Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country REVIEW

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country REVIEW

18 837 views | 19 Sep. 2018
18 837 views | 19 Sep. 2018

A first for this channel, fitting to mark the end of an era.

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Hinoka and Sephiroth for Smash

Mr Bubble

You failed to talk about the best thing in the game.

Nopon In Riot Gear!


foward isn't a word. lol, forward is. great review tho

eggnog _

Not true, Torna (aside from Lasaria) does have a night theme, and so does Auresco

SirSailor Star

Good review Lux! You should review other games!

Zedrick Jaramillo

To me the music is absolutely the best thing in this game, the tracks perfectly matches with the emotion and pacing of the story, which in turn puts those certain emotions on to you. Music 10/10


This game is definitely better than 2, I almost like it as much as X and Chronicles

like my comment

Omg the ending

Alexander Volg Zangief

Xenoblade 2: Torna, the Golden Country is the best DLC I've ever played.

Luka Megurine

You should play xenogears and talk about how xenoblade is basically a more lighthearted retelling of xenogears

Gamez X

While it was good to play a new section of the game i have to be honest, the story of the aegis war compared to what we've been told feels very lacking, and infact seems to have many plot holes you might like to make videos exploring. I'll try to list as many as the issues as i could find:

- Only 2 titans? There's only torna here and gormott. Torna here is actually very linear and not that expansive for exploring hidden nooks as other titans and gormott is a joke tbh. It isnt that different from the main game so its nothing new and it served nearly no purpose in the story of the war or game at all

- Where's judicium? Torna and judicium are the only 2 names we had from this past age, they where described as being rivals to eachother but there was nothing of it. I was certain it was gonna be one of the titans we'd visit but nope, nothing

- What about teperantia, it was described as one of the MAJOR battlefields in the aegis war but there was no sign of it at all, the aegis's never touched it. Same with tantal too, it was described as an aegis battlefield even azurda participated in but again nothing, would have been cool to see it before it became frozen

- What on earth was with gort? Seriously they where setting up this guy to be new metalface villain but he was just forgotten then randomly returns at the end as some mutilated monster. He served no purpose, did nothing but he had such potential for padding out the story espeically if judicium was still around. VERY poor character handling here

- What was up with indol? Yeah we know amalthus had his own plans in the main game but he wasnt even a part of the scheming going on here. Who the hell was that creepy scientist guy and what was he trying to do, why did the old preator want malos to destroy the titans? And what the hell was that aegis tablet malos destroyed? Seriously its like they where building up a cool 3rd villain faction but then forgot about them completely, only to kill them all off at the end for no reason

- A big problem here, the main game says mythra sunk 3 titans beneath the clouds but she didnt, she only sunk 1. It was malos who sunk coetia and the whole world knew it, they even had eye witnesses in brigid and minoth who saw everything that happened and yet even minoth himself says later on in his play that it was mythra who sunk all the titans, no mention of the fact she was fighting another aegis at all

- What happened to addam after sealing the aegis away? Stories say he just vanished so what happened to him. Did he die on the way home, did he become a hermit on an uninhabited island or what?

- I still dont get why jin joins up with malos or why malos devotes his whole life to jin after meeting again. Or even why they dont seem to react or recognise eachother even though they literally tried to kill eachother and malos did horrific things

- King of tantal says his family was a side branch in torna but where where they? It was actually addam who seemed to be the side branch in torna's line so this whole story of how tantal was made suddenly has a few holes in it. If you try to say it was the snooty brother who founded tantal it doesnt make sense cus he wasnt the side branch, he was the next in line for the throne directly

- One sidequest speaks of addam having a wife and child, but we never see them or hear anything of them at all. This is a really big thing but they just give nothing on it

- In another sidequest they mention the white chair of gormott, this sounds like the throne of the gormott titan or something but theres literally nothing on this. No location, or lore behind this at all, just a random important sounding name and thats it

- Who wrote the book that spoke about the 3rd sword. Best guess is minoth but then why would he go after the sword after the war?

- In the intro it says during this war mor ardain is an emerging power in alrest, if thats the case then why in elysium does rex have a vision of mor ardain soldiers storming a town long before any of this

- Mikhail presumably gets captured after this story, but how on earth did he escape indol

- In the ending Jin is seen burning what seems to be his old house down, yet this house should be at the bottom of the ocean with the rest of torna, why's it still on the surface?

