How to get more Adhesives, Nuclear Material, and Crystals! Fallout 4 Resources

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How to get more Adhesives, Nuclear Material, and Crystals! Fallout 4 Resources

59 342 views | 11 Nov. 2015
59 342 views | 11 Nov. 2015


Thanks for watching i'm REALLY sorry for the missing footage, but i wanted to get it out there for the people who want to know what to look for in the specific resources!

Thanks for watching!


Miro Salmi

do they turn into resources emmidetly at workbench or do you have to do something to then

Chewy 123

I find loads of cameras but I didn't pick them up

Clay Megan

go to installation k-21b and there is a alarm clock a prosnap camera and a camera


How do you get the material


You can find lots of cameras in vault 84 it's just hard to steal sometimes since they're are so many people inside.


All I need is two crystals to get a beacon up, there must be more somewhere. This is why I love buying this game at launch people are still working things out together and talking about it building it up not just jumping onto the wiki or something. :)
And thank you for making these they have been very helpful!


Thanks man helped a lot


3 mutfruit, 3 Tato's, And 3 corn, plus 1 purified water= 5 adhesive!!!
Created at the cooking station

Deary LAD

Thanks this really helps

Gustavo Heer

thank you guy! it really helps me

R031 Gaming

whats the name of that song in the intro

Catlin Kentta

biometric scanners give you 2 nuclear material per scanner....

Clay Karsten

I really need help I have been searching for hours and can't find anything with ,crystals can I have a location of were it is

Josh Kates

microscopes in any lab or hospital also have crystals

Secret Emerica

U can get nuclear material by using the plasma gun

Bilbo Baggins

Go in the basement of the school at Jamaican Plains and you can just farm crystals because there are lasers that you can reset and keep disarming :)

Naram-Sin of Akkad

Lol he found one camera. I stocked up on those real fast. Can't find duct tape, but I have a lot of wonderglue, and I've only found two board games so far. No alarm clocks though.

An American Grizzly bear

Thx m8

Fox Mulder

Wow check the sudden volume spike at 21 seconds dude I was wearing headphones, pretty intense. Great video tho thanks man


thanks man very helpful


Hey everyone if you're looking to buy shipments of Nuclear Materials, you can buy them from Alexis at vault 81. She's the lady to the right of the staircase. Hope this helps anyone, haven't found any videos on it yet!

Zachary Taylor

You didn't mention that you can craft adhesive :/ Not very high quality video tbh

Josh Kates

and you can craft vegetable glycerin (5 adheasive) at a cooking station.

Ricardo Franco

love it <3


There was a crystal thing for sale at a trader that I could breakdown for 4 crystals I bought it went outside found a Nuba cola took it and they went agro on me, I died and reloaded a save from earlier went back to the trader and they didn't have it anymore that's bs in my opinion


What's the intro song?

Nylus Aran

You can also get Crystal from Microscopes, go to diamon city and steal them from the 2 scientist ladies.

MR. Fletch

If you find a microscope you get crystals from it


Everyone knew that

Soop Can

I found two bottles of wonderglue right after I watched this

Magee_Games 1

Thanks man this helped me out heaps (+ 1 sub)

John Ferris

[noo-klee-ar] not [noo-kyuh-lar] .... fuck!

Saul Sarabia

can you do concrete and ceramics please

Gustavo Heer

1+ sub