Sober Nation FM 162 - From Crisis to Clean with June Shannon

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Sober Nation FM 162 - From Crisis to Clean with June Shannon

767 views | 23 Nov. 2020
767 views | 23 Nov. 2020

From Crisis to Clean with June Shannon

Listen to the podcast here:

June, better known as Mama June, is best known for her appearances on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Mama June: From Not to Hot.

One moment she was living in small-town Georgia, and the next, she was sharing every detail about her family life with the world.

What viewers didn't know is that June had been struggling with substance abuse for years.

She justified her habit with being able to work more, earn more money, and garner more success from her TV show.

Her secret was soon revealed when she got arrested in 2019 for possession of crack cocaine.

Eventually, June was ready to get help, and she entered treatment in January of 2020.

Since then, she has made her recovery a top priority.

June has hopes of being able to give back by working at a treatment facility and possibly opening a sober living home.

You can connect with June on Instagram @mamajune and be sure to catch her on the upcoming season of Mama June: From Not to Hot.

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Tami Chaudhry

I'm so proud of June and Geno. I believe in both of you.

Debbie Jares

Are u talking about Doe Doe

Sonia Salazar

My first time in this channel and I am really enjoying this interview. I love how open and transparent Mama June is being!

pamela lawrence

Did she say when they got busted that Geno yelled "hey she got drugs on her"? I thought that dude was a pos before but if he really did that....omg wtf is wrong with her for staying with him?

Sally Mann-cox

2b/r 2 back in a condo on Hutchinson island

shirley wilks

June you look beautiful and amazing!! Keep going sister.

shirley wilks

My first time here!! So glad to see this.

Danielle Mayo

2 months, 5 years or 1 day doesn't determine your victory on your recovery. The one day you did get up, decided I'm going to get sober or clean matters as much as 5 years. You got up, decided to fight your disease and try. The will to get back up after succumbing to addiction or a relapse is showing you had to the courage to get up and fight for yourself. Be proud of 1 day, 6 hours and your acceptance in realizing you have an addiction problem. Its hard for anyone to get up and fight anything without sufferung from an addiction. To battle a disease in itself and trying to learn how to manage it and be sober. Takes a lot if willpower and work. I'm an addict myself and been in recovery 10 years now. I believe I had a slip twice in those two years. I chose to get back up and not the disease beat me. Instead learn to control the beast of addiction. I came to terms with the fact I will always be an addict but I'm an addict in recovery. Heads up to anyone battling, you got this, you can do it when you realize you aren't your disease.

shirley wilks

Which sister??? Doe doe

Sally Mann-cox

So she's painting Geno as her savior in the same breath she says the needles are it.

Beck Pirie

I could not be more HAPPY and PROUD of you MAMMA JUNE❣I have "been there.done that".Been clean::12 years Dec 26 2008.I still live my life,day to day,however it is better/easier as time goes on.It can also get you when we have something bad goi going on in our lives. THANK YOU FOR THIS INTERVIEW ❣

Sally Mann-cox