My Revenant craps gold. Farm in Nioh with a new community!

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My Revenant craps gold. Farm in Nioh with a new community!

9 347 views | 19 Mar. 2017
9 347 views | 19 Mar. 2017

Today I want to invite you to join a new PSN community called My Revenant craps gold, Nioh farming. With this new community you can join myself and other gamers playing Nioh to increase the amount of gold you can farm and get good drops from revenants. You will also be able to connect to more players and meet new people to play co-op with in the tori gate.

Leaving a link to another Community you can use called Gorudo:

The reason I want to bring you my new Nioh community is because of how much I appreciate the support you have given to my channel. It has been a great experience for me so I wanted to give something back to the Nioh Community.

There are many different things you can do in the community such as:

Farm Friendly Revenants

Farm for specific pieces of gear

Meet new friends

Play co-op with experienced player

Participate in Events

You may also have the opportunity to play with me.

If you like my My Revenant craps gold farm in Nioh with a new community video hit the like button and subscribe if you are new.

I am going to leave the description and link from my last farming video if anyone cares to take a look:

Today I want to show you my method to create +10 divine weapons and armor in Nioh the fastest and easiest way. This method is the fastest way to farm + divine gear in Nioh to my knowledge, and can help you get to +10 in a matter of hours. I will also show you my gold farming and ochoku cup farming method to help you get all the things you need to get you to +10 divine gears as quick as possible.

For the gold farming method you will be playing the battle for ohashi bridge. You will be farming revenants for the divine item drops to sell to the blacksmith. You can reset the revenants by jumping off the bridge over and over again until they reappear. This will also help you with farming ochuku cups to offer before the meeting on the other shore mission. Each Ochoku cup you offer will add 1% to your divine weapon drop rate on that mission and help you find more + divine weapon and item drops in Nioh.

After you have farmed the gold and ochoku cups you will start farming the meeting on the other shore. To make this as quick as possible you will need these magic and ninja items.

Tiger running scrolls

Wealth-bringer talismans

extraction talismans

carnage talismans

steel talismans

sloth talismans

blinding shells

If you have all of these items, equip Tengen Kojaku as your guardian spirit and go ham on their asses. The fight will be over in a matter of seconds and you will have many new +4 and +5 gear to use to craft.

If you like my +10 divine weapon armor fast and easy fastest and easiest +10 divine crafting method for Nioh hit the like button and subscribe if you are new.


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Kyle S

whata cool, idea tracer I'll be sure to join up

Sammy da bull

So i joined the community recently but i haven't gotten a response i really need help with some co op stuff

piet achmed

Originated idea 3 weeks ago started my community 8 days ago and grew to 350 members. It's called gorudo and is also open for everyone (Edit : comment was butt hurt and immature, came to senses and made peace with poster)

Jordan Caton

This is already a thing type in gorudo on PlayStation communities, it works very well can earn 6 million gold in half an hour

Markus L

tracerbeast,add me on ps4

Brother Nero

Mikeweberl2 find me up people :) looking forward to playing this and neverwinter.


am i the only one who uses odachi as main weapon ?

Hisham Adnan

Good idea u will help a lot of people I already joined ... and u can do like livestream like every Saturday for example just play and answer people questions yeah that's it ... I'll be thankful if u make in detail tutorial for frog and reforge because I am now on new game and didn't understand the reforge system yet and the soul match like why I how can I transfer specific skill from weapon to another ... keep it up

Rogue Assasin

Anybody know why revenant grave didnt show up for me

Manaan Akhtar

Looks slick! Add me man. Vengeance_88_ I'm level 215

Lamont Gordon

Is this community still active?


sweet, hopefully the community kicks off well. keep doing what you do man! thanks for the awesome vids.


Hahahaha everyone jumping off the bridge!!!

Seng Vang

when you join as a member does the revenants show up as friendlies?


thank u. love the videos. they are super helpful....


I will join your community but I don't play this game but maybe I can find anyone that plays cod!! If not I will still join :-)


Thanks for watching! Tell me ideas that you would like to see for events below. I am also thinking about doing a live stream to answer questions about the game, and talk with you directly. Tell me if that is something you would like to see!

Billy 2 Smooth

cant wait to join!!


revenant spawn is not always where you died orginally, they place it there by some kind of list. Even if your whole community would jump off that bridge or get killed there they wont flood the bridge XD

Michael Helton

needing to get some lvl 100 justice ministry gear in playthrough 1


I hope this community last for a long time. And does anyone wanna co-op? And does anyone play cod?


You sir got a new sub and community member

Bradley Allen

I had no idea friendly revenants gave better rewards! That is so dope. Anyone who wants to play hit my psn, Momodokon. I'll join the group as soon as I hop on tomorrow. Definitely looking for people to play with and farm. Anyone lower than 95, hit me and I will spawn a revenant wherever you need.

Cantley Tan

hey trace, many thanks on the detailed advise and video guides. Thats lotsa effort there.
Will join ur community too.

soul reaper

yeah if it was really a community cuz it doesn't show up at all

Scott Nipper

I've searched for this group several times now, and still can not find it. Is there some setting I am missing in the search engine, or something? Really enjoy your vids TB. Im currently trying to model a kusi build from some of your tips. #GameOn

Ember Arashi

What's a better start weapon single katana or twin katana?

Joe Luczak

Dude that's awesome! I'm joining today is it still active???

Michael Helton

have around 100 hours into this game but I'm a souls noob

Skully Skulls

Yo I like your video but your intro is 10 seconds too long. It feels drawn out every time I watch it

Ember Arashi

So between suzaku and tengen kujaku who's better?(single sword build)


What is the name of your intro song? I really like it.


Ill definently be joining the group, you should do some videos on where you can farm certain items, or find blacksmith texts to forge certain items. For example, does anyone know if there is a blacksmith text for "Saisetsu-Shins Sake"? and if so, where the hell do I get it?

Kyle Butner

play this game all the time! I'll be joining when I get home! good work dude.


you cant even come up with ur own idea? come on dude at least give credit to the original creator of this idea!

Michael Helton

and gold out the wazoo.... having cash probs ingame

Al Bundy

I'm going to join


Joined thanks! Great idea


How does Friendly Revenant farming work? Hear revenants take 30-40 minutes to refresh.

Matt Doe


Ahmed Badawy

Hi, can i join for co play in general? Or if Sometimes i need some help in an area? Is it cool or this is pure 100% farming revenants?

Luis Feijoo

does my revenant shows up to all my Friends ?

Raiden 23

Hey bro thanks for the cool vids a helpful really help me, I would be honored to be a part of your community. you have my sword!