Girls' Frontline Specific Squad builds vs Specific enemy types - The express basics.

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Girls' Frontline Specific Squad builds vs Specific enemy types - The express basics.

10 252 views | 24 May. 2018
10 252 views | 24 May. 2018

Girls' Frontline. It's all just a game of scissors, paper, and stone....where some scissors may slice through stones, some paper sheets may smother some scissors, and some stones may rip through paper...and we all love it!

Rules of Nature (RAY-Mix) by MonoChromium Live:

BAD APPLE!! Instrumental by RichaadEB:

Credits to original artists.

Jorge Corea

I have a question, is it better to have M16 as an offtank or should I go with a grenadier SMG? I currently have AntiRain team (Im in EN server) but I use PPS-43 instead of M16


drones can be swiftly dealt with by SMG moltovs too , since damage skill do not miss

Smol Angelo

nice vid!
out of curiosity, what are the mod II skill for M4 ans ST-AR 15?

Re: Xavier

Nice vid! :D

Chuck Blaze

Ay, may I ask what was the music from 0:00- cos its not mentioned in the desc?

Jerome Villaflor

Hey boss I'm gonna need some advice. What are your thoughts on my 2nd AR echelon composing of AK-12 (1), Ribbey (4), G11 (7), JS9 (8), AK 74u (5) ?

Fabian Uribe

Where can I find humanoid enemies? For the weekly quests.

Avtomat Kalashnikova



Finally, someone explaining the enemies, and their counters. Subscribed. Is it just me, or do vespids have high evasion? I see a lot of miss signs pop up around them, and MGs fail when facing them en masse. IK, IK. No MGs for newbies, I stopped using them when vespids became common.


found you today, TY for your hard work and keep it up pls, loving your content ^-^ if i may, i do have a small point to make, i'm a pretty slow reader and the texts go by insanely fast. adding a couple of seconds would be very grateful (imo)


Late to the party, but I discovered your videos and they are great! One question from me is just who is the tdoll you have in your 404 squad? I can't read Chinese and I'm quite curious.

Adam Xue

G11 to represent kinda defeats half the purpose tho, since it is a really rare doll that is really overpowered due to her skill...
Like hitting three times instead of once is just not ok in the slightest.
The only other T Doll that can do something similar is OTS 14 with her 200% atk boost at night time only.
Which is an event exclusive that is also really freaking good.
Other wise yeah this is why classes are things you should respect.
If PD Negev can beat M16 with 5HG then... Nvm, we still can't, scrap that.

Bonus rant:
And now we have AUG to laugh in the face of everything because it is literally a MG(With her skill) but also RF (Since her skill would allow to blow up backrows) with AR body and HG tiles.
Wtf Mica, how is AUG balanced in anyway shape or form.
Oh wait, thats why, AK12, AN94, M4A1, STAR15, G11 still exists.

Also Python is ridiculous, it was blatantly broken before, now even after nerfing she is still really strong.

That said, AUG still can't do shit to heavy armor since her dmg is just not going to be enough so gratz to MG and RF for their spot still has a point.
But with SAR 21, you can do some pretty hilarious things with the two going absolutely insane with their RoF.

Francisco Laurean

@0:55 cant you snipe the jaguar if you have 1 unit on the front 3 tiles
Also I thought I subbed about a month ago guess I didn't rip :(


I just started the game a few days ago in EN Server . This helped me on how to build team and don't underestimate low star XD

Vincent L

so what would be considered "armored enemies" it wasn't really clear in the dailies as well as in the vid

Fantazing Miju

I want make a powerfull full 2★ team XD

Avtomat Kalashnikova

"Budget RF" Well IWS has lower DPS than M14, so that's a high-powered budget RF squad


Impressive music choice I must say. Also what is the level cap in this game?

Leopard 3402

2:56 9: I save you ribby!