SINISTER 2 Song(here Comes The Boogeyman)

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SINISTER 2 Song(here Comes The Boogeyman)

104 560 views | 24 Aug. 2015
104 560 views | 24 Aug. 2015

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Garrett Kesler

I want to know how good this movie is if anyone could please reply to this comment and tell me

I like to watch older horror movies

Jace Volox

Bughuul entered the chat

SSSniper Gamer

Say Hello to My Little Frainde

Who love this is sick actually who watch these moveis is sick

Moon Cloud

I love it!!!

TMR Lazarus

Well...let the nightmares begin

Songs 4 you

Don't be scared the boogeyman is coming for u and he will catch u if he can can can can can can can can



Jack Cartwright

These movies look like they should be in the conjuring franchise

beatngu 666

this song is from the end of my movie


BioShock :/\

Greyson James

this song scares me!!!

Unkown Moody

I actually discovered this song from Bioshock...

Alex Slobyy

Was this in a Sinister trailer? I'm looking for a trailer where someone's head gets run over with a lawn mower while this song is playing (I think) but I can't find it

yanging noob

wath crepy


This song scared me as a kid and traumatized me today I listened to it and got over that it feels great to get that over with

Meeple Fluffer The Killivlyn lord

Demons: singing here comes the boogeyman

Agif Al-Aviv

Boghuul looks like a member of Slipknot

Sean The dracunyan

This was in bioshock

The Horror Fanatics

I,actually liked Sinister 2.

Rahe Kõiv

Sinister 2 IS THE BEST MOVIE!!!!!

LN44 Ln88

I seen sinister 2 when I was 5 i never knew what movie it was tho

Rhys Thomas

I’ve heard this in a cursed video called don’t close your eyes!!

Songs 4 you

By the way what song do u want me to do next

Heitor Anselmo do Valle Freitas

Zack Goodwin

I loved the movie's.

Gennie Gay

boogeyman fake

Ameli Delegacz


Vidal Zavala

:( I'm scared.

Radu Selea

Call John wick, he is the one you send to kill the fucking Boogeyman :))


bruh i love this song

Leowolf tv Joshua dauzat

This is shit it's just deeper I can do the same shit with a phone app


das lied ist zwar net geil aber es ist gut gemacht =)

Dracula’s Lament

Esa canción igual se uso en jeepers creepers 1

Slushy Games

love this song♥♥♥♥♥

Vidal Zavala

Well, I like the song. it sounded scary, but I like darkness.

Bolt Thunder

song: he's a great big coward



This is the one we’ve been looking for! Yes! Thanks for posting.

Marcus Fossa

Here comes the tax man.
Here comes the tax man.
Here comes the tax man.

r0ttingfleshh x

At the end if the song, is he saying "here comes the boogieman" backwards?


Like si ya viste la peli

Songs 4 you

Thanks I'm glad you like my video if you have any ideas 4 songs to go on my channel I will be happy to make it into a video