COMPLETE GUIDE to UPGRADING to boot9strap CFW from A9LH on Nintendo 3DS - 11.4 and below! (B9S)

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COMPLETE GUIDE to UPGRADING to boot9strap CFW from A9LH on Nintendo 3DS - 11.4 and below! (B9S)

27 763 views | 28 May. 2017
27 763 views | 28 May. 2017

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Learn how to update your CFW 3DS to the new and improved boot9strap from Arm9LoaderHax running firmware 11.4 and below. Works on Windows and Apple (Mac) computers. [ SHOW MORE FOR LINKS AND MORE ]

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S Mikeuz

I updated to 11.5 on my 2ds does this method work there too? Or what can I do?

Dylan Greene

After updating to the latest luma hourly, I pressed start to reset my system as instructed. But instead of restarting, my 3DS turned off completely. Now, every time I try to turn on my 3DS, the blue light comes on, then quickly fades way. The screens won't even turn on, so I can't boot into Luma chainloader I order to unbrick my console. What do I do???

R_.N.C Markthegod

Make a how to play Nintendo switch on Android

Javier Kun

too much talk just to the point !

Manny AC

i have hourglass in the luma payloads folder. do i put godmode and delete the hourglass folder?


Please help. I updated to boot9strap so i could play online but i still cant play online. Also im on system version 11.2. Help pls!


It's all shit all of it even the apps

Muneef Azwad

When i try to update to luma 3ds 8.0 ,it says 'Update Failed", Reason:Download Failed

The Munchie Bunch

Can u tell me why everycord OR AirShou isn't working both on tutu fix and iemulators. Plz tell me soon coz I NEED it


Do i have to do this i did luma cfw a couple months ago w a9lh is this mandatory

XxTheArkAngel Gaming

I need help I don't have a luma folder and I don't know how to get it

Emre Ayar

pls help when I hold down the start button to open safeb9sinstaller it opensgodmode9 dont know why EDIT: I followed the steps on the guide and it worked finnaly I can play DS games on my 3ds thank you though


Do I have to update the latest hourly of stable version in luma, because I can't update hourly


I have a question and idk where to ask, I can't seem to find any discord for 3ds modding to ask. My modded 3ds xl top screen broke and shows no picture but the bottom screen still works. I recently got a N3ds xl so I can system transfer BUT i'm not sure if it's safe to system transfer from modded 3ds to non modded N3ds. I wanna get cfw on my n3ds but can't find anything on getting cfw on ver 11.4.0-37u. I was hoping buying an used n3ds it wouldn't be updated but it is.


can you do it for the 11.6.0


Hi, I just finished doing this and I just have one question,
is it safe to update to 11.4 now? Like, if I did would anything happen to Homebrew and all that. Tbh the only reason I want to update to 11.4 is to stop the message coming up and having to use ctr-httpwn.

מזיד זיאדה

Does this work on 11.5?

Be Awoke

Hey operation I droid, can you make a tutorial video on how to cfw a 3ds with a 3ds that already has cfw

Anaqin Shamsul

My 3ds Says "SigHaxed Firm not installed" what should i do?

Shadow King

An updated pokemon moon randomizer guide that works plz I need one

Luis Fonseca

Yes I'm on version 11.5.0-38 and I can't install FBI when Im on homebrew launcher what do I have to do in order to get FBI

Sword of damocles

You missed the update step(in case of not being latest firmware)


Hey so Ik this doesn't have anything to do with boot9strap but I just recently ordered a transparent blue 2ds with the firmware 11.6.0-39u for basically retail price. Is there any way to homebrew it with that firmware? A video link would be appreciated, thank you!

William Ruvalcaba

I checked out the current guide and it's different is that relevant?

Manu Manu

Hello, I'm happy to see you again. I transform my 2DS with you. Now a friend give me a challenge transform a new 3DS XL 11.4 with no cfw.

Amal Sanuja


Filippo NY.

3ds Safe is the O3ds?

