QUEST - Hungbu and the Swallow - Gourd Location - Blade and Soul

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QUEST - Hungbu and the Swallow - Gourd Location - Blade and Soul

6 399 views | 29 Jan. 2016
6 399 views | 29 Jan. 2016

Gourd location - How to open the gourd.

I hope this helped you : )

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omg thank you so much. I spent like 30 minutes trying to find this stupid gourd and I couldn't see it anywhere -_- THANK YOU


Thanks you helped!


You are a lifesaver!, thx dude.


man.. thisis really help i confuse arround 20mnit


Thank you, it was really helpful! I was looking around the area for a good half an hour confused, I even checked the dictionary whether the word 'gourd' has any other meaning besides the vegetable (my native language is not english). :D

Yari V

I would had never found that shit without this video x,D I spend like 2 hours looking for it


saved my life thank you

Ramius Z

OMG, I couldnt find this shit either! WTF?!!


thanks man!

devourersChill gaze

tnx for the tip... very helpful... plz continue posting ,, godbless

Paul Rago

damn thanks!

Rommel Mondido

tnx man. liked


thx for help and you should do more videos :)


ty bro

Szelkh Zekiel

I was stuck in this quest. Thanks

Blink Sone



Thanks man, i was like wtf for 20-30 mins looking for that

Honey Trap

As a Lyn my tiny little legs can't make it up there lol I'm going to have to try and find a roof to fly off or something :x


Short and very helpful video. Thanks CuddlyJay.


thanks alot omg