Fallout4 SKK Combat Stalkers (hostile spawns) UX demo

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Fallout4 SKK Combat Stalkers (hostile spawns) UX demo

2 504 views | 27 Mar. 2018
2 504 views | 27 Mar. 2018

SKK Combat Stalkers for Fallout4 brings the FEAR, UNCERTAINTY and EXCITEMENT to you, randomly spawning small groups of properly levelled hostiles around you who hide and ambush, stalk, or chase depending on your actions.

This is a UX demo with a L46 player taking survival damage from L40 Brotherhood of Steel hostile stalkers in Concord.

Available for PC on nexusmods.com and Xbox on bethesda.net


フォールアウト76 修理素材の集め方(アルミニウム、耐衝撃ファイバー等)とおまけ
bippity boppity

I always see these words about the stalkers seeing me

Bear Knight

I was looking for something to add more encounters with factions like Brotherhood of Steel and the Minutemen if you make them enemies. If I see a pack of BoS when I'm under level 30 without power armor I will have to run (buffed power armors).

Gibbo The Gibbo

I downloaded this mod on Xbox a few days ago and it's ace. It makes walking round far more interesting. So thank you for this mod.


I've always wondered what was missing in my FO4 playthrough compared to the others.

FO3 with it's forgettable Karma system had either Talon Company or the Regulators after you.

FNV would pretty much send squads of NCR or Caeser's Legion from whoever you pissed off the most.

What if you are still early in the game, but mid to high level from just doing side quests?
Like at most I've done story-wise was reach Diamond City, but haven't started a single story quest from that point, and mostly doing side quests, or modded related quests.
Who would come after you? Just Raiders, RustDevils or Gunners?

BTW on a slightly different topic I absolutely love your Ammo Crafting mod!
Saved me so much time on ammo for other modded weapons like making tons of 5mm for making special ammo for the PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifles Mod.

When I first got it, I thought it was connected to the AWKCR mod, since they have Ammo Press Workbenches, but your's was completely stand alone, thanks again!
I just wish I could make Missiles, since I plan on getting New Vegas Unique Weapons Mod: "Annabelle".