How to Properly Disable Cortana in Windows 10

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How to Properly Disable Cortana in Windows 10

136 174 views | 1 Aug. 2015
136 174 views | 1 Aug. 2015 Using Local Group Policy Editor in Microsoft Windows 10, it is possible to completely disable Cortana, without it restarting, and without editing the registry, or making forced changes. #cortana #windows10

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Additional notes 2015-11-15:

It is true that this process disabled Cortana, but does not remove the process. This is still an effort that people are working on and discussing. If you wish to join in further on that discussion, we have an open thread at for this issue.

If you do not have Windows 10 Pro and are using Home or Core edition, you will not have access to Local Group Policy. For those users, this solution will not work at all. FYI.


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i cant fucking believe this shit

Artem Gur

Thank you
So easy


doesn't work

Khalid Azeez

Mine is still running after turning it off

James Raines

You CANNOT type in gpedit in the search window and get to the appropriate window it only takes you to the bing search engine.

mister crimp

none of the options you mention take me to local group policy editor? Do i need to download something confused?

Mermie Fasmart

I think I Love you !  THANKS !!!

Kaffee Miau

this video is useless thanks

steven rogers

HERE IS A EASIER WAY, now pay attention. Open your task manager> Scroll down to find Cortana> right click, open file location> now rename this file to anything you'd like> it should say you're not allowed to do this.> end Cortana is task manager then quickly rename it, and TADA she's no longer sucking up your plebs ram.

Switch Hazel

I followed your 3 year old video to the "T" 10 must have made too many changes since your video because I cannot get rid of her! I have a new windows 10 laptop ...2019.

Ginger Bread

legit! all i am saying

[GD] Dr Life

Cortana is gone from my task manager, but it still hasn't gone away yet

Aleš Tomis

Don't work for me

Ann-Marie Holmberg

Why block cortana when you have the devil's brother installed, google crome

To Lee

Does not work! At 5:25 when you checked the Task Manager, Cortana was still taking up CPU and Memory. I thought that was the point, in disabling it.


After you have done this, go to the windows start menu , right click it, Cortana, hide. This will hide it from your start menu.

Random User

This doesn't work.

Spencer Clough


Virgo Bro

Gpedit doesn't exist


This works very well. thank you.

Baxkwoods baby

I want to enable because i fisabled


how do I get cortana back, if I deleted it through a executabe off the Internet :D???

I really just want the Search bar you had before the anniversary update back ._.

Ideeemm Ideeemm

Mike, you have just claimed the title of the "Fastest to fail solution to a problem on You Tube."
As instructed I typed gpedit.msc into the search box and the result was a a regular web page with just about anything with those letters in the name. That's as far as I got. I tried many times and as dumb as I'm sure you think I am, never got any further.
I should have quit at the point when you dissed other people.
My father taught me "When you throw dirt at other people all you do is lose ground." Perhaps you can redeem yourself by coming up with a solution that works.

The Anarchist Cookbook

start 10 trial i want

David Reid

Dude, your video is a waste because the font is so small can't make out what you're doing, sorry !

Farhad Ali

Its Not Working

Yvon Nadeau

This doesn't work. I have Windows 10 Pro.


Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Search ... but search doesnt exist in my gpedit.msc..... im on windows 10 and how to install some program to be able to use group policy... then because i have 64 bit computer i had to configure some files between wow64 and system32... i did everything but gpedit.msc did not exist in wow64.... but gpedit did so i copy and pasted that... if anyone understands this and knows how to fix it so i can get to the search option and get rid of fucking cortana please help me cuz its slowing my computer down

James Steagall

this did not work for me. she is still running and now has background task host as well


gpedit is gone on 1803. Fuck microsoft


click bait


I watched this entire video to realize that the local policy editor only comes on windows pro, not windows home... great

Valentin Idk

Where can I get that background?

Mike Echo November

I did it exact Win Home 10 and Cortana disabled for a few minutes in Task Manager and then came back with a vengeance! I'm convinced Windows keeps renewing ways to keep it going, because they don't want it disabled!


she belongs to skynet!! she comes back! scary

Landy Burkland

did everything stroke by stork and it worked thank you :) no more cortana

Sk Siraz

It worked, thank you. :)

Catalin Gheorghe

Don't work my friend, your tutorial is suks

Rizki Laksana

Fuck Yeah...... This is Work 100%
if your pc did not work
LOL Itumah DL

ddd228/Dave in Seattle.

Idid it incorrectly and now,,, My computer it TOAST!!!!
the bottom line is... NEVER MESS WITH THE .......
Shame one me,guys.
Rookies beware. Yes,I should have never messed with it!
I'll see you in 2 weeks,maybe.



