JT's F2P New Events DONT MISS OUT Balloon Exchange Castle Clash

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JT's F2P New Events DONT MISS OUT Balloon Exchange Castle Clash

7 188 views | 28 Mar. 2020
7 188 views | 28 Mar. 2020

Very nice new event dont miss out on it! Enjoy

Max Cunningham running

I always look forward to watching hero collection

Giorgi Kokaia

2nd yay

Deedee Smith

Morning Son!! ❤️

Wahyu Nur Cahyanto

I am a subscriber from Indonesia. And I am very fond of you

Demoz Froze

I earned occlustist

Vapr rekz

I already snatched up that accultus

Dennis Birnbaum

DONT WASTE BOOKS just evolve the hereos the hero just need to be over like acc 195 but singel evo is over and it works done it myself


Bruh this collector prizes are sick, yet android ones are fucking retarded

CH Mangoe

Heyo JT

Jeff Grld

You have account on android?

Leon M.

If I buy the 1400 Gems today, so on the first day of the event, will I still get the last 4 prices (for buying gems) as long as I log in every day? So does it matter when I buy those gems?

Peyton Hislop

I was able to get lavanica on my f2p with tapjoy


So many f2p gems


Hi jt

Ananda Richard Pradana



Bro what's the name of app to add you

Alejandro Hernandez

Jt can u do a account Review i have rambar and rune Master and i am free2play. I have been playing for about 3 years


Plzzz tell tapjoy for add more gems from downloading any app in the game

Caleb Graham

Jt you read my mind I did evolve walla walla and grimfiend to snatch up my very first Occultist

Charles Chege

Is Skelly still useful got lava skelly Phobos cosmos and currently use pd Walla DD comm gunslinger cirinna don't know which heroes are powerful

Eto Visual

Give Away Akun?


I spent like 200k honour to get the alchemist in hero collector but I got pumpkin duke skin

Lokii Da FoOL

JT you have 1 free builder!!!

Hypnosislove - Castle Clash

New for iOS it was already on Android. Got all, literally..

Lance byron matawaran Ramires

ONE TIMMMEE! Super event again for f2p still no mining event sad jt why u dont try tapjoy like the other cc youtuber like angry and fire.


in hero exchange you could evolve medusa and atlanta to get back books, it will works

Dark Soul_YT

One time JT lov u man


I miss the outro of u diving into 1" of water. ...


JT is back to his old self , rolling gems on accounts


Occultits on Android : 5000 ignite stone...


i'm a f2p and i just got lavanica from hero collector!

Arindom Paul

When there’s no views

mody mohamed

Is I needed to be Ashan Jewels Charge I have a strong Champions

phuckhang vo

very good :D