How To Rename TF2 Items!

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How To Rename TF2 Items!

22 790 views | 24 May. 2012
22 790 views | 24 May. 2012

Here I show you how to apply name tags and description tags to an item in Team Fortress 2. I know this seems simple, but I thought I'd upload this anyway, why not?


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Plugged-In-Gaming l Michael Mendelson

watching in 2015 lol

6.7 Ajdin

How the fuck you get a name tag


how much charecters can you fit on 1 desc tag ?

Adeline Hope



finally i can name my soda popper "Diabetic Daniel"


How to name TF2 items, spend money...

Thienphuc Phanvan

hey guys! how do u get the name tab pls retell!

Vibolbot Sarun

Time to name my eviction notice

Star Platinum


Finally, now I can name my shotgun "Kurt cobain's microphone"

Scott Pastor

Indeed, that's that the whole point!

Hagweb Fab

I personaly wouldn´t figure out this by myself


Can you switch the language and rename the item, then switch back and the rename will be in the other language?

Mohamed Ikkou

thank you i wanted to rename my items from a long time

jake talio

Bra Pying pan

Dick Zabreesky

You should be able to give descriptions and names without having to trade or buy a tag for it

The Souldinger

if you reset weapons to give them the original name, that weapons will lose killstreaks or other caracteristics?

Happy Cactus

How do you get nametags?

Tristen Arctician

How do you get name tags!? I don't have any!?


I'm naming my syringe gun "aids rifle"


Thank you sir 

Magnus A Hansen

Trade for them ore buy them????

M Najmi Firdaus

is using the name tags make the weapon more expensive?


Wow. You misspelled "or"...


how do u get nametags


Can you name stock weapons?

I wanna name my Bonesaw "Bonersaw"

Tuxedo 25/Смокинг 25



Thanks Now i can rename my powerjack the random crit a nator

King Lucadio

Ty, but u can't rename the standart weapons i think?


you only can find,trade or buy those item 

Double Dwaynest

If you have applied a name to it can you redo the name?


How do i get the name that?

kirb has a gun

brocks drying pan


Thank you


I don't have the nametag and a description tag!