SOLO - You Said Crossing the Streams Was Bad - WoW Achievement : Durumu the Forgotten

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SOLO - You Said Crossing the Streams Was Bad - WoW Achievement : Durumu the Forgotten

62 426 views | 6 Oct. 2016
62 426 views | 6 Oct. 2016

At the end of the video, you'll see my friend (who was dead before the fight) gets the achievement, I don't recommend this with more than one person, I found it most easy to complete the achievement solo.

Are Dub

ban tank specs from soloing dungeons.


what buffs are you using? And is this just 10 man normal? I've tried it on 25 man normal and the beams just do SO much damage -.-


Thanks for the in depth video and for explaining everything, helped me get my achieve today!


i tried with my resto chaman but once the different colour beams hit me i cant get my health back up and i die after the first phase even if i keep my health at 100% before moving to the white dot. im 844 ilvl, any tips?


this is some bullshit i do everything i must do and every fucking time the last one i need .. i get stunned and while stunned i get that retarted one shot..


Still can't understand what doing..

Kid Trombonist

What's the song here? Helpful video btw

Seth Cox

Hey Kalu, cant seem to heal through it past stage 2. I added you if you're willing to help! Thanks


WHYYYYYY ALWAYSS..... every fucking time he does 1 shot when i'm stunned


where is this so called white light?????!?????? i literally never see it????

Rolf Lafrenz

Just got this achievement. Do NOT try to get on heroic. Get it on normal instead. I've tried it on heroic a dusin times. No success. Switched to Normal, got it on first try.
On heroic, he'll make ice walls, which he won't on normal. Oh, and it's easier to stay alive on normal too.


Can you help me with this achievement. I have no idea if you still play but could really use some help.

Karalina Sante

Terrible video.  The HUGE purple text box blocks almost half the screen.  Makes it very hard to see what all is going on.  Please just narrate the video and get rid of the damned text box!


WTFFFF every time... 12 second stun and than he does his one shot


useless video please take it down now !!!

Banda Von Narada

Nice song how ist the Name ?

Bree Watson

I'm currently trying this and other legacy achievements. You can add me SilentStorm#15969 and I'll help.


How do you survive life drain?


Made it today on 25 mode with my 864 vengeance demonhunter. though times, but thank you for the video, it helped me knowing the phases of the boss and the whitefog stuff :)

Panterasa Gaming

Can you help me maybe? i am trying to find someone who can help me but w/o luck. I am on EU- Horde


I try to do it as a tank but the beams kill me. 860 gs Paladin. wtf is wrong with that.


tried it today and none of the fogs revealed when i lined em up


Anyone else just randomly dying with nothing in the combat log when trying to do this achievement?