Stirrup Task Guide - Tips for Getting Kills w/ a Pistol - Escape from Tarkov

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Stirrup Task Guide - Tips for Getting Kills w/ a Pistol - Escape from Tarkov

16 636 views | 19 Feb. 2020
16 636 views | 19 Feb. 2020

Some quick tips and recommended loadouts for running efficient pistol loadouts in Escape from Tarkov, as well as to complete Skier's Task: "Stirrup"

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Well i was stuck on this


sr1mp is underrated. works well for me.

Armand Guanlao

"g zed h"
Canadian confirmed.

Former Government Human #4937

Do i have to do this quest?? I don’t have any interest in the reputation losses if I don’t have too.

Jerry Peng

Oh god! that Glock recoil is crazy.


4:20 nice length of a video lmaooo

Riccardo Certelli

Managed to kill 3 pmcs with ease, then lost way too many gear setz for the fourth. Only encountered geared people or people that just do not die when tapped on the face. ):

Don't Ask

They just buffed the 190 ammo xD


Trying to do this quest mid wipe against players with full armor is the most tilting thing

Thijs Juffermans

Or. Take a pistol into one of the many hatchling spots and just do that 2/3 times


What's your favorite Pistol in EFT?


nice vid

Lobo Gaming

I succeeded this using these combos. Bank robber rig+Kirasa/PACS

Silenced PB+ SP7 (cheeeap flesh shredder. Sneaky tactics advised. Best for interchange)

Glock 17 + pso gzh (broke boy loadout. Just try to make your first shot a headshot if target has no visor. If not... Good luck)

M1911 w FMJ/RIP. (One tapped a pmc on factory through the thorax with this.)

Kyle Morgan

Got any tips for late wipe where everyone's geared to hell?