7/15 HAIM - Danielle Finally Contributes to Want You Back @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre, CO 5/28/18

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7/15 HAIM - Danielle Finally Contributes to Want You Back @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre, CO 5/28/18

149 710 views | 29 May. 2018
149 710 views | 29 May. 2018

Every once in a while there comes along an artist who restores your faith in (real) music. They capture you with familiarity. They keep you with their novelty. And all of a sudden you're energized, inspired, touched in that unexplainable way that sorta just shook the earth beneath your feet. Totally turned on.

HAIM hails from LA. They're a band fronted by three sisters with two chaps in the back on drums and keys. They've got a deadly and powerful cocktail of impactful, raspy and emotion-laced vocals; song structures that avoid staid, expected progressions; catchy lyrics (in the good way); the stage banter of someone comfortable in their skin and sense of humor; and mega-solos. Artist comparisons flooded my head as I watched; Fleetwood Mac, The XX, John Mayer, Tracy Chapman, Nirvana; and yet they're incomparable.


Having released their critically-acclaimed debut album Days Are Gone, in 2013, Sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim are hitting the road once again. This time they'll be touring again in Spring, joined on the road by Lizzo, in a tour aptly titled 'Sister Sister Sister'. They'll be playing material off their 2017 album, Something To Tell You.

HAIM have been the focus of almost unprecedented media attention since their smash hit 2013 album; they've been honored in Rolling Stone's annual "Best of Rock" issue, named both an MTV "Artist to Watch" and VH1 "You Oughta Know" artist, and showcased as Spotify's first ever "Spotlight" artist. The creators of crowd favorites, Falling, Forever, and The Wire, Haim's Days Are Gone album was co-written with Kid Harpoon and Jessie Ware and debuted at #6 on the Billboard 200 album chart.


How original...a girl making a reference to Beyoncé.

Gilbert Mendez

I don't know how I managed to not know of this band until now, but I'm sure that the world will soon also.


your videos are the best! thank you! These are the best show vids from Red Rocks I've seen after seeing a show. Totally awesome!

jamima leano

София Суздалова

Я люблю HAIM!!!


Wants you back..........................


This is amazing!!! I didn't see this or anything, but this video was in my recommended, and I was actually kind of wondering what it looks like because I watched all their videos from Instagram of them getting ready to sing at Red Rock, and this is a really good recording! Nice work! I love Haim sooo much!!!!

"Ooo Beyonce wind"

darius rogers

This is the best show I've ever been to


Danielle is beautiful!!!

it's me alry

danielle was playing some vampire weekend there?

Jacquie Ornelas

I cried when they performed this in Dallas. I was in the front row and I cried so much and the tears kept coming when Alana cried. Ughh take me back!!!


What is this pink thing on Este's waistband

Sipping Sanity

Their hair in the wind~ Magnificent ✨

Ana Torres

They're so funny lol thanks for sharing!

I Had A Bad Day

I wonder if Danielle is fully shaved, otherwise that could be quite a mess down there.

Haydee Johnson

OMG play already!!!!!!

eli hauser

alanas stand up is my favorite part of their concert

Sam Lewis

such a fun show

Claire Sheppy

At 73 I am going to claim to be one of their oldest fans. Saw them live at Ally Pally London on Saturday 16th June. Wonderful!

Sara Almousa

The Haim sisters are so cool

a google user

theres six and a half minutes of rambling shit on this ,, why didnt u cut that part off!

Bryan Yasuhara

Did she really talk for 6 minutes about this song?

François Moutou

good story

m S



Can I have este as my girlfriend pls. Tnx

Mike Barbre

Love. These. Girls. Beautiful personalities, with the music right along with it.

Richard B. Davis


Heather Youmans

Love this song SO DAMN MUCH. Sooo, I'm a HAIM superfan and just released some new music that is inspired by THIS SONG - The Steps! Check it out and let me know what you think? Do I sound similar to Danielle?

Stephanie Brooks

i lovew them and think they are in a class of there own never gets old

Dennis Barnes

I have been following these girls online for awhile now. It's great to see them grow as performers, but every time I think I like one more than the others....All 3 are so good.


This song gives me goosebumps everytime the chorus comes on especially watching it live. Haim is so so freaking good!!!! Like really talented. When people say music coming out is not good anymore they need to hear haim

Glaze Art

I just wonder sometimes why Danielle is quiet while her other sisters are really sassy or to what other words to describe alana and este


3:26, I'm in love ...

Beach Goth

i remember how reserved and shy Danielle and now she’s talking so much more and i love it.

El Jefe

These girls are so charming.

Japie Duminy

Is it just me or do they tend to talk more than actually play in most of their videos. Not impressed.

Longsnapper 53

HAIM- how to make "music" without really playing instruments.These comments have to be written by their publicist.

Josh McKillop

They seem like a novelty. Reminds me of a band called Hanson. They're songs are middle of the road and I'd be very curious to see where they are in 5 years.


Thank you Alana for recognizing all the little siblings out there :D

Thomopolus Rex


who's A'feard

Normally I buy music and after a while it gets put to the back of the drawer until I feel like listening to it again. I have not stopped listening to this album since it was released! It's still going strong in the car.


if danielle marry me someday y’all invited to our wedding


5:23 is not funny anymore

EuRice Queen

if i were a boy, i'd definitely ask Danielle out. Does not matter if she has a boyfriend. I will do my best to win her heart and give her the world. Sadly, i'm not a boy. I'm just a fan.

nicole cavazos

iron man

Charles Lumia

Lol that was hilarious. Damn they're awesome.

Lauren B

This was the best concert I'd ever been to, and I was super close to where you were too!

Harley Quinnesque

"It's Beyonce wind" omg Alana is Hilarious. Love these girls.

Frank Wenzel

I was never a fan of most of the bands that Haim cite as their main influences but damn do I love Haim.

Derek Velasquez

This show was SOO fun!

mico_ lodeon

And look at the fucking crowd.. so Coooooool!!! Kept repeating on that part and wishing I was there.

Angel The Asian

We finally heard the full backstory! Thank you Danielle for finally speaking up

Brad F.

-> -> -> 6:04 Click there to get to the song

richard dobson

Came for the bass face, did not leave disappointed.


Shut up and sing!!!!!!!


Hahaha Class!

Melisa Guillen

Oh... Beyonce wind...

Tina Marie F

I am a huge fan! Started listening to HAIM while ago and they just keep getting better

saber icle

as a middle sister in a trio of girls...i felt this.


their banter reminded me of Tegan and Sarah's. Maybe they should all do something together.

Patrice NZ

I would love to hear more from all of them - all of them.

P Snch

7:43 There should be a danielle haim school of rock, specializing in looking cool and gorg while rocking out

Ari Gardner

That was such an AMAZING night!

Richard Caringello

I can't wait to see you live. In LA I'm from napa and go to LA for outreach ministry at the dream center. Do ill see you soon. Ill be in the front row and then backstage


Coolest women on earth. ♥