Destiny 2 Shadowkeep | Moon Secrets- Hidden Emblem, Khvostov Chest, Trove Knight & More

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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep | Moon Secrets- Hidden Emblem, Khvostov Chest, Trove Knight & More

196 910 views | 2 Oct. 2019
196 910 views | 2 Oct. 2019

In this video, we are taking a look at my day 1 discoveries in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. These hidden items are fairly easy to uncover, but when your running around worried about leveling, it can pass right by you. Im working on harder secrets as we speak, so stay tuned for more #ShadowkeepSecrets coming out soon! Thanks for watching, and btw...


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MIRACULOUS - 3.évad 16.rész - Kwamiirtó [TELJES RÉSZ MAGYARUL]

Can you say Destiny to the main stage?? That strip club announcer voice..


Khvostov exotic


You dont have to start over or go to the quest they for the D1 stuff they are literally just in collections if you look.

Andreas Spyrou

Dude there is something at the top left of anchor of light. Don’t know what to do and it says you stand unworthy

TheSpeakerOfEnt YT

Moons full

The New Seorarek

Theres a way for veteran players to get khovostov without the quest risk/reward, its called collections

Matthew Fraser

Wet fart to the face warm and wet

josh crosier

You can pull khvostov from your collectiond

Rick Malone

Don't have to kill the boss for the ugly emblem.

Uncle samsonite 69_420

I just went and re acquired the khvostag from the collections also sorry for probably misspelled gun name

Brandon Murguia

I really want a legendary khvostov. But alas it’s only a white, so I can’t get it past 900

Skip Long

Stop talking like that, don't be the next Rick Kakis.


Oh great. Another generic destiny youtuber...


You can grab the gun out of your collections right off the bat


What about the barrier knight

Shadowfox Prower

Wish khvostov came as a legendary or exotic so you can use it through the game.

Peter Napolitano

The Fallen Tank can be used to reach 900 easily.


You forgot about the cat statue in the building after you fight the shield servitor.


You don’t have to abandon the quest if you don’t get the Khovostov, just wait for the Walker to respawn, takes just a minute. Took me me 3 tries to get it just waiting.


I could get the white gun out of the collections book


You can get Khvostov from your Collections from the get go. It’s only 750 though.


You can get the gun from the collections menu .

Eav H

A chest from the walker? I already completed the quest

Zero Todona

Just to correct you with the ruin chest. You only have to hit the symbol once.


destiny 1 Khvostov the ghost shell and the Arcadia-class jumpship can be taken out of collections without ever needing to drop it from the risk runner mission for vet players so no need to waste your time grinding that chest

Quincy StarFox

You literally only need to shoot the runes once lol


Anyone find the crota helm in hellmouth?


there is also a weird cat statue behind that door after you kill the servitor sitting on the table glowing read like one of the nightmares.

Rubin Perez

Lost Ghost trace can come from random chest on the moon also

Sumo MX

That item can drop from any yellow bar. In fact mine came from a barrier night on my to the overload. Overlord dropped a rice cake for me.

Andrew Kieswetter

There is something in one of the buildings in the Anchor of Light near where the Fissure Knight is. DO you know what this is?

Andrea van de kleut

nicework keeping us all up to date and get us to find some "goodies"

Keron Stewart

unless its the exotic version, NO ONE IS INTERESTED!!!!!!!!

Mikey Morrison

You only have to shoot the runes once


how do you get to the cosmodrome from D1?!



Vic Tory

Or you can go to your collections

Peter Mick

Don’t worry, to the people who were dumb like me you can pick up the khvostov out of your collections you don’t need to get it from that chest. Your welcome


Didnt know if anyone else found this or not, by eris morn if you jump down by the tire game and are facing it and turn to your left and head into a small room with a lot of terminals and a blue rabbit and the end of the hall painted on the wall. Anyways there is a terminal on the left as soon as you walk in and once you hit x or square to activate it, it will say "Another terminal awakens nearby" you then find another one behind eris morn's platform on the edge of the chasm behind her and then there are about 5 others. After activating the last terminal (theyre all in sanctuary btw) it will say "A mysterious bridge has appeared" you then follow the bridges by the tire game to a platform where you "Make an offer of 5k glimmer" im thinking with the scattered rabbits offering rice cakes and the 5k glimmer im wondering if its a quest for new players to get their hands on the jade rabbit. Let me know what you guys think



Jeremy Kidd

I'm confused. That area with the Walker looks like a D1 area. Where is this area in D2?

Joseph Holt

I just went to my collections and reacquired the Kvos.


Can i get Dreambane armor to drop somewhere on the moon without Shadowkeep?

Seb Mart


Dead ghost item thingy isn't rare, don't worry about what you pick :P

Tzrc wolf

Fun fact did you know about the jade rabbit statues getting all 10 is rumoured to get a jade rabbit emblem

Jason Kustra

You mentioned the space rabbits but I didn't hear anything about space rabbits.

The Drifter

or you could just claim it from your collections

jesse allen

All bungies treasure chests in the world are absolutely pointless


Thanks man! I was wondering how people got that emblem.

Silver Wolf

I was wondering why I was seeing new Player when I was killing the Walker for The white weapon


I just re-downloaded the game, and I’m super confused about everything lol... my power level was magically increased to 750, I must be crazy


Wizard... not witch. Jesus how people still fuck this up is beyond me


The dead ghost item is a random world drop.


Thanks for the emblem gulde <3


Seeing the Khvostov obtainable again made me more excited than anything else in D2, it only being a white was a major let down tho

Shock Mazta

The Khvostov, Arcadian Class Jumpship, and the Generalist Shell can be aquired at any point from Collections without needing to do any mission. You gotta your facts in order.


So the cake is a lie.

Syrus Schafer

Do I need to have bought shadowkeep for khvostov


Don't know if it's been said already but for the Trove Knight if your light is too little to damage him then wait around and he'll eventually be attacked by either fallen or vex. And if they don't kill him he should be low enough for you to do a finisher which will kill him regardless of light level.


I did not get the quest you're talking about for the d1 items.

Em Jenkins

How am I only watching this now lmao

Foxofwar 12343

You could just grab khabostove from ur collection


There’s also a knight praying in the hellmouth to the right when you enter from the route of the phogoth strike under a platform. It will spawn enemies in increasing power and rank till you hit an ogre

Mr Garzo

The fallen walker tank can be defeated three times in a row (it respawns) to get the gun, first ghost from destiny, and the first ship from destiny

501 B

I have that auto rifle but I don't know how I feel about it



Luke Chavez

Khvostov is also available in collections without killing the tank.


Can you redo the quest risk and reward?

Slashy Chang

The Problem is the Emblem is trash when you see everyone running around with it because of a stupid yt video.

Rubin Perez

For the time chest, just shoot the symbols once, no need to empty a clip on it, like said in the video

Quinn Calvert

For the Kvostov and the other items, don't go to orbit. Just wait around and the spider tank will come back, kill it again and open the chest for the next item. Doing it 3 times should give you all three items (ghost, ship, gun).

Hady Mohamed

hey man


dude... your radio puker voice is awful. I almost closed the video the instant you started talking. You'd come off way better, and be way more enjoyable to watch if you just talk normally. I'm not trying to be a jerk, it's just my initial impression as a viewer. I really like how you got straight to the point, and didn't spend 2 minutes on intro splash screens and plugging social media and giveaways like so many others that make videos of this type. The fact that you have quick, honest information with no bs is a tremendous asset for you, and if you talked in a more normal voice you'd instantly have one of the best channels of this type. Maybe I'm in the minority on this one, but just thought I'd give my opinion on it. I hope its constructive in some manner.