DARKWOOD - The Three Scenarios of Chicken Lady, Wolf Man and The Musician Quest

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DARKWOOD - The Three Scenarios of Chicken Lady, Wolf Man and The Musician Quest

55 989 views | 17 Sep. 2019
55 989 views | 17 Sep. 2019

Sorry i misspelled the Chicken Lady, this is just my first video. lol

This video shows the possible events of each decision you choose. The key plays a huge role to this quest depending on the scenarios that will happen to whom you give the key, whether to wolfman or to the musician. And the video shows just how much the protagonist's decision could have on the pretty lady's possible future. #darkwood #darkwoodgameplay

Shae 17

Ahh perfect vid ❤️ thank u!

EL Jefe

whos here cuse of markiplier?


Uh, this video kind of leaves out a huge part of the musicians (and also probably chicken lady's) path that starts in chapter 2. The part where wolfman raids your base, steals a bunch of your items, and challenges you to meet him in some crazy saw style arena where you fight dogs for his entertainment and then he pulls out his ak and goes to town on you.
It's a pretty crazy fight


When the wolf is pressed against you and you get the choice to do nothing or push him away, if you do nothing what happens.

Patch Rmn

here cause of Markiplier, i didnt want to spoil myself but i bet mark wont be or will not explore the other areas and discover other stuff so here i am


Is it me or did the audio fall out of sync during the 3rd scenario

Hunter2434 Jack

Note: if the musician's with you, don't feed him the food that he can't eat. He'll mutant but I'm not sure what will happen to him. Take Mark (he's still in regret I guess) for example, he feed him with a poisonous mushroom. And the musician can only eat potatoes.


Funny thing is I killed them all idk I always wanna kill everything that is alive killing the wolfman in his own camp tho was genius I got that sheet rifle the musician tho idk why I just wanted to kill his ass that's all

Daniel Murphy

I gave the key to the kid fuck the wolf

Salamander The bullfrog

You forgot to add that if you side with the wolf, musician boy returns in chapter 2 cast out for mutating into a freakishly large monster.

Kyra Universal AKA Agent K

I don't think that the Pretty Lady was a cannibal (at least not by her own choice). She was carrying only a bloody shaw after her death, with no blanket on her. Considered a sister to the chicken lady (I presume that because the Hen and Pretty lady were gone at the same time, and the woman could've been suffering delusions) and plus, with the stuff about embryos in this game, and how Musician Boy seems to be considered a Devil child, and both his mother AND the pretty lady were half dead suffering monsters, I'm just seeing a rabbit hole that doesn't end, and I feel disgusted.

wine cheese

I killed the daughter with an axe first because i thought she was an evil spawn and would cause trouble, then i killed the chicken lady because i thought she caused the curse on the daughter, then I killed the wolf on the way back home because he talked hostile to me, then encountered the musician boy and killed him as well because why not.


markiplier is so smart

angel chaparro

If you decide to visit the musician at his parents' house after giving him the violin. You'll find him dead ... I think his mother turned into a Chomper and kill him ... that's so sad.

jared polendi

Why? The wolfman look ripped in the thumbnail?

Mohammed Najl

The chicken lady is so sad...

Adrien Miller

So if you give the key to the boy, he could either die, or play it next to his parents grave. You give it to the wolf and he dissapears with the woman and you two stay friends. If you kill the two the wolf hates you and the boy lives in depression. Whats the right choice is my question

Tyler Ho

The chicken lady was trying to protrct herself from howtobasic.

TheAmazingToma 2003

If you kill the chicken lady because she drops a bloodstained doll but spare the pretty lady
Does the wolf will keep it as trophy and still be happy about eating the pretty lady?

Melbourne Meliodas

Did the wolf just ate the pretty lady?

The Regedingding

Finally someone uploaded about this!. Thanks!


pretty lady.. well i guess people have their fetish..

Marlana Kendall

Even though the wolf called us meat, indicates we're a weak idiot, clearly has been consuming and stuffing people, is super creepy, and probably wants to eat us...he's basically a dog and I'll give him what he wants. Have a key! : D Who's my bestest boy that wants to end me? You are. You are!


If you don't give the drawing to his mother but take the violin, both parents turn into chompers. The next day you can find the musician at the house playing his violin next to their graves


I think these are the possible outcomes that I know of so far:

1. Killing the Pretty Lady and the Chicken Lady will ruin your relationship with Wolfman and put Musician Boy into depression.

2. Giving the key to Musician Boy will ruin your relationship with Wolfman. And I think it can go two ways. If you get the violin but not give the picture to his mother, the mother will mutate when he visits and will eat him. If you give the drawing, it stops the mom from harming him and he instead plays the violin next to his parents' grave, however, I'm pretty sure he still dies because he gets eaten when he visits the Pretty Lady. This is because the Pretty Lady is actually very obese, grotesque, cannibalistic and a mutant who is tied to her bed by the Chicken Lady and is suffering. So, either way, giving him the key leads to his death.

3. This I think is the "best" option in my opinion. Giving the key to Wolfman will make him happy as he will kidnap the Pretty Lady and eat her, afterward he will help you. Although this will make Musician Boy sad, it spares the Musician Boy from being eaten. This will also end Pretty Lady's suffering as she is tied to her bed because she is an extremely grotesque, overweight mutant.

Please, correct me if I'm wrong :)


Does this effect the ending

David Toba

Just what I wanted to watch. Have been searching for this content for a long time

Lola Bunny

What was the purpose of giving the half dead woman the drawing?

Samuel Abraham

Why is like half the video him wandering around? Couldn’t all that have been edited out?


Jesus Christ it's loud

Squirley Spitmonkey

Don't push the wolfie man away. Wtf is wrong with you?

Black Shadow

My first try i couldnt even get to this point so good job

Nico Nico Nii

This is a good video for a first try . I'll give you that


I think Markiplier made the right choice by giving it to the wolf

Alex Tomanov

So I guess if you go back and give the Chicken Lady her sister's bloody piece of clothing she will probs get depressed or something.
Also , I don't see the reason why you would push Wolfman away when he grabs you in excitement.
He is clearly expressing his thankfulness and appriciation (that is how I see it atleast).
If you do NOT push him away he licks your face (like a dog lol) and then gives you a hunting rifle , while telling you that you are not a useless piece of meat afterall (his way of showing you respect I guess).
I mean , it makes sense that he would get mad if you shove him away when he is just trying to be nice for once.
Also , I think that giving the key to him is the best option cus you build up your relationship , he gets a free meal , the "Pretty Lady" gets to find peace and the Violin boy lives.
And Wolfman takes you to the doctor's house.
By the way , I don't know why he didn't get upset when you slaughtered his dogs (assuming they were his since they were in his hideout) or why he didn't make them stop attacking you or teach them to not attack you (give them a piece of your clothing and tell them to not attack the person with that smell or something , I dunno).

Tl:dr -Giving the key to Wolfman makes him a happy puppy and earns you a free rifle + respect if you don't push him away.
And you save some poor souls.