Travis McElroy Fireside Chat - I am Holding your Hand

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Travis McElroy Fireside Chat - I am Holding your Hand

10 630 views | 20 Apr. 2017
10 630 views | 20 Apr. 2017

Travis McElroy (of MBMBAM & other MaxFun projects) recorded a small audio message for people worrying after Donald Trump was elected.


(I couldn't find this elsewhere on YouTube so I'm uploading it here so more people can here. All rights belong to Travis, who originally recorded this audio on libsyn.)



oh my god hes so kind and im so glad he did this why is he such a perfect boy

Shelby Lynne

I can't believe I haven't heard this before today and wow. Thank you.

Emma Miele

why did 2 people dislike this?

Just Emily

Thanks for uploading this.


TRUMP 2020!!

Me Too

Thank you, so much. :)


the one dislike is trump

Blue Sky

this is why travis is my favourite tbh


Travis is so good. Thank Travis for Travis.


I hope that all of you who came here for political reasons over the years are breathing a little easier today. I know I am.

Goosey Gooseman

Im returning to this now only a few months before the 2020 election and when he said "I am holding your hand" I burst into tears. Im so scared that we're going to get a repeat of what happened last election. I keep trying to tell myself that things can't get worse but I don't even know that anymore.

Maggie Buchanan

thank travis for travis

LazerSquidz Gaming

Hits different in 2020...


Had a much-needed cry listening to this. Thank Travis for Travis, and thank you for uploading this.

Elizabeth Roehrs

I listened to this again today after the Kavanaugh confirmation. I will be holding a lot of hands. ❤️

Sophia Henry


marie moss

Well I fucking bawled my eyes out. but thank you. I needed to hear that and we are going to keep needing to hear that for a long fucking time

Grace Moore

i know it’s a very post-election motivated message but i come to this video whenever i’m feeling helpless or lost or scared and hearing trav say that he will stand beside me always makes me feel better. thank travis for travis

Not a Fan

As a guy who is a huge mbmbam fan as well as a guy who voted for Trump I was able to move through the election not being able to understand connecting emotions to politics as it is a naturally more left sided view. I couldn't understand the remorse or pain the other side of this nation felt. I'm now better understanding how everyone feels. I'm sorry. But we are okay; we are standing together finally. and in a better nation at that. Not because my guy won but because more people have jobs and more money is moving around and regardless how I feel or you feel we are humans and I'm glad to live in this nation. I want to better understand you humans and if voting for a guy you disagreed with makes me a monster so be it. But just know I love all of you even if we don't agree I really do love all of you and I hope even if it's a bridge for ants I can be a bridge none the less. Thank you Travis and thank you to whoever read this dumb not well thought out rambling of a guy who just wants us to come together and be thankful for what is. Not who is.

Andy Frederick

this is so important. wow. i needed this.


I cried the morning after the election.. just absolutely sobbed because I was completely terrified. I didn’t know what it was gonna mean for me, people like me. This makes me feel better.

Laura Catsos

Listening yet again after RBG’s death. I’m so afraid.


This is very equivalent to the fear I'm feeling with everything going on right now. Especially yesterday.


Thank Travis for Travis ❤️


I myself, am not overly worried about the presidency. Especially sense soon its we're halfway through. (Im not saying it doesn't suck it fucking sucks so much but its not any priority to me rn)
Cutting out a few of the highly specific parts, and just, applying it to all the fucking shit in my life? I started sobbing. I started crying so fucking hard. I really needed this. Thank travis for Travis.


This is topical even today.


I believe this is more relevant now than ever but then again things are always getting worse and worse so maybe this will always have that shred of relevance.


Every day i think i cant love these guys more and every day im wrong bc they are so kind and loving and it brings me joy every day.


Thank Travis for Travis. So brilliant. ♥️♥️♥️

Oliver V

If anyone wants a transcript or somewhere to pull easy quotes from:

Miles M.

posting the time stamp for when travis says "i am holding your hand" mostly because i know ill need to hear it again, but also if anyone else needs to hear it.

Fiona West

thank you so much for posting this. i hope travis knows how much he has helped people, he’s a very good boy.

Cody Clark

here after the new nomination tonight. if anyone needs a new hand to hold, im here. please drink water

Kenzie kaddl

Travis has such heart. What a kind soul

crust boy

he’s such a beautiful and true person

Sophia De Lombaerde

honestly, i just come back to this video anytime i’m anxious about anything. i’m starting sophomore year tomorrow with no friends (they all abandoned me over summer), no family (my brother just graduated, he was my main lifeline), and no coping mechanism as my earbuds broke (music always calms me down no matter what). i’m terrified of what’s gonna happen, and although this is much much smaller scale than what this video is about, it still helps. i’m gonna try my best to remind myself that there’s always gonna be someone holding my hand tomorrow. hopefully it helps.

Oliver V

i may have found this a year late but its still pretty relevant to me and im so grateful to travis for this gesture - and everything he does, really.

Julia Sz.

Thank you Travis

duck newton local beefcake

i wish i would’ve found this when i woke up crying to see trump had won almost 3 years ago. but even now it’s so impactful. i love travis and the entire mcelroy family. they are the kindest people in the fucking World and i don’t think i could love them more

Max M

I... I really needed to hear this today...

Reily Chaco

I hate that I was just barely too young to vote then. Everything I ever wanted to fight for was in danger during that election and all I could do was watch