Sekiro Divine Abduction Guide - Everything about the Divine Abduction Prosthetic Tool

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Sekiro Divine Abduction Guide - Everything about the Divine Abduction Prosthetic Tool

255 073 views | 29 Apr. 2019
255 073 views | 29 Apr. 2019

In this Sekiro Divine Abduction Guide, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at the Divine Abduction Prosthetic Tool. From explaining just what each upgrade does, to how they can best be utilized in combat.

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[Minecraft Hunger Games] w/ FikkoTheCow

Divine Farming tool


So does the first swing of these that gives you the whirlwind do nothing?

Baziz Tsahy

Great videos!


I don’t understand it, every time I use it the enemies don’t turn back


1:23 “Non-boss-mini-boss-enemies”

Well that’s a mouth full


Are you planning to do video guides about combat arts too once you are done with prostethic tools ?
Currently on NG++ and I still use just a few of them ; I'd like to know which other ones are worth it and in which occasions.


One question..if we use it on monks of senpou..where they will end up at..


NonJETsu xD

jax najjar

i just use firecrackers and shuriken in this game lol ,couldn't bother using anything else and i'm starting my NG +5

Jahgoba EU

i laerning somthing from every prosthetic tools guide, realy a pleasur. thanks you VM

Croz Raven

unless its monks, this tool not worth using with all the hassles .

B Plus

It's 180° @ 46 sec but great video. Thank you


I tried using this for the Gunspire farm route but I kept getting hit and losing the buff... its kinda annoying that the cast time leaves you so vulnerable to an attack.

Lucifer Nyx

Do for the mist raven!
Noone knows how to use it properly


The one and only GOOD use for this is along with Ceremonial Tanto (farming). Otherwise it's nothing special and you better use those emblems elsewhere.

Also don't trust these fanatics that say this tool is any good for regular play. It's not emblem efficient, it's not working for all enemies.


So now, Sekiro gets Mario's side special.

Christian Pires

So its possible to use against bosses and perform combos?


I had no idea Living Force worked on this. That's gonna come in handy.

Glauco Ruzzetti

I'm just guessing if this can be used to turn the Corrupted Monk instead of dive attack to remove her second health bar

Yves Gomes

Great guide! I would like to further draw attention to the Living Force use. Even against enemies that can't be back stabbed by the move, it is very powerful, because you can just spam R1 to keep turning them around for successful free hits.

Alexander Artaza

What is the red dot that appears after you execute?

Brenx Bux

has anyone been able to back stab someone on fire? I did this to one of the Drunk minibosses and it lit my sword on fire.

Danny R

Thanks for the guide. I'll try to apply what I've learned here.

Стас Попов

The most useless prostetic tool in the game, and a huge waste of a spot. Used it on Kotaro once per play through and never equiped again.

ABZU Deep knowledge

Amazing I wish they will make dlc for the game

Michael Miller

Do you still get xp if you make the monks vanish?

Jacob Salcido

Thank farm farmer john

tacky design

Wow I had no idea. Didnt use this prosthetic once because I'm boring.

Thor-Jakob Løberg

Best guide yet, I have not seen the value of these before today.

Даниил Соколов

Hey, Its a color grading, or enb?

Mario Alejandro Segura Zuluaga

Estas guías en español estarían de lujo


Ninjutsu is pronounced neen-JUUTE-suu. Not neen-JUT-suu. The key is the long U sound.

Jutsu typically means technique in Japanese and is usually a suffix to whatever type of technique they are talking about. Ninjutsu is Ninja Jutsu or Ninja Technique.

Ivory Mantis

Sekihou build (One-armed Firebird, should be one-winged but I have no clue what the word for 'one-winged' is in Japanese to make a portmanteau).
Divine Intervention, Flame Vent, Firecrackers.
Just sounds super fun to use honestly. I'm glad, at the same time sad, that I can't just make a build-run like I can with Dark Souls...

Domenique Ganzaga

I don't even play the game. Why am I watching this?

Sharif Abdelal

The fact that some people see this as one of the best tools and others see it as useless is a testament to Sekiro’s good game design. Tools are rarely mandatory, but they can help turn the odds against your opponent, it’s just a matter of finding the right tool for the right job for your playstyle.

Zero Nova

Now this is gaming journalism. You're not crying about "muh ez difficulty", but instead are informing us gamers how to best make use of in-game tools as well as their pros and cons. Great vid man.

