SevTech Ages of the Sky Ep10 Astral Sorcery Rock Crystals

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SevTech Ages of the Sky Ep10 Astral Sorcery Rock Crystals

76 779 views | 22 Sep. 2020
76 779 views | 22 Sep. 2020



►Ep. 10 World Download:

Seed: -3100258139855892701

Pack Vr: 3.2.0-alpha


Thanks to the Pack Dev:


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► SevTech, but now in Skyblock!

SevTech: Ages is a massive modpack packed with content and progression. This pack focuses on providing the player a long term progression experience with purpose. SevTech introduces a number of mechanics never before done such as: hiding ore until unlocked, dynamically hidden items and recipes based on progress, new mobs appear as you progress further, and much more! The modpack uses the vanilla advancement system to guide the player along while still allowing an open, sandbox experience. As you progress through the hundreds of custom advancements you will unlock new "ages" which will show you new mods to work through.

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João Neves AKA Floppy Circus



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no auto smelt on the axe for double exp ?

Diyditigd Djfhajfjt

I am a fan of you for 1byear

Actually What Games

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Caeligo Cielo

Man, catch me spazzing on the ground unresponsive to all stimuli outside an Arby's at four AM with that intro music playing in the background.


Hmmm having no joy with the world download. Paste it into my saves, but can't see the world in the list.

Jorge Ruiz

Love u Chosen

Checkpoint Charli


Marian Demetter


Hyper Bee

Hi i came to wish all of you a nice day in this troubling time

Redstoner 875

I am hella early

Lei Jin

12345, chosen is on, he post a video, everyone watched.

Kimi Raikonan

Ahh finally a new episode of this modpack XD

arc reaper13

U need spikes

Alex Silasi

Not first

Luuk Prévot

Can't you block the spawners on the other islands of with block to use them?



꧁King ꧂

It looks like you have the galactic craft mod, are you going to use the mod( like explore other planets? PLZ say yes


Maybe try to use tnt to break the stuff that spawns shogoths






Can't thank you enough for slowing down and just being you again. All those jump cuts really made your first two videos unwatchable. Was giving me anxiety lol.


40 min early, nice


you always say starlight is hot .-. but in reality, is cold as fuck


Love your vids keep up the good work and hope your doing well in this times

arc reaper13

Ur floor is gone

jitonix 999

3 mins

dustin wrightson

make a cool tower for the Astral sorcery make a nice tower open at the top so can store stuff in the tower

WN Games

how tf did he excavate??? uou need to be in the twilight forest to get the excavate modifier materials!!

It's Because

Starlight is 10 K, meaning it's super cold. Only 10 kelvin.

Alan Jimenez



I always feel like i get ahead of you in this, then you push past lol




is no one going to mention him not uploading terraria

Jōsh D

Yaa new episode


I want to play this as well but my computer wont run it

Rojus Gasparaitis

2 minutes ago!!!

Lazy Butter

When it comes to heads of tools from tinkers construct until steel the best one is bronze

Nicolas Li

these videos just make me feel so cozy

William Black


Bryce A

You need to be close to ground to see the blue clouds with the resonator.

Panda panda Panda

I have lost interest in this series because it’s gotten so much bigger


Chosen on the top left corner it tells the dimensions and if you hover over it it lists the items in the astral tome

Adi MC

You can store casts in pattern chests, but you can't mix casts and patterns together.


7:50 Starlight is a super hot liquid


King gaming

Love all of your episodes

Ezaan k

Love ❤ the new editing style and timelapses btw

Avalon GG

Where is Terraria gooem battle?

ImNot Overkill

I think your not meant to be a gamer ? You are meant to be a videographer

Hampus Gustavsson

I saw the title and thought of something else


You can repair your volarkites with lilypads!! Please like to reach chosen.. Also another tip craft a torch launcher to jumpstart you journey in the betweenlands. Trust me you need it..

colin cafasso

hats the things hanging over the girls again?


This pack will be up on Twitch Launcher?


is it just me or does Chosens music kinda remind me of bloggers or people in that area of youtube

Ethan Parke

What is the sparkly thing that's following you?


Hey chosen i really enjoy your vids and I might get a pc soon so as your my main modded teacher and mc dealer I will get mc and play with the boys.

Matthew Mitchell

liquid Starlight is super cold not hot in theory you could use it to cool an extreme reactor but it is not as cold as gelid cryothelm

Samantha Dye

ok i have the game file, now mr.architech what would you use to open a rar file please help me.

Andrew Jackson

anyone know how to get his seed to work? I cant get the islands like what he has. And that aspect seems like alot of fun versus the standard land.


If the mushroom island spawns mooshroom cows, you could make a cow farm on it

Ryan Kim

Bro Chosen slow down, you're going so fast that I can't keep up XD


You missed it. 18:57 had the blue clouds you were looking for, but was blocked by the item in your hand lol. Looked like a big area too!

Craftcord bye

Hi please say hi having a bad day

UwURaptorUwU ___

Eyyy new video for my bday


The starlight altar looks like its gonna blast off.

Katherine Danish


Ded Boi

DOOOde what's your background music

Dahper Productions

You always play good vibes at the beginning , favorite intro music on YouTube

Let's Play with D_Dae

I’ve always loved astral sorcery. Is it normal modded recipes or crazy in this pack?

Zamrudys s

1 minutes mark :) Yay

Rollsy 06

I’ve started playing this and I would like to know something. How do you find a river/intimate water source?


"Twilight Forest is also a skyblock, so we'll have to use our Volarkite there also."

Unfortunately, there are no updrafts in the Twilight Forest, so it's back to ugly sky bridges. Hopefully this is just an oversight, but I don't know for sure.

EDIT: Update the DraftyKites mod to version 1.1 to enable updrafts in TF. The fix should be in Alpha 5, once it comes out.


is there any good modpackt for when your just getting started in mods. and don't know what to do with it all

Gian-Marco Moder

Ok, I'm new to the whole modded minecraft thing. Is it normal to be completely overwhemled if I start up such a modpack?