How to catch Warden of the Seven Hues in FFXIV

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How to catch Warden of the Seven Hues in FFXIV

1 453 views | 4 Oct. 2020
1 453 views | 4 Oct. 2020

A video on the steps for catching The Warden of the Seven Hues fish in FFXIV.

Zone: Yanxia

Fishing Hole: Prism Lake

Bait: Stonefly Larva

Conditions: Fishers Intuition. x3 Indigo Prismfish, x3 Firelight Goldfish, x5 Green Prismfish

This fish can be placed in Tier 4 Aquariums or printed on an Extra Large Canvas.

Text Guide:

Indigo Prismfish/Firelight Goldfish:

Indigo/Firelight fish are a ! bite off a mooch of Violet/Red Prismfish (respectively) Cast out and reel in every !! bite which isn't part of a mooch. It's very difficult to identify the Violet/Red Prismfish, so you should catch every !! bite. When a mooch is active, use it. If, on mooch, the bite is a !, and you have 0-1 of the fish you need, use Double Hook if not under Patience. It is recommended to use Patience I while Mooch II is on cooldown, as it better facilitates use of Double Hook. If you have at least 2 of the desired fish (Indigo/Firelight), then you can just use the Precision Hookset to catch the third you need. It is possible you will not get all the fish you need for in a single window.

Green Prismfish:

Green Prismfish are a ! bite and a straight catch, they are the only straight ! bite at the pool. If you have no Green Prismfish, use Double Hook on a ! bite if possible. Follow up by using Identical Cast, then cast out again and Double Hook a second time. Use a cordial or, if time allows, wait for your GP to regen to use Double Hook a second time. This leaves you with 4 Green Prismfish. If time allows AND you have the prerequisite 3 Firelight Goldfish and 3 Indigo Prismfish, you should wait for your GP to regen to max and for cordials to come off cool down. Either way, cast out again until you get a ! bite, your final Green Prismfish. If all conditions were met, this will trigger your Fishers Intuition.

Warden of the Seven Hues:

Once Fisher's Intuition is triggered, use Surface Slap on any non-mooched fish as soon as possible. Use Chum as much as possible. Do not reel in any bite that is not a !!!. This ensures that Surface Slap is continually up. The Intuition lasts 2.5 minutes. If you get a !!! hook it. It may get away, continue to try as much as you can while Intuition is up.


Warden of the Seven Hues is one of the most highly sought after fish due to it's vibrant colors, rarity and ability to be placed into an aquarium. It's recommended you plan to fish Warden around the availability of Green Prismfish, as they are the weather and time dependent limiting fish. Even with proper planning and good luck, it can take an extremely long time, a minimum for 45-60 minutes, to proc the intuition for the chance to catch Warden. Warden is a balance between elusive and slippery, making it a very difficult fish to catch, but comes with a rewarding pay-off.

Ииχ plgss

I see you fishing in different spots, does that matter?


Ive caught all the fish types except Green, maybe its the water like i need to fish in the green water idk, I fished for the Green prism with fair skies and between 0800 and 1600 and got nothing, just yellow and blue,

Gerard Star

greens wont bite for some reason


Bless this video so much. I caught my own rainbow fishie after like 7 attempts (it kept getting away lul) and your guide helped me tons ♡


Thanks for the video. I was able to get the Intuition buff but the !!! didn't even spawn lol. Next time I guess. Question about the Surface Slap buff. Do I only use it once at the start of Intuition? So I'm assuming it goes Cast > throw if not !!! > Surface Slap > Chum > Cast > throw if not !!! > repeat from Chum until the end.


Do all fish have to be caught in a row? For example if I fish 2 violet but then end up fishing a yellow does this break the chain?


Double hooked the indigos twice... fish gets away. Best gear + level 80 + food.
Am I doing something wrong, or just bad luck?

Trilly Locke

gonna try catching this for my friend for christmas ^^
never fished before with an objective, so.... this should be... interesting. have it at 80 with professional's gear + the lorebook so here's hoping
thanks for the guide!


Some steps to maximize your odds at actually getting Warden once you pop Intuition (this does require excessive prep that may not be ideal for a given attempt):

1) Catch Indigos/Firelights as usual. Catch any Greens you get, but only up to three. Keep going until you have all the Indigos/Firelights and three Greens.
2) Wait until the Firelights are gone, and be sure to move around a bit to avoid the fish amiss since you'll be doing some waiting. Catch your fourth Green, and Identical Cast.
3) Now wait until juuust before the Green window ends, and cast your line. It will have a Green as long as you cast the line while the window is open, the actual moment you catch it does not matter as the fish is decided when you press Cast. This will trigger Intuition.
4) Start fishing for Warden as usual. Fish up the first thing you hook, slap it, and spam Chum to victory.

By pushing the Intuition out of any Prismfish windows and slapping another fish, you effectively reduce the amount of possible fish to only 2. This doesn't guarantee a Warden catch, but it should get you at least one or two bites.

Carlos Edgardo Quevedo

Relatively new lvl 80 just getting into fishing. I only seem to get Yellows and Blues, all the my gear is i490. Is it really that rare to get the other colors or am I in the wrong side of the fishing hole or something? Thank you for the help.