Rank 1 Global Meets His Hardest Enemy Ever! Tyler1 Roasts Yassuo! - LoL Stream Moments

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Rank 1 Global Meets His Hardest Enemy Ever! Tyler1 Roasts Yassuo! - LoL Stream Moments

42 300 views | 8 Aug. 2019
42 300 views | 8 Aug. 2019

TF Blade Finally Meets a Worthwhile Enemy on TR Server! Tyler1 on Yassuo!


awww poor hashinshin hahaha

Tobias Loacker

Didnt see much gameplay at 9:23

Pog Recap

First :D

Corrin Kamui

Dom maybe it's time to drop your career


Smurfs be thinking red buff weaker in low elo xd

Justin Desousa

Whats the song at 0:39




3:42 I'm sorry dude. But it really wasn't clean. So many missplays. But gj anyway.

Maybe I have a high standard of what a good play is... so sorry if people get offended


Hashinshin hard outplayed


7:15 Pyke hitboxes are fucking broken


He edits better than pinoy!!

Лъчезар Станев

9:25 he is insane

nae rae

Tyler1 should play hitman hahaha

Just Ic0



I have a friend who is a friend of this cassio who got the penta and one time i was in his stream. Im happy right now idk but you would be too


Why the fuck hash in in grandmasters anyways? He is not any better than diamond 1

raymart retonda

Again tf blade cursor is not on point to the enemy but his character keeps going straight and Q'ing them


whats the song at 3:07


Song that starts at 4:07?
Found it its by logic called "The Incredible True Story"

Lauren Acosta

Girl that does a mediocre play:
boy duo q: OK OK OK LET GOOO OK OK

Pastor Dr. Martin Sempa

a human thumb telling hashshinshin to retire is funny

DKanez Big


Kian Kheirabadi

Why do people think hashinshin is good like I realy don’t het it the only good clips of him are playing broken kled or aatrox

nae rae

Just play darius and aatrox hashinshin hahaha


Saved the best for las lmao love it

Choogus boogus

1:10 imagine playing ilioe and thinking you're good

Nahuel xd

10:10 omg xdddd

Julian Sanchez

I fuckin hate that bald ass old man that plays solo