Alysha Eyre

if you could cover a way to get boot9strap from stock once a method comes out without needing a stock 3ds thatd be awesome. im stuck with having homebrew from soundhax and cant update cuz i only have 1 ds...if anyone knows of a way to do this please let me know! :):) thanks


What are the benefits of boot9strap, i understand that i can't update luma anymore with A9LH but why should i wanna update Luma? What can you even do with Luma? I have my FBI so i can install everything i want.

Merlijn Verstraete

when peaople are getring banned you make a video about b9s gg


Still on CFW good old 11.3

Peculiar Violinist

Hey, can you help. I think I bricked my 3ds, but it's possibly not. It's just not turning on , but it's because I updated luma updater.... sooo...

Oscar Cerro Quiles

Man! do this tutorials:

- How to prevent Nintendo's banning
- How to remove Nintendo's banning

Roey k

is this working on 11.6?

Paul E Dangerously

How the hell do I launch my old ROM Hacks now that HANS does not work? I heard about LayeredFS in luma, but I have no Idea how to launch, or get to, or use layeredFS. Anyone know what to do here?

Cent Teq

So i did all the steps and i got the new updater but when i up dated it said restart i said ok but when i tried turning my 3ds old xl back on it would shine blue but then turn off so some one please help :(


If I use freeshop on a9lh with spotpass turned off will it still work?


Nah Not doing anything until we get more news and details about the new banwave


@OPERATIONiDROID how would you switch hourglass9 to godmode9 from already cfw 3ds

Rowan Yates

I have completed the update and everything works fine, However the Homebrew Launcher Loader will not work. It is the latest version but just will not load up. Is this anything to do with the cfw update with Boot9strap? Or is the launcher itself outdated now?

Saad Khatri

Is there any way to download this hack withou PC cuz I don't have one.


So many nubs in the comments xD. Also its still luma cfw, so your title is wrong xD


i have cfw but i dont have a luma file


hi im doing the new luma updater thing and it says configuration file loaded successfully unknown or wrong config value: a9lh for 'payload type'

Trainer Specter

If you are not banned from wifi but still worried about getting banned,follow the following steps:
1.Go to system settings
2.go to internet settings
3.Click on spotpass
4.Click on 'Sending of System Information'
5.Select 'No'
6.Select 'OK'
(Your settings will be saved and you will be good to go from there)


Hour glass opens instead of boot9strap can anyone help?


sir can i upgrade my 3ds i install cfw in 11.2 version it will always show me upgradation

mergousse khalid

help meeeeeee my 3ds stop working after i press start and copied the luma folder to the ctr nand


how do i get back to a9lh? i hate boot9stap

ItzTooEz xD

Why can't I download air shou?

Kyle Johnston

When i hold select on startup, its does nothing. Any help??

Aria Cloe

When will delta come i miss my GBA4IOS now i dont have my sylveon in prism ;-; and my shiny's i miss my shiny only team from all of the games it took me about a month just to get every shiny in my team in every rom hack and emulator please tell me when delta will come...

Ivan Tube

has theres ever been a ds emulator for 3ds? i know that there is one and it is TWLoader so is there any other emulators


im on update sys 11.4.0-37u and i cant use homebrew 2.0 it says it doesn't have the support for launching applications under titles to use a different exploit


I don't have start god mode9 I have up godmode 9 should I delete it? Should I also delete start hourglass9?

Julian Figueroa

should i update if im on 11.2 cfw on my n3ds

Saad Khatri

Is there any way to download this hack withou PC cuz I don't have one.

Ahmad Abolibbadeh

when costume firmware for o3ds 11. 4 gonna release?


DS on sd card for 3ds PLEASE




its giving me an error " SigHaxed not found please check details in the screen below"

Preston Ellison

What if my cfw was before a9lh


Why is Airshou down? :( i am recording with it. Everycord is bugging on my Device!!! Change that please!! :(

Tyler A

whenever i hold start and boot up nothing happens, it just boots normally.


when i insert my sd card after installing b9s theres a blue light and quickly fades away help

Sam Steppy

What are the benefits of doing this please respond.

