Walgreens "Dance Team"

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Walgreens "Dance Team"

53 756 views | 22 Jun. 2015
53 756 views | 22 Jun. 2015

How do you show that Walgreens has all kinds of everyday essentials in a way that rises above the everyday? Meet the Jitterbugs. They’ve got places to be and dancing to do. Good thing Walgreens is there every step of the way.

chris thorns show

precious babies....

vance west

they shouls stay as the celtics as sen on :16


That's a big trophy for 6TH PLACE


Great commercial! Kudos to the creative team.

Bobby Rose

My favorite


Team jitter big is a dumb name almost as dumb as candy apple

(Any one gets that have a virtual cookie)

Legendary Gamer

I want to know where to buy that blue rainbow dress....any ideas?

Samantha Perry

6th place? Really?

Polo Nius

I, too joked that it was Rachel Dolezal. In fact, many people thought the same thing too.

Smoke dawg

whatz the name of the tune they were dancin too?

James Dean

Obliviously conditioning these babies to be sluts already..... America.

angieegirl 135

the girl's name at the beginning is Kitina. She has a music.ly(@rainbowbright123)

she is amazing!!!


Im tired of this commercial stop passing it lol

David Thomas

Nice try Walgreens. Good effort with your racial panorama of kids, all female, and mixed-race mom. Racial harmony and girl power are NOT enough for an acceptable commercial these days.

Where are the homosexual relationships in this commercial? Why is it so hetero-normal?

Where are the disabled group members and wheelchair entrance for the van? Are you saying young disabled girls (possibly of color, possibly trans-gendered) can't join a dance troupe? Why would you exclude them?

Have you considered the psychological impact on Native Americans of all this? "Jitterbugs" is a highly offensive term for some tribes.

Just because you hired Rachel Dolezal for a commercial, doesn't give you a pass. Lets get out the pickets, I'll meet you in front of Walgreens!

Linda Gimbert

very interesting.

Erika Kinley

0:01-0:04 best part of the commercial! Just saying.


I can't be the only one who came here after watching TWICE teasers and saw their logo... I can't be

Caitlyn Guthrie

what do you mean whats wrong with her hair... theres nothing wrong... WTH

snap my neck

That little girl at the beginning reminded me of Rainbow Dash for some reason with that outfit Lol

Jack H

This is a great commercial and I agree the little girl doing her "happy dance" at the beginning and the great music are indeed the hook. The Mom is also very well cast and her facial expressions sure do add to the very upbeat tone. In spite of having some very stressful times right now this commercial puts a smile on my face, especially when hearing the girls happy giggling at the end. I don't know that it serves it primary objective as a marketing tool but I sure do enjoy watching it.


my friend was in that commercial


Her hair was just fine. Now she looks effing ridiculous.


I've seen this a cpl x's & had to look it up becuz its SO accurate! Walgreens is a dance moms' quick go to place for even fake lashes, etc. And ignore Abby. Been w/ 3 studios & all are professional! However, REC dance & performing groups are important. And teams do celebrate "golds, 1st, but really 6th place..." lol...it's confusing, but there are usually 3-4 spots 1 choreo can fit into. Depends on comp. Judges awards, etc. Everyone is a 1st pl winner these days. Then we/some parents spend $35 for a trophy!

Surfer Bri

wtf is wrong with her hair, looks ok to me

Derek Rowe

You cant hold a camera like this 0:22 and have them print out like this 0:25!!!


The little girl at the beginning makes the whole commercial memorable with her happy dance.  That's the hook right there.


I wish the van didn't show up so quickly, the little girl seems to be really enjoying herself! Cute costume, cute girl, cute dance routine! Would like to see more, or the whole group doing that routine !
 But that one young lady made the whole commercial.

Chris Acosta

That dance in the beginning was hilarious! As for the majority of the comments here: we are one fucking confused country.

Donovan Cross

what song is this??


such a cute commercial

Dionne Amma

My favorite commercial


I hate this commercial

Preston Studios

To keep Chet going crazy for the overstimulation of Kellogg's Cheese Cereal, he's going to see the jitterbugs dance.

S.L. Ayer

WTF!!! Who gets photos prints these days. That is ridiculous!

Bobby Rose

I love it

Kariel Robertson

Absolutely adorable!!


I love this commercial. It makes me wanna dance.

On another note why harp about the hair thing. It wasn't styled like the rest of the troupe and it serves to link the subject to Walgreen's. That's all.


Who's doing the voice-over for this commercial? It's driving me crazy because she sounds familiar, but I can't put my finger on it. I wanna say JLD but not sure if that's right.


No, it's not Rachel Dolezal nor Michelle Hurd. I get them confused too. I can't remember her name, though. Does anyone else remember her name?

Jason Kotolski

First girl is so cute! Is that a rainbow bright costume?

Francisco Carrero

The trophy at the end is for 6th place... Wtf? Since when does 6th place get a trophy at all?

ShadowDragon 1234

What was wrong with her hair? I didn't see anything. ?:(


Rachel Dolezal!?!? Is that you?!?!


+GSD&M What is the name of the song (or who is the music production company)?

Preston Studios

Loved it! Totally loved it!

eric eguia

0___0 if feels like a pedophile would enjoy watching this

Patrick Balthazar

The little girl in the beginning made the commercial.  She was getting busy.  lol


I have a problem with that sixth place trophy. Why receive a trophy for sixth place and why is it so damn big?


Anybody notice that the trend is these days to have a none offensive material in ads. Look..white girl, black girl, Asian girl. & the mom Is a white woman is made to look black. Im not 100% but when I look close she looks like a white girl that was done up to look like she's mixed race.I'm not Hating on anybody I really don't care about any of that shit I'm just always thinking deep & I e'm wondering if my observation is true & if so does anybody else notice these trends that start in the headline news, the bleeds into social & economical influences. I've seen some other ads to with the same essence. If true it makes other ads with all one race look like they hate other people for not having mixed people in ads causing a backfire on the over sensitive American public. America is on a "race" thing again so everybody hold on to your butts.

Tony S.

anybody know the name on song! Great Beat


There wasn't anything wrong with her hair.

peep wentz

idk why im watching this

Genesis Thorsen

I'm dying I love the little girls dance


Squeal!!! Total ripoff of Rainbow Bright!!! Even the footwear!!! Lol, loved it

Ms Salas

Omg this i serio my fav Commercial

Kariel Robertson

I love how the trophy says 6th place at the end! LOL haha so cute!!!

Nicka Midnight

0:21 lol

Silvana Lillie

ARE YOU KIDDING!?! How cute is she jammin like that?

Eclipsed_Love 101

Wait-her eyes werre blue.... now they are brown when she was doing her hair... 0:08 0:13

Eric Colvin

Aww cute outfits


The girl at 0:19 looks mean

Timothy Williams

I think the dance routine by the little girl shows talent. But she was showing to much of her under garment. It could of been done differently so that these comments would not come to mind.

Lioness Es

Awww! Reminds me of my days in dance when I was a little kid.

Amy Alajajian

who is the voice over?

Zach Romeo

The Mom is extremely sexy !!

John Gonzales

For the past five years this commercial has been living inside my head rent free


Super poop!!!!!!!

Daniel Lassiter

there was nothing wrong with the girl who was picked up last's hair. It made her cute.

You know what's completely wrong with this commercial? They are all dressed as Rainbow Brite in the beginning and then they're in mermaid costumes when they go to perform. If they weren't performing as Rainbow Brite, than why on earth did they need to hustle to Walgreens before the performance?