Learn the tricks to setting up and using the TTM Trend, TTM Squeeze & TTM Wave in ThinkorSwim (TOS)

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Learn the tricks to setting up and using the TTM Trend, TTM Squeeze & TTM Wave in ThinkorSwim (TOS)

53 155 views | 21 Oct. 2018
53 155 views | 21 Oct. 2018

Using the TTM Trend, TTM Squeeze or TTM Wave made popular by John Carter and Trade the Market? Learn how to easily see the trends and know what these very useful and visual indicators are telling you about the markets--stock, etf, index, commodities, futures forex or cryptos.

You will learn how to set up your charts, how to customize your TTM indicators and know what to look for when considering your next trade.

The platform used for explanation is TDAmeritrade's ThinkorSwim (TOS).

Sunil Kalla

Hi chuck
Great video. Thx
What are your entry and exit points?

Michael Gregory

Thanks so much Chuck. Having troubles getting my Tiki squeeze chart to show any red dots along the zero line. Any recommendations? Ty ty

Jeffrey White

Wow thank you sir

Sdech Financial llc

Thank you for sharing!

KangoKid Kidd

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwww thank you so dammmmmmmmmm much,,,this shit is MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY....

Leon Sewkarran

thanks for making this video. It was a great explanation of the various TTM methods especially the TTM wave.

Lynda Smith

also what are the wave settings ?

Jose Garcia

I have the exact set up.....I love it...………………..I made another study chart same way but I added the VWRAP eliminating the upper and lower band,its a master piece

Hugo Rosas

Incredible helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.


Thank you so much for sharing your special custom indicator with us and you earn one new loyal sub and pls continue the good works and make more awesome video like this

chad patterson

Thank you so much for breaking down the TTM script for us. I’ve been on the fence about buying it for a while now and keep going back to the upfront cost and the fear of being in over my head pretty quick with something that robust. Your video makes it seem “doable” for newer investors.

Using that tool, and barring any unexpected catalyst, do you feel it puts you in the right side of the trade more than 50% of the time? 75%?

Thank you for your time

jsun Proter

Great throughout breakdown of your set-up!

Frank W

Absolutely an excellent video. Thank you for your time and for demystifying the TTM Wave.


Thanks so much for this, especially the settings at the end.


Chuck, you may want to include the Bollinger Bands. The red dots indicate that the BB has contracted inside the Keltner Channel...representing the consolidation you are referring to. At the point the BB breaks out (resulting in new green dot). This is the point in time the trader needs to watch the blues or red/yellow direction to see what direction it is heading in the timeframe they are looking at. they then need to look at the Waves below to see the strength of the short/long term direction. The video was good...I just wanted to point out the BB and how that plays a part in the dots.

Rebecca Redstone

Thanks for the video, really enjoyed it. Does this work equally well on 1 min or 5 min charts or do you advise sticking to 1 day?

Bob Clarke

Nice video, Chuck. Good explanations.

John Carter has updated the squeeze indicator, giving it low, mid, and high settings that give better warnings of things that are about to change. The new indicator is called ST_SqueezePro. He also updated the Early-In-Out indicator (gives warnings about a squeeze about to fire) to go with ST_SqueezePro, and the new indicator is called ST_EarlyInOutPRO. The new versions of the indicators give more signals that John claims have about a 75% success rate or better.

The new indicators are available at SimplerTrading.com (I don't work for them. I have learned a lot from them and appreciate the efforts they go through to teach people what market internals to watch and how to stay out of trades that aren't worth it.)

Joe Chiou

OMG! This video is what I am looking for long time!!!! This is the best!!! Make more video. Thanks! Chuck! You are the man!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Toson

I hate this movie.

Cort Williams

Chuck, Just started using the ttm Squeeze a couple of months ago and love it! You took it to the next level my friend...thank you for sharing.


TTM Squeeze: Have a look at the SPY from May 1 2019 to Jun 5 2019.....this was when the market had a big reversal....and no red dots at all. There is one on 31 Jul 2019 when there was another reversal.....but for an indicator to be useful, it CANNOT miss such a big reversal.

The one that does seem to work (but still need to do more backtesting), is the TTM Scalper Alert....on the SPY from Apr 2019 onwards, seems to show when to enter/exit. The arrows are an easy visual.

Jim Toson


maoli chang

Great video.

Teufel Hund

Great informative video, Sir❗ Thank you❗


Chuck, this is a good video. Very informative, and the bonus at the end on how to set the indicators was sweet. Thank you for sharing. Hope you post more videos.

