How to setup Logitech DFGT for Assetto Corsa

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How to setup Logitech DFGT for Assetto Corsa

67 838 views | 16 Apr. 2016
67 838 views | 16 Apr. 2016

Setting up of Logitech DFGT for Assetto Corsa(works on other games too).If you have doubts,please leave a comment,i'll try to answer it.

Thanks for watching!


閉店した松戸テレフォンショッピング 松戸駅6番線のSF22-14

It worked 2020


Thank you man nice work


Thanks thanks thanks <3

Docta Kracka

i dont see the download on the logitech page


my profiler is not detecting the Driving Force GT


Do you think it is safe to buy this wheel on ebay? Also where did you get your's thanks.


Im going to try it tomorow, hopefully it works

Mert Can Tor

Thank's for video!

Jay Anthony

Does the force feedback work? I am thinking about buying it if it does work because I have this wheel in my closet doing nothing lol. Great vid tho.

Chihab Jebbari

Huge thanks!

Unai Alba

Thank you!! I learned drifting with your config. if not, it would be impossible


thank you! yesterday I downloaded the game, and I didn't see on either side the logitech, scared me!

mogamat dhaakir wilkinson

can you not use the shifter?

Turbonic Thunder

Copyright issues,you could use any other music video as background if you want,shit the claim was done before i even uploaded the damn video.
Edit: I've added a song from yt library to make the video a bit more entertaining.The song is Hang Ups (Want You) byOtis McDonald.
Thank you.

I'm RJ

Why i can't edit handbrake button at main controller..

Tenkicar Plays

Is it a USB 2.0? If yes do I have to use another line to make it compatible?

Like s

idk what is that, my wheel working too badd in all of games. It isnot broken, when i test it everything works, but when i start any game wheel not working (like game cant see it) wtf is this? i start it by steam but i dont think that it is the problem(

Yuh Bruh

Thanks you so much, this made racing and drifting a lot easier. I subbed and liked, keep up the great videos. :D


When I dont press the throttle and the brake pedal, the throttle and the brake gauge go up, and when I press the pedal, the gauge goes down. The reaction is the opposite when the pedal is pressed.
help me plz..

Pedro Simões

my throttle and brake are reversed

phillip beharall

Very HELPFULL video. Many thanks

Vari3tee _

thanks vid helped a lot

Jo Ubi

two years on and people still asking. there's one on the market near me for $80 bucks - I think it's a steal but the question is - worth it? What do you think?

Lars-Alexander Kohl

if i run the .exe file it skips the install part


Game doesn't see my Wheel but my pc saw


Dude, thank you so much. I can actually play assetto corsa now. I couldn't figure out how to get the software. Thanks so much.

Kostas Marpinis

Man the steering wheel is more right than it is, and the throttle does not do anything what's going on,pls help me

Pavel Stoikov

can u upload ur profile from logitech program
its gonna be nice :)

sunny steve

The wheel is locked in the menu though

Rob van der Wolff

why dafuq is there an fkn spaceship at blackcat

Reiner Winkler

and for ps4?

Shannon Sharpe

When im setting up my wheel in the configuration, my dfgt wont turn its stiff


I can't open the Global Device Settings anymore, help?

Shanky Arora

hey man i need ur help

ive Logitech DFGT

and m having hard time to get it working properly

see this plz

0:38 - 0:45

it always happens with me while in game

if i press any button on wheel
its starts to spins weirdly

and while in game

my wheel it controls car automatically

steering is not smooth at all

very hard to spin left and right,,,i want a smooth spin like 900*

so what im asking u is

plz tell me the best settings for my wheel

so i can play it nicely how its meant to be played..


drb prod

why it does not open the logitech profiler?


i cant put the handbrake, it detects the button that i want to put but it dosent want to put


could you help me out with some issues im having?




it can't use the full angle of the wheel, do you know why?

Riccardo Alessandrini

Ciao come si regola la durezza o morbidezza del volante


i need help if i turn my wheel 90 degree in assetto corsa it only turns like 10 degree in game also its way heavyer to stear to to left then to to right any fix?

phillip beharall

Thank you very helpful


Greatest video!


it work for logitech force gt?


plz tell me what u use for handbrake?? maine wont picck up anything of buttons nor the gear shifter right of the wheel


track name and car??? so nice


I tried all these steps and it doesn't work. The game doesn't detect anything. I'm at the end of my rope here with this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.