Dark Souls III - High Lord Wolnir Easy Kill

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Dark Souls III - High Lord Wolnir Easy Kill

18 312 views | 21 Jan. 2017
18 312 views | 21 Jan. 2017

Dark Souls 3 - How to beat High Lord Wolnir

Boss Name: High Lord Wolnir

Immunities: Poison/Bleed

Weakness: His braclet/bangles

Intimidating but very simple boss - just hit his right arm (left when facing him) first and destroy that bangle, and then go for the other two.

Starting Class: Northern Warrior

Initial Weapon: Battle Axe / Deep Battle Axe

Primary weapon: Warden's Twinblades

Backup weapon: Anri's Straight Sword

Stats to focus on: LUCK and DEXTERITY

Important items: Carthus Rouge, Hollow Gem, Profaned Coal

Even if you do not follow this build precisely, you can still emulate it with varying degrees of success: The main goal of this build is simply to out-damage bosses by trading hits with them, where possible. Many bosses in Dark Souls III are susceptible to bleeding. So we'll be taking a weapon with innate bleed (I went with the Warden Twinblades as they have a weapon art that's great for landing multiple hits) and then buffing it with Carthus Rouge (which adds a lot of bleeding) as well as infusing it with the Hollow Gem.

Hollow infusions allow your weapons to scale with luck and also give you a bonus to your luck stat if you have high enough hollowing (which is gained by allowing Yoel to draw your power out) and the luck stat itself boosts your bleeding bonus.

Even if your build is very different, so long as your weapon can be buffed, you might want to stick some Carthus Rouge on it and attempt to bleed bosses, unless you are using very slow weapons, in which case you will hard it somewhat hard to bleed them.

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町山智浩 映画「オデッセイ」を紹介 たまむすび

Everytime I fight him I can stand in the fog with no problem


Thanks, man! I've been stuck on this boss for nearly a year now.


almost like a pinwheel tutorial


i always asked myself where the darkness is pulling him to because if you start running after him as soon as he is defeated you see that there is actually a stone wall behind him, no giant gap to fall into, nore anything else

Welcome to Valhalla

You can make it even easier by attacking any of the bracelets before he wakes Up. With a fast weapon you can even destroy one before the fight begins

MrPumpkin Pumpkins!

high lord wolnir? more like high loser wolnir that boss is so easy take a fast weapon beat hes hands done didnt even take damage on my first try XD


Problem solving tips:
1. Dont care too much about the wall, just stay close to his braclets, the mist does not cover it, so you will avoid 100% mist. Just dont go too close to his chest.
2. Dont care about the skeletons, try to finish him fast or he will spawn more. His mist and his sword should kill them fast
3. Bring up the 100% physical absorb shield when he stab his sword into the ground, or when the skeletons are too much. Wait until it ends.
4. Dont get near him when he's crawling, the damage may be lethal
5. Finish the LEFT (of your vision) bracelets, aka the sword-hand-bracelets before he use his sword the first time (1~2min after the encounter). Because this is the hardest part to hit , almost impossible unless you have arrows or magic (which is low-damage) when he pull out his sword. Finish this bracelet first and the fight will be like super easy.
6. After you finish the sword-hand bracelet, head to the other two. stay as close as possible to the arm, this will be the barrier between you and the skeletons, and also stops them from attacking you. When Wolnir tries to swing or slap the hand, look and roll just before it hits you, this is pretty easy and slow-posed.
7. If you cant hit the sword-hand bracelet after the boss pull out his sword, head to the other hand, if the 2 bracelets are destroyed, keep hitting his hand , it's slow but it's the only option there

Dapper Dan

Jesus there are a lot of condescending assholes in this thread. The dude is trying to help people. Believe it or not, everyone isn't amazing at these games and they might search for the best method to kill this boss. Bunch of know it all neckbeards. Get back in your basement! YAA! GIT!


@Silver Mont will you be doing a lorethrough like you did for dark souls 2 ?

j m

Lol my first time i ran up and hit the left bangle and died in seconds to his mist


The immunity comment isn't correct. Wolnir hates fire. If you run a high faith and intelligence build and a plus 10 pyro glove you one shot wolnir's bracelet with chaos vestiges and 2 hit the other hand and he's dead. You must have witch ring, great swamp ring, lloyds sword ring and then use the sage ring

Jonny Upchurch

How did the unending horde of skeletons not spawn in for him, am I stupid, unlucky, bad at the game or all three?

aaron nurullah

silvermont i love your voice, read me bedtime stories!

Alex S

Everyone says he's such an easy boss.. I'm running through the game at SL14 with no upgrades at it's a WHOLE other story lol. If you can't break those bracelets right away shit gets pretty tough when the skeletons and sword come in


Wauw.. The timing on this guide is a little odd, isn't it? x)

Nekko Von

i actually use Dmitri Ray way

Unlimited Continues

While he may not be one of the more challenging fights, High Lord Wolnir is one of my favorite boss battles in the game. I just really like the atmosphere and the lore surrounding him.


good video

Helmut Ha

wow two videos in a row? what has gotten in to you my friend

Nolan McCallum

This boss is the easiest in the game. Unless you’re pure caster and have no melee weapon. I’ve beat this guy 9 times except on my sorcerer play through. Impossible to do and you can’t find sorcerer solo Wolnir video anywhere on the internet.


The mist and the invincible skeletons were driving me mad. Thank you.

Björn Jensen

Don't forget that the weapon is making the battle easy not the strat alone!

Matthew Coyle

But how does one defeat him torch or fist only?


This boss didn't take much for me to figure out the first time. I killed him and thought "That's it?" While I love this game, some bosses are a fucking cake walk.

coco bitz

For me he keeps spawning skeletons and can't do anything.

Elpanpour x3

There is an easier way, but only if you can use Pestillent mercury, when you first enter the bossfight don't activate (wake up?) Wolnir and start using the Mercury in the bracelets for some reason he wont wake up even if you destroy them its a bit of a slower method to kill him but if you're a Sorcerer its a guaranteed kill

pan liška

record time ?

David Garcia

It WAS a piece of cake until NG+6, any advice?


I didn't know this guy used a sword and summoned skulls until ng+4 lol good guide though here's my view and my like.

Lonesome Gavlan

this is the type of video that isn't for subscribers but for people struggling with the boss fight and seeing strats on YouTube. that's how I found this channel anyway


This was a late and unnecessary video


Making this video implies that he isn't easy *LIES!*

Force Ghostin

Dude why? u one bad vid away from a unsub

the wolf studio

Immune to half of the status effects, resistant to dark, toxic, and poison.

sakmi kuhl

nah, if you take your time, and get wolnir as close to the wall as possible, if you stand on the left side, you can lock him to summon his sword and immediately after to blow it up, and stand outside of the range of that. then just use a bow and destroy the bracelets


wolnir killed me 38 times using this strat,

Shafin Khan

this video would be so much better if you called this stand Justice like in the anime

(jojo refrence ahead)

Albert Hoyt

Is Wolnir a giant or is he just tall for some reason?

Lonely Queen

High Lord Wolnir easy guide
Step 1: Show complete disregard for his jewelry.
Step 2: Just before the cutscene say with mild surprise "where'd these skeletons come from?"

Ludwig, the accursed

This boss is like marmite, you love it or you have it, I fucking hate it