Sherlock Poirot

3:21 I never imagined that was possible

Badr O

demon bell + mibu balloons + golden vortex

yo S

Personally find this tool useless because when I hit sunken valley I already finished 90% of the game including temple. Maybe good for ng+ but I don’t replay games


Thanks this is a good guide. For some reason I never bothered to learn how to actually use this tool.


I platinumed the game and I didn't even know this...

Bobby Caldwell

This is my favorite tool.... Lot's of fun


Mist raven next plz

Void Abstraction

In NG+ and finding sen useless.

anthony hicks

I never knew


When he use the prosthetic tool it didn’t cost him any spirit emblems.

Ddd Bbb

Useless tool

Yedux Gaming

Wow great Work!

muhanna basalem

you know what's the one flaw about the gameplay in sekiro???
you can't use the prosthetic tools while on the move , as soon as you press RT/R2 or whatever it is on PC the character stands still to use the tool
this is the only big flaw in the combat in my opinion


I feel like this tool would be much more useful if it only needed to be cast once to cause the effect, having to press R2 twice to turn an enemy around is ridiculous. Either that, or the initial Gathering Vortex has an effect, like letting you tank a single hit without taking vitality damage

Gianluca Murru

I use this tool only versus those annoying big shotgun guys

Onni Sconni

It is amazing how well Divine Abduction works on the monks!


Meh ill stick to the poison sword. Fire crackers and my baby shurikans

King Bumi

3:47 that timing... Those baddies were in sync


biggest problem: i mostly farmed for gold to buy spirit emblems.

The ninjEtsu made my ears bleed.

Jwala Seethal Chandra

I used this to farm the centipede marks in the main hall of senpou temple, during my first play. Its so underrated!

Vladislav Gilyov

And what about the simple spear?

Gerald Deus

This was all confusing lol

Curtis E. Bear

I have to say you guys are my #1 resource for samurai Dark Souls! Please keep this content coming!

Andrei Tataru

whats the outro song called?


I love the way this tool looks, but there are better tools for damage/combat.

I just wish it didn't cost so much or have such a long wind up time for unequivocal results to some other tools.



faiz abbas

I can use this to farm divine confetti



Rafael Aragão


df Cho

first time through I heard "Such as the Blue Rogue Samurai and the shooting asshole" at 1:18


This game is so damn good. Can't wait to get it next week. I watch all your videos so I can know what to upgrade when i get the game. Is this an easy platinum btw?




Oh so that's what this does lol

S IL i F e IR



You have a funny way of pronouncing things. It's SEH-ki-ro, not seh-KI-ro. Nin-joot-su, not nin-jutt-su. I am a fan of the content all the same


Okay so for some reason I never realized that this would grant you free in-combat deathblows... time to use it more in my current ng+5 no charm demon bell playthrough with tools I never use lol


Divine Abduction is the perfect farming tool. For late game when you need Fulminated Mercury it's great in the Ashina Outskirts area to give double drops. Against Ministry agents who have massive DPS it's a godsend. Then you have it in Senpou Temple where it auto kills Monks who drop Fat Lump of Wax, Grave Wax, and Sugars. A further path in Senpou Temple the monkeys drop Persimmons for essentially infinite Rice/Fine Snow!

Gabriel Melnik

I don't like the divine abduction.


Great to see how useful can this be specially with the Seven Ashina Spears mini boss! And also cool to see what happens when used on the monks! :D


Is there any lore about why the monks dissappeared when we're using DA?

Fierce Mushroom

How on earth did so many people see this tool and instantly discount it?! It is one of my favorite tools. A hell of alot better than the over rated firecrackers.

Robert Sides

It should be noted that the Golden Fan's money drop skill is not very cost efficient if you factor in the cost of the spirit emblems it takes to cast it and how expensive it would be to purchase them back. The only time you really earn any actual net positive is if you have a stupid surplus of emblems and just don't care, or if you are using bonus emblems given to you by the Ceremonial Tanto

David Newhart

This prosthetic tool is overpowered.
I love it.

Akram Safirul

I've been waiting for this video to ask why the monk dissapear (lore-wise) when using the golden vortex??
At first i thought it was a bug

Midnight Madness

I'd like to see a guide for the axe next, especially the lazulite version because I have no idea what it does better than the Fire version.

Icex Aoki

I hate there 5 seconds duration for the gathering storm, it is way too short. 10 seconds is more acceptable

Close Enough Productions

I guess I'm gonna go try this tool out now