- Speaking of jin, we still dont know how he got that scar on his chest, cus he wasnt the one who had his heart ripped out

It really does feel like what we got was a very watered down and cut up version of the story, this doesnt feel like the standard of xenoblades story making but instead feels like the sloppy story work they did in X, theres too many loose threads and plot holes and its really disappointing. They should have expanded more on indols plans, made gort a far more involved villain, explored ATLEAST 3 or 4 titans and not just torna and the token gormott (which served NO purpose at all). They could have easily done judicium, teperantia, tantal before it was frozen and all sorts. I get this is just a dlc and not a full game but this is the standard we expect from xenoblade, plus at half the price of a full game they should atleast give more than 1 titans worth of content

Other stuff i'd of liked to see:
- The scene of addam resonating with mythra, we see a failed resonation in torna but we dont see the actual awakening of mythra herself which is really dissapointing. I've always been curious if she awoke as mythra or as pneuma and immediately downgraded. Heck a better question is why did addam have her core in uraya when it was given to them in torna, did he steal it?

- Since gormott is useless atm, would have been funny to see the rumored war between the nopon and the tirkins take place. Maybe give the tirkins roc and finch as blades

- The major trading guild of this time period was pyrithium so it was a real shame not to meet captain nopapon and even help him found argentum. Also would have been cool to see if he really did have boreas as his personal blade

- More rare blades we know of in their past lives spread throughout the side quests would have been so cool. Like dagnas and his supposed kingdom in teperantia, we could have seen what it REALLY was

That One Asshole Who's Name I Forgot


From how Gort looked in the post malos fight, and the fact that those were also shown as part of the Indol forces, makes me think that the "indol stars" in the base game aren't actually titans, but failed Blade Eaters.

Zacc Walker

I only play my switch in portable mode. I didn't think the main game looked bad at all.

Shop Owner

never before in a game like I've felt compelled to 100% but the side quest had such good writing(and didn't feel like chores) that I wanted to. it to the point that I liked them so much I got upset that I had to progress the story


For anyone wanting to avoid spoilers like I was, spoiler section starts at 37:51

Andrew Firth

I'd like if in xenoblade 3 they had it like a mix with the xenoblade 2 and torna battle style together, with other blades from core crystals. Except I want the blade combos back tho


While I do prefer and love the base game both gameplay and it's story more, I still think this was definitely a fun ride. I kind of hated being locked to do side quests because it kind of padded the game. But I do think the side quest stories were a hell of a lot better than the normal quests in the base game. Expect for the blade quests. Those I feel have their own special charm that I can't say whether they're better or lesser than Torna's quests. Man after that depressing ending I now want to relive the main story just to lift my spirits.

I kind of wish they gave Milton more relevancy. Like he just exists just to die for Mythra's development. Yeah we find out how from him how he met Addam and Mythra and that he teases her a lot. But it seems throughout the entire adventure him and Mikhail are just there. Expect he doesn't have a role in the main game later like Mik does. Maybe have them be involved in some of the side quest stories. I haven't done them all so I don't know if it's true.


12:50 I totally agree, especially about Mythra.
I have a very vocal hatred of Mythra in the base game. I fully believe that she is easily the worst character in the main cast in the main game, and I couldn’t stand her bullshit. She was just the stereotypical badly-written tsundere, who is on the extreme of the trope where she just constantly abuses the male lead as much as possible for no reason, and no one calls her out for it.
But in Torna, ooh Torna. Not only does every other character call her out on her bullshit, but she actually has a believable reason to be the way she is. Mythra has not been awake for that long, and as a result of that, she isn’t very empathetic, and part of her arc in Torna is learning to gain empathy for human beings, finding her own resolve, and becoming more compassionate. While I have some problems with Torna’s story, I love how they handled Mythra, they managed to take my least favorite character, and make her infinitely more compelling, and they didn’t even have to change her that much, they just needed to clarify the circumstances which make her the way she is.

SHSL Visionary

Can’t believe how bad the main game is in comparison. I love what they’ve done with the combat, it’s much faster and just feels better. Using auto attacks to recharge arts is still a bit too slow, but overall much better. I think the driver team thing should have been in the main game. How I see it working: you can recruit different driver teams, the same way you recruit new characters in xcx, it would have been much better than the bull shit rng and overdrive system.

The graphics are definitely improved, some of the character models in xc2 looked pretty bad, here they don’t clip as much. The textures also look better, and this might just be me, but I think the lighting is better too.

I haven’t finished the story, but so far it’s definitely better. The presentation is really improved, the voice acting is mostly good, there hasn’t been any bad lines yet. I enjoy the characters much more, Jin and Lora are much more interesting and cute than Rex and Pyra, so are Addam and Mythra.

