Stardew Valley - 108. Desert Dragon - Let's Play Stardew Valley Gameplay

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Stardew Valley - 108. Desert Dragon - Let's Play Stardew Valley Gameplay

27 569 views | 12 Apr. 2016
27 569 views | 12 Apr. 2016

Welcome back to Stardew Valley! After almost a year of waiting, we finally complete the next stage of Mr Qi's quest, and yet again, get issued another!


Stardew Valley, developed by ConcernedApe, and published by Chucklefish Games, is a farming themed RPG with time-management elements.

Stardew Valley is strongly reminiscent of titles such as Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and even Animal Crossing, with an emphasis on social interaction and relationship building amongst the cute and colourful inhabitants of Pelican Town.

Finding the pressures and soulless grind of modern life too much, our protagonist accepts an offer from their kindly Grandfather to take on the responsibility of managing his old farm in Stardew Valley. There he will make friends with the other inhabitants, go on adventures, and of course farm!

But there's more to Stardew Valley than meets the eye... there are mysteries to solve!


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so much stardew valley need more star dew valley need ∞ amount of stardew valley

Justin O.

Aavak luv ur vids bro keep them up

kiona farrell

aavak you know those pillars in the desert if you get a rainbow shard a prismatic shard and have it over your head (you know how if you want to give a present and it appears over your head yea that) and you will get something awesome

Unknown jason

Aavak are you gonna do a QnA soon

Evening Primrose

you should get married in this game


Any plans to live stream more episodes of this or is it not as popular with the Twitch crowd?

Kelley Swenson

Fresh made maple syrup is the most delicious thing you could ever drink in the world!


"Who would eat maple syrup?" Clearly you've never seen Super Troopers, my friend.


I thought you were gonna fight a sand dragon #false advertising

Tiffany White

Why did you randomly get milk at 11:52??? Lol was that just a weird glitch?


Two episodes in one day and it's not even my birthday! Marvelous!

Red Cap

7:50 Penny loves poppies but Jodi, Pierre, Haley, Evelyn, Demetrius, Pam, Alex, Sebastian, Elliot, and Marnie hate them. Everyone else just likes them.

BTW... I'm from Québec Canada and we sometimes take shots of maple syrup for fun. I guess you have to be from here.


I wish I could buy the actual game on steam..
But that wont stop me from subscribing :D

Amar Singh

can you make more worm bins and crytalarium

Dylan Fields

1st comment


I feel the urge to make a joke about you having more hops than Michael Jordan.

Maxime Boileau

They don't like the poppies because it reminds them of Kent's time in Afghanistan! :O


"who would just straight up eat maple syrup?" umm... Canadians... and it's delicious. Thank you very much (that being said, fresh maple syrup on a fresh blanket of snow... mmmmmmmmmm taste like my childhood)


Great timing. I'm in from work, stomach is hurting and I can watch this while calming down.

Z-Dine Studio

Just a friendly tip that I hope isn't spoiling anything: mayonnaise is worth slightly more than large eggs, but cheese is worth less than large milk. So I always make my eggs into mayo but sell the large milk as is.

Also, my super secret farm plan for the future is to replace fences around the coop and barn with decorative items! Either Tub o' Flowers or Stump Braziers. That way you will only ever have to replace the two fences on either side of the gate, and an added bonus is having super cute fences!

Claire Monaghan

Hey Aavak! I'm a new fan and I adore this series! Apparently the statue in the secret forest does give you something very special if you give it the right thing! But no spoilers from me I promise :D


last time i was this early the fine bros were not d*cks

Jude Kehres

I'm sorry for ruining the sand dragon puzzle for you :(

mikaela curtis

People who eat maple syrup plain would be the Canadians


I find that old people are slightly less grouchy in the summer..

Tyson Moonie

Lol @ 21:11

Lemme tell you a little something about Canadians...



Sorry I was wrong. ;)

Take a Duck Mayo to the stock room in the bar.

Rhian Pritchard

Two in one day! Yay ^_^ Keep it up Aavak, love your commentary style!

Max Edwards

To be honest, I don't really understand the Abigail hype. She's cute, but personally I find her to be boring.


21:05 Not dumb, Canadian and Canadians are not dumb, just different.


Soon.... soon we will learn who stole Aavak's heart. Until then, polls!


Hello everyone, I'm still here watching this series for 108 episodes and counting because Aavak is awesome.

Canned Corb

259th viewer

Jalen Tucknies

That is an impressive axe, it can destroy a stump as the tree falls down


ive watched 30+ episodes in like 4ish days.

Beckie Tsao

I'm having a pretty nauseous pregnancy and your videos are one of the only things I can watch without inducing nausea. They help me focus and relax. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ that along with the pleasant commentary are top notch. Keep on making these please!!

Jude Kehres

And use what is in the lumber pile to get past the bouncer in the desert shop

Dylan Watts

Little quiet compared to the game in this one


Just finished the last episode, I'm quite pleased with your timing on this one. I adore this series~

Honourable Doctor Edwin Moriarty

There was a war going on. That's probably why they hate poppies.

Ry P

What do you mean "before the game ends"?? The game can't end! You are a farmer Aavak!
The whole town counts of you for food and monster population control and museum collection management and... (☍﹏⁰)

Paul Earnest

Can you put a tapper on an apple tree and get Apple syrup?

Li ShangLong


Lilith Yamamoto

Gwaaa! I keep trying to catch up but I'm still so far behind

Sonder Wintermute

Yet more great videos. Any thoughts on upgrading the hoe to at least Iron before next season. may speed up some of the planting? Marvelous

Cockrod Fish

Go in the mines aarvak your get another cut scene but for Abigail please?

Bob Flanders

I wonder what's behind the bouncer I imagine a gentle man's club where penny works.


#LeaVak and #Abivak are neck and neck

Unknown jason

Aavak if u give Gunther the 4 dwarf scrolls u will get a reward so that u can talk to the dwarf.+the dwarf will sell u things like bombs.

A Shy Missile

I believe that with the amount of hops you have already (about 455), it would take exactly 70 days straight with all the kegs you have currently to convert it all to pale ale

That Guy

And I love your vids pls never end

Eszra 01

Once I had wanted something maple. I had some Syrup in the pantry and put some on my finger for a taste. Did it two times and my craving was filled.
I'm sure someone has actually drank it straight, but I swear it would make me sick. I tried the mayo spoonful once and near threw up.


Amazing timing with the upload! I'm having a relaxation/sick day and was upset that I had just finished the last episode. Now I get to drag it out for just a tiny bit longer :)

Keith French

More Stardew.... I need more Stardew....


Yay another video been waiting 4 it!

Perpetual Cowlick

you should check the hat mouse out, Poke. he might have sommink cool for the latest achievment you earned.


Aavak, what's gonna be your end goal?

Fred Johnson

you have posted 56 videos since I asked you to play from the depths, and all 56 of those videos were not from the depths. you said you would play, yet you've posted 56 videos with not one of them being from the depths. dude


Hey Aavak, congrats almost hitting 100,000 subscribers!

Mousey Kireena

You should try to spend at least one day a week in the mines getting extra copper and iron. I usually bring bombs to the first cave/mine so that I can collect quickly. I never have any problem with stone or ore. Plus you can work on your monster trophies!


i cant wait for the 109th episode

That Guy

Bring a prismatic shard to the desert and bring the shard to the place where there is three pillars and holding the shard go to the centre of the three pillars