F2P Money Making Guide! Telegrabbing Nature Runes! EP25! (OSRS)

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F2P Money Making Guide! Telegrabbing Nature Runes! EP25! (OSRS)

2 558 views | 15 Apr. 2020
2 558 views | 15 Apr. 2020

In today's video we will be telegrabbing nature runes in the wilderness! Now remember this is a Pking area so only bring what you are willing to lose!

This is a series I will have on my channel to help F2P players make money and eventually get a bond!

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plz come back we miss you :(

Drake Maris

Just subbed I am your 200th sub!

gunga ross

Just tried this method, got super lucky and managed to collect 350+ nature runes in 1 trip, made 100k in 20 mins, super good method. Thanks

Izzy osrs

Nice guide bro! Your sub count is going up :) keep it going!:)


and how much gp/hr pking the nature telegrabbers?


Good method. I also think you should do a video on safe spotting ogress warriors and bossing Bryophyta.


rip i did this and got killed in 3 minutes.....

Baron Pyke

You should make a guide on killing these telegrabbers. That’s what I do lol