WoW Inscription 1-700 Powerleveling Fast Using Only Cerulean Pigments - Profession Leveling Guide

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WoW Inscription 1-700 Powerleveling Fast Using Only Cerulean Pigments - Profession Leveling Guide

16 802 views | 25 May. 2016
16 802 views | 25 May. 2016

Here's that 1-700 inscription guide as promised.

Draenor Inscription:

Stormshield[Alliance] Vendor:

Warspear[Horde] Vendor:

Milling add-on:

Mass Milling Recipes:

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HE CREADO UN MODPACK ESPECIALMENTE PARA TI *modpack 1.12.2 aventura, magia y dimensiones*
Benny Hernandez

Your guide work like charm !! Thanks

Phil Morgan

Awesome!! Would've never thought you could do that. Can you do it with any other professions???

Slime Blue

Do enchanting please :)

Phil Morgan

If I do my math correctly It would cost 14,000 garrison resources to buy the 3500 herbs from the trading post on a herb day

Pawel Sipp

subbed, I watched your videos before but this one helped me a lot. thanks man


excellent guide!! To mill the herbs i also used a macro instead of clicking or addon i will list it below i hope it also helps some folks!! Thank you for taking the time to make this guide!

NOTE: Make sure when using addon that all your herbs are in stacks that can be evenly divided by 5, otherwise the addon will mess up but its so easy to use the macro and just click away while you mill

/cast milling
/use Fireweed
/use Nagrand Arrowbloom
/use Starflower
/use Gorgrond flytrap
/use Frostweed
/use Talador Orhid

and thats all you need to start milling fast. Hope this helps


Great video, can you make a enchanting guide?

Herbert Grunkin

For milling you can also use panda


This worked perfectly, thank you!

Logan Bellissimo

dont say 1-700 in title if the first thing you say is you need to be 90 to follow this method

StormyDaze 1175

Very good.


Easy enough leveling. Great video.

Michael Collins

Great video thanks for all you do. Looking forward to BM Hunter guide!!!


Does this still work now that they've segmented professions into expansions?


I'll be trying your method tomorrow. Thanks Dude!

Pawel Sipp

subbed, I watched your videos before but this one helped me a lot. thanks man


Love your videos, just subscribed :)

Keith Lazarus

Using TSM Destroy will help you with milling also. It's simply clicking one button. This addon isn't only for milling, but for all professions that including destroying the item for another matt.


Got some good suggestions from my Legion garrison guide so I decided to level up inscription. I thought I'd take you with me on my journey since some of you may want to level it as well. Here's a fast and easy way I found to level it from 1-700...enjoy =)

Austin Akey

Still enjoying the videos man! keep it up :D

Skyler Ruin

I found out from another video that salvage crates are getting nerfed in legion. maybe you can make a video about using salvage crates to their greatest potential. another great video btw.

Rodrigo Linhares

Milling macros:

Run this one once before you start: /run function FnH() for i=0,4 do for j=1,GetContainerNumSlots(i) do local t={GetItemInfo(GetContainerItemLink(i,j) or 0)} if t[7]=="Herb" and select(2,GetContainerItemInfo(i,j))>=5 then return i.." "..j,t[1] end end end end

Then spam this one: /run local f,l,n=AuM or CreateFrame("Button","AuM",nil,"SecureActionButtonTemplate") f:SetAttribute("type","macro") l,n=FnH() if l then f:SetAttribute("macrotext","/cast Milling\n/use "..l) SetMacroItem("Macro Name",n) end
/click AuM

You can bind the second one and use auto-loot and it'll be faster than the addon.


Man, I always look forward to your videos. They are super descriptive, easy to follow, and on point. Hoping to see something like this for all professions, just leveled a ton of fresh 100's on a friends server in prep for Legion and need to grind out all the professions now. Thanks a ton for the in depth guide as always MadSeason

Matthew Hess

You can get the dreanor inscription easier. Soon into making your Garrison you get a quest to go to Ashran, the inscription trainer there has 'Maru'sa' with her. She sells it for 100g.


really informative and useful vid bro! May I ask what to get profit from level 700 inscription? and is selling only Warbink's ink profitable enough? Thanks bro!