Century Arms C308 Accuracy... Garbage?

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Century Arms C308 Accuracy... Garbage?

2 155 views | 11 Apr. 2019
2 155 views | 11 Apr. 2019

After bubba gunsmithing my C308, I wanted to see what we could put out of accuracy.

C308 Headspace video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k71YFKjg7Qg&t=47s

HK cool guy Mag latch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YTL2652LqY&t=769s

daniel boyd cooper

I own a C308 and have an Eotech sight on it because I don't have access to a longer range. I can only get about a 2+ MOA out of it BUT I still love it.

Fee_ Lo

It’s great to see someone happy with their new guns. Congratulations


You get a good one...you get a bad one. Is it worth your $800? Buy three and mix-and-match to get 3 MOA...?

Phil M Rivers

Good video


Good video, a friend has one and i know its a 2moa gun all day long, which for a 308 battle rifle i think is more then acceptable, i think the very first ones had major issues like most century guns then this almost urban legend or accuracy build quality etc seems to linger


Hello Rupan l like the scope mount on the c308.I will be getting another one pretty soon.

Scott 79

I have noticed that after Tim tends to callout companies for putting out a shitty product they tend to step up the quality control a little bit

Squib Load

I like how you showed shooting from different positions and holding the rifle differently, including using the sling for support in the opening shot of the video.

NY Outcast


you will always hear mixed bag of reviews on this one I have a different clone and accuracy varies however for the purpose it was intended for it does just fine

Mad Sexy

Nice rifle

Ray Everyday

Good video


At like 35 seconds can you see the target down? I didn’t catch it while editing. Haha. Thanks!


So they tried to copy a g3 sniper convertion... well that can only end up bad.

Johnny B. Goode

I have owned 4 c308 rifles. All functioned flawlessly. Accuracy was good enough for me. Like almost every other battle rifle, you have to find the ammo that they like. Because most of the work is performed by PTR, they tend to be decent rigs for the money. Mine all liked Hirtenburger, Radway Green, German DAG, and Malaysian 7.62x51 surplus ammo. I sold 2 of them because I needed the cash. Besides, I have a HK91, StG 58, and Galil 1651 rifle, so I'm pretty much set for 308's. The only mods I made to mine was to replace the forend with the UTG aluminum one. It has rails and the factory handguard doesn't have the heat shield in it, so it can melt during sustained fire. The railed forend also allows for a grip and bipod attachment. I've also mounted a red dot scope with the quick release lever. It seems to work just fine. Some things that I like about these rifles is that mags are cheap. Lee's mags has some at great prices. Spare parts such as firing pins, plus sized rollers, and springs can be had from RTG parts. Complete spare parts sets can be had from Sarco. There is also a 50 round drum that works for around 200 bucks. All in all, you get a well made rifle for 500-600 bucks. The welded rail works a lot better than the claw type on my HK. I polished the bolt carriers and use hi-temp red grease as lube on the bcg. Keep the chambers clean. The fluted chamber is the only design that will continue to extract and eject spent brass, even when the extractor is broken. The chamber gasses flow into the flutes and float the spent brass out of the chamber, allowing the ejector to kick it out the ejection port. This is one reason why the G3-CETME design is so respected by professionals the world over. Properly assembled and maintained, it is a system that one can trust his life to.

Jorge Cortez

Cool video RupanRx


Awesome video, man! Very fun to watch!

kendrick Williams

Why don't you bench rest that thing

King Pin

Riley Ref

Good video!