Pokemon Reborn, Spyce Quest, Leftovers (Ep 16)

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Pokemon Reborn, Spyce Quest, Leftovers (Ep 16)

6 822 views | 12 Jan. 2017
6 822 views | 12 Jan. 2017

Shopping around for ingredients in order to obtain some leftovers.

Pokemon Reborn is a fan made game created by Amethyst.

Gilbert Chandra

where i can get custap berry?

Camille B

where can i get momo milk?

Alex Vickrey

So, I may have stumbled into a sidequest, or I might be crazy. When I was going to deliver the Sweet Heart for the girl in Onyx, I talked to a guy in a certain place, and I scared him, he bumped into a plant and knocked it over, and a teacher yelled at him, and told me that a janitor would come clean it up, as the kid ran off. Do you know anything about this? Am I just super slow? Thanks!


Ummm I can never start the quest. He just stops talking right before it's supposed to start


I can’t find the Custap berry and the Stick


I dont have Balm mushroom.... i think i sold it, anywhere i can get it?

lyrical biblical

hey can you tell me where I can get a stick?

Neo Axor

episode 18 and is there a new way to get balm mushroom?

Vijay Stanleymed

Can you make a walkthrough for chrysolia cave?