Bev S

Chuck, best explanation of the TTM EVER. Truly excellent. I reset all my charts using your instructions. I've used TTM in the past but had gotten away from using them . You brought me back to speed in a snap. Great presentation - thanks very much


u ave the scriopt?

Brian Says

great video. thanks chuck. me know if you do some more like this

prashant dhande

How to get this Indicator

Nige C

Thanks Chuck ,I've watched many TTM videos seeking out how best to interpret the TTM.Your video just did what the others could not...nailed it for me! Finally a video that takes enough time to explain at a speed that enables us to understand without having to pause every 5 seconds.
Thanks Chuck, I like many others really appreciate your time.

Elijah Davis

watching this in 2020 and SPY is at the same levels hahah

Life Overhaul

How do you get the TTM on the chart? Where's the setting? Thanks


Great video and explanation for these cool indicators on TOS. Rock on my friend!

Maga My Naga

So shorter timeframe setups mean day trades or short swings and larger time frames mean longer swings?


Great video - thanks

Mike Walker

Thanks Chuck, I watched this about 5 times making adjustments to my charts and will use this to confirm what my other charts are telling me. I typically scalp the indexes and will see how this does. Great explanation on the TTM methods.


do you have a script that would Buy after the squeeze?

marco juarez

Thanks for sharing your knowledge,very helpful.


This video was a big help. I never knew such indicators existed.

Russ Orgain

Great vid! Please make more, your explanations are terrific. Thanks!

Terrence Re


aj pa

Hey, on the daily chart does the ttm scalper lag? If so, by how many days?

Fadi Dawood

Great video and explanation - thanks for posting Chuck!

Milton Latoni

By far best tutorial regarding TTM and the actual use. Thank you very much!!

Douglas Deutsch

Chuck, Your info was spot on! Do you have a website so I could follow you with any more insights?

aj pa

Love the charting. The ttm scalper alerts...are they in real time I'd I use a 1m time frame

S t e v e Calaark

Thank you, Chuck!

Shaun Afandiyev

Damn good info Chuck you were born to teach! Cant wait for more videos.

Ven Pear

Thank you sir

Richard Hernandez

Great presentation!

siti sholikhah

Saya siap belajar


Thanks for the great video presentation. I have just found out John Carter indicators couple of days ago and liked it very much. Hopefully can be used to profit from the market in the long run. One thing I am not clear about the trade you are talking about. Are you talking to buy a CALL or PUT options?

Phil Coombs

Excellent video........ thank you!

abel chabolla

this is by far one of the best videos I have seen on TTM squeeze trade strategy. Really shows that views means nothing to this video, the few that have seen it were very lucky.

Milagros Roman


Amity Jones

Great info, I have watched your videos a few times. Thanks!

aj pa

Can you trade just using the ttm scalper? How much of a lag is it in a 1 minute time frame

Party Favors

Will this work for options trades?

Ajscorfina Sco

chuck do you respond to this video?


Great video! Thanks for breaking down the indicators and what everything is in detail.

Desmon Colemon

To much explaining of the same thing make the video simple....just my opinion.

Evelyn Friend

why is the share code for this set up??

Walter Horton


Lynda Smith

excellent video btw ! Thank you

Tony Echavarry

Great video ... Thank-you for the tips.


Hi Chuck, Great and informative video and very useful with the settings. Couple of questions for you if you don't mind my asking -
1) Does this setup or the studies work for Indices and futures trading as well from your experience?
2) TTM squeeze is a breakout of Keltner Channels from the Bollinger Bands and I see you using Keltner Channel as a study on your top chart also? Is it not a repetition? Appreciate your thoughts.Thanks much

Luigi Baldo

Most people who are willing to invest in forex are only interested in profits that is why they get scammed by quacks or these so called "internet traders". I am always grateful i got in contact Mr Edwin Earl.

Lynda Smith

will these work for Penny stocks also ?


You sound like Lewis Black, lol. Thank you for the great vid. Do you still make scan's?


Hi @chuckalbert - how do we add the B wave? The short term is the A and the LT is the C - but I've been trying to find a way to add the B???

hey hey

The explanation on the red dots is technically correct but the way the indicator determines weather to place a red dot on the line is because it's analyzing both bollinger bands are inside the keltner channel.

andrew newman

I never knew trading forex will be this profitable, making weekly profit from foreign exchange markets is indeed what I didn't see coming, all thanks to stephan briggs for his wonderful trading insights and account management.