Jonathan Moyetones

with the latest ban wave you guys should avoid hacking for now (anyone who has a stock 3ds)

RandomAsianKid XD

I need help when I hold the "Start button to launch the SafeB9SInstaller" it says "SigHaxed Firm was not installed"


I have an issue. While holding start while powering on my 3ds, only godmode9 shows up. I've deleted every single godmode9 file on my 3ds except for the new .firm file and it still boots into it. I can't update my 3ds to boot9strap due to godmode9 always taking it's place. I've tried renaming start_ to "insertbuttonhere_" on the bin file and it just boots into my 3ds normally. WHY WON'T IT WORK?


Ever since I updated to B9S I haven't been able to enter CHMM2. Amy idea why that's happening?

Manu Manu

You said in the beginning of this video : there's a way with a another 3ds. Which one has a cfw. if you could make a video to explain this made. It would be great.

Drc 24

Can you make a tutorial on how to transfer cfw on an o3ds to a new3ds please?

lord feroz

when your has the luma 3ds configuration mine it says an error has occured unsupported launcher (argc=0) press any button to shutdown

Shazib Mohammad

Can i update my n3ds to 11.4 after upgrading from a9lh to sighax


ive tried several times, but it wont boot into safeb9installer


So I had a9hl on my sd card which was in my old 2ds and I have a new 2ds now so will I still be able to update my cfw on my 11.5 2ds

Afkar Refardi

what to do if youhave games on your device will it get wiped out?

Thomas R

is there a way to check if you have boot9strap from a 3ds application?

UppityTuber Gaming

Can you give me a airshou code

mergousse khalid

help meeeeeee my 3ds stop working after i press start and copied the luma folder to the ctr nand


i still have the old luma updater but cant find it in fbi


will you make a tutorial of getting homebrew on fw 11.4 old 3ds?

Norwin Gagucas

can you make a guide for playing pokemon ds games in 3ds?


thank you so much youre the best. i can finally open up godmode9 again


Man I have 2 Nintendo 3DSs and I need to do this double XD

Michael Dela Torre

Btw, when i deleted arm9loaderhax.bin, 3ds won't turn on. when i used my bak up file by removing .bak, 3ds works again. So.. i guess it's not safe to delete arm9loaderhax.bin or did i miss something out? Thank you for your ASAP response. XD

Amal Sanuja

But can't play tekken


Does this method still work in July 2017? Or will I get a brick

Marco Fracassini

pressing start at the boot , i go to sysnad, not chainloader menù. and i can't access to luma anymore.... please help!!
i used to use soundhax to go in a purple menu, then selecting luma. now with these changes using soundhax exploit i go homebrew menu...and i can't find a way to access luma, can you help me?


Does it need to be hard mod my 3ds has not been hacked yet



I've had a problem with launching my homebrew app. it worked the first time as i went through the original tutorial but never again. I was kinda hoping doing this update would fix it but alas no. It gives an error code ever time i try to open it.


Cani Fawxe

Can t play smash bros anymore

meatball the_swamp_monster

are you still updating your website with Rom hacks?

Hello R



Would do this but not worth getting banned. Sorry :/

Manny AC

sighaxed failed for me, i still have hourglass not in godmode


I know this is super late but i have a9lh on my 3ds but my dog chewed up my sd card recently and i wanna update to b9s, will i brick if I use a clean sd card to update to b9s?


I need your help It's been a long time I didn't play to my O3DS and I have Rxtools and I wants to switch to Luma, is this tutorial still works for me I'm scared I broke my 3ds. Pliiiz can you answer
Ps: My 3ds is 9.2.0-20E


Survivor Squad?

Lillie Spears

You appear to have made an error. NTR CFW also works for old3DS. It's video streaming that's new3DS exclusive.
How about a video on GBA VC injection?