky you are not on PC thunder there are not enough players and it is just a bad port.

Zamir Waheed

I don't get why people sub but don't watch or like your videos


How could you be for such a game that rapes the user by striping down the game and forces you to rebuy content thats already in the came come on Thunder wtf


I forgot I'm afraid of thunder

justin hammond

thank you thunder you hit rite on the head id like to see all the map packs come out before we get hyped for nxt years cod


Dear Thunder,

I have been a fan of yours since the COD4 days, and of course a fan of COD since then as well. Like you, I have been itching for a boots on the ground COD. In the past 3-4 years, I never let one of your new videos go a single day without being watched, along with a titty-smack to the like button. Even through your 3 year life-cycle of BO2, I was there, because Ghosts and Advanced Warfare were both more disappointing than finding out Santa Claus isn't real. Nevertheless, now in my third year of college, I haven't watched your videos for the past 3-4 months. This has nothing to do with your content, as after watching this video I can tell your content is amazing as always (real and genuine). It turns out that BO3 is the first COD I have not purchased since modern warfare. The series I have spent multiple months of game time playing, went downhill fast. But now, I see you actually like this game... and I am thinking about getting it, but, I fear more disappointment.


this game in europe the lag is awfull