Chadwick Dumaine

When I try to type gpedit.msc, it sends me to Bing websites.
How do I get to the screen you are demonstrating?



Joe G.P.

doesn't work in 2017



aeff ash

thx dude..


Thanks for your efforts Mike.
Apparrently, Microsoft has over-ridden this procedure (maybe with service updates)
Everything goes just like you said until I open search. And Cortana greets me like nothing happened.
I, personally, will never buy a Microsoft product again.


No wait it didnt work

JRMS Productions

to turn cortana back on set the data value to 1. warning if you do turn of cortana your computer will experience issue with speed and how well it runs just so everyone onow

manoj pheiroijam

i cant open file location for cortana in task manager.... help

Harry Friedman

Hey Mike! Thanks for the vid! However, I noticed when you opened your task manager, your Disk was at %1... I'm at %100 unfortunately. Can you tell me how you managed to get yours down all the way to a staggering %1. I got to tell you, its not fun when your laptop is heating up all the time! PLEASE your help is greatly appreciated.


I have to laugh at people that complain about privacy yet use Google Chrome as a web browser.

Sara Marcoux

there is no 'administrative...'

Dhanush Vv

Not working

Re tro

this guy really enjoining himself

Theresa Tanzi

my computer does not have the gpedit file.. go figure.. any other solutions?


A much easier way that actually works


this worked for me: by by cortana

Abhishek Mendon

Thanks, it worked

Mc Len

EASiest would be just change language to default then boom won't open shiet it's gonna change to a regular search bar / button

Eddie Hamblin

EXCELLENT!!, Guys like you make it possible to use Windows 10 without the BS, Thanks!!!!!!

Gentry Catlett

i cant find gpedit.msc. it does not come up

Joris S

i have slow laptop with windows 10 and cortana shows up in task manager and eats 60% o memory and 90%of cpu


i want to disable it cause i want it there is no reason :3 thank u by the way

Pradeep Kvs

this is shit..

Andrew Turing

+WindowsForum have you figured a way to disable permenantly Cortana on windows 10 pro yet?

Zs0mbi .-

Thank you so much(sub)

Abdullah Rehman

can you please give me your desktop wallpaper? I love it <3
or give me link...

Christine Cameron

THANK YOU for showing us how to disable that horrible piece of shit!!!!!


Why da fuck did microsoft have to put that crap on ppls computer ? Fuck this shit im done with windows shit ,but thanx anyway dude


THx finally O

Fab Val

when i type in gpedit.msc on my windows 10 laptop into the run box i get this error "Windows cannot find gpeditmmsc make sure you typed in the name correctly" i am using admin account. Thanks i. advance for any help.

pratap yonghang

Can this cause problem during rebooting the computer?

Danger close

awesome and thanks for the video buddy


thanks man worked great

David Davidowsky

F u cortana!

Neo J. Ssk

Cortana still around, cuz thats my wife Name....

MArius Sorin

tnx bro , it worked perfectly , hated that skank cortana=))

EB 3000

Fake ass Amernican accent, B fr effert

electric impulse

you help me soo much i am very happy to disable this S**t thanks man thanks

Navonil Dey

I just went through all the processes, but Cortana is still on in the background, and occupying same amount of memory.


Creators update.. I have no idea now how to disable it.


How do you get your mouse that red ring when you click

Eduardo Nogueira

Sorry cortana! :P

Akita Akira Inu



no gpedit anymore i guess?

Garret Garlinger

So I did everything But Cortana is still in task manager and coming back. It says she is "disabled by company policy" But she is still coming back. She is not using CPU but she is using 38.2 MB memory still. Got any Idea why?


Windows 10 is such a piece of shit

Wesley Gurr

The search window returned BUT it is still running in my [email protected]#$^%&*!!!!

Ali Omar Ahmad Alfodeh

Yes!! it is Done!! thank you. Cortana completely disabled.

tamasna rachid

how to enable again

Wesley Gurr

Please disregard my previous comment it was meant for "TikTokPCTech!"

Jeff j

Yes I have a question can you disable cortana while you talk to pal talk please tell me how to do that

sahib singh

not worked.!!!

Bhanu Pratap Singh Rathore

its still running in my task manager

Thom McHugh

Aaaahh the beauty's of having no MIC/cam hard installed. LOLOLOL Peep call me the dinosaur.

Jones Kohary

not working at all
its still there
and on right click "open file location" is disable...

Neil Oliver Ebarat

A sure way to prevent cortana to ever touch your laptop is during a clean installation you will be prompted to choose which region. choose Philippines or other region where cortana is not available. I recommend choosing Philippines. And see the result the cortana is nowhere to be found. You can go back to United States region after the whole installation is done!

Renata Borovac

for home users just use the regedit and forget about it :D