Greenwood Disc Replay Haul 7/2/20

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Greenwood Disc Replay Haul 7/2/20

45 views | 20 Jul. 2020
45 views | 20 Jul. 2020

My Mercari:


Frank Yang Q&A on height, Zyzz...while doing legs.
Tim Talks Talkies

Great stuff here. I really liked the show What I Like About You.


I’m loving the background featuring your collection. Looks awesome!

I’ve never heard of that Cary Grant film. After you’ve watched it, let me know if you’d recommend it.

As always, great haul video man! I love the diversity of your pickups.

Ron Martin

Why is this channel not called Hammer's Hauls?!

Jac Yo

The documentary in the Apocalypse Now set (Heart of Darkness) is amazing. It's a must watch and worth the six dollars.
The Thin Man is one of my favorites. No joke. Really ahead of it's time and so entertaining. There's about a half dozen Thin Man sequels, it was a huge franchise pre-WW2.


Don't forget to check your dollar trees, hammer. The sale is going on real soon! Already snagged all my goodies up for the month!