The user interface is unbelievably better. I’m honestly baffled at some of the design in xc2’s ui. Why is the d pad used for tutorials on BASIC CONTROLS?! Being able to change every character you’re playing as is so much better. Also, small thing, but I like how, when asked to change your party in the story, you can go into character equipment. The combat ui is also great. I feel like it takes up slightly less space, it just looks better, and the ability to change your party’s fighting style is amazing, I hope that becomes a regular thing in the series. Also, why are unique monster tombstones not in the base game’s map icons? Wtf

I really like the pouch item crafting system, it just adds more personality to the characters.
I like how aux cores are already crafted, crafting them in xc2 was just tedious

I’ve heard some bad things about the community system, but I don’t think I’ll mind too much. It seems like it was cut content from the main game.

Overall, definitely an improvement on every level. Main game was a 5/10 for me, so far this is an 8/10. I’m glad monolith are improving their game design, I really hope xc3 isn’t as incompetent as xc2


The only thing I wanted,was a better explanation for the ending from the main game,then I could die happy


Wait, people hate the Mythra sleepwalking scene from the base game?! But I fucking love that scene! It’s anime bullshit in the best way, and also culminates with some pretty good slapstick and some self-aware jabs at how stripperiffic Mythra’s outfit is. Plus, don’t tell me you wouldn’t literally murder to wake up nuzzled to basically a goddess waifu.


Atleast it was only a year before new xeno stuff


Luxin, there're three Torna areas with new themes, not five. There is the Lasaria Region where the player starts that has a theme like Gormotti Forest that plays the exact same day and night. Then you have the Kingdom of Torna theme which has a differing day and night theme along with a day and night theme for the capital city Auresco.

So basically, it's exactly the same as base-game Gormott with its music choices.

Alex Stewart

Firstly, I can confirm that there will be at least one update to Torna ~ The Golden Country, because I ran into a visual glitch in a cutscene during the ending of the game where the back part of the glowing loop thing Haze has was blurry for no reason (and had a sharp edge at her shoulders and was completely sharp on the rest of her), so they're going to fix that.

More importantly, they could actually ADD more superbosses, because it's not at all hard to put additional info items into the Nopon Halfsage's stock, and there's also a chance that they will give us some kind of custom difficulty settings in an update.


You bastard, why are you using vandhams death song when you’re getting emotional

Larus Novale

Due to a mixup at the store, they gave my mum the torna expansion instead of the base game and so I got TGC for Christmas. I knew nothing about Xenoblade except that people were fighting over whether Pyra or Mythra are better (I didn't know they were the same person) and everyone was upset that Rex was just a Mii Costume in Smash.
By now, I've played through Torna twice and the main game once and I like xbc2, but I love Torna.
It was incredibly easy (and a little cruel) for me to get attached to the characters because I didn't know what was going to happen. Lora especially, since we share a name, but Haze and Jin and basically everyone else too. I didn't understand what Mikhail was doing there and what the heck those blue people were doing (except that they were bad people apparently).
I love Torna in the same way that I love the Grimm fairytales my mum read to me as a little kid. It felt like a tragic, yet complete story. It felt like it was part of something bigger (because it is), but I loved that feeling because not having every piece of lore handed to you on a silver platter made the immersion even stronger.
Of course, it also massively impacted my view on the base game.
I didn't figure out any of Jin's backstory beforehand, I was still hoping for Lora to jump out of the ice and get him to his senses anytime soon.
I despised Malos with all my being the second I set my eyes on him. Same goes for Amalthus too, what a ***
Most of the main cast felt annoying to me, especially Rex, since I really appreciated Lora not being a tropey teenage boy protagonist. At times, I was actively rooting against him, and myself really. By now I have gotten used to them though, and I've grown to like Nia especially.
I had the reverse effect that I think TGC was trying to evoke by going to places also in the main game. A scene that's impact was especially magnified was the fight against Jin on Temperantia and his 'slave' line. The music thing you mentioned happened to me too in that arriving in Morytha immediately sent me back into the Tornan titan, where I thought I could still save everyone, and finding torna down there was just a punch in the stomach.
These are just some things I think were different for me in hindsight, having played Torna first.


I Love the Malos Battletheme.

But Mythra didn't crawl in Addams bed, it was Miltons ^^

The Siren fight had this huge Bayonetta vibe.

Well, I don't know. Eulogimenos said the Royal Family of Tantal wasn't royal in first place. But Zettar was indeed royal, he was a prince. So I kinda refuse to believe the Relation between Zettar and Zeke (plus the fact that I don't like him, but I really love Zeke :P).


I have quite a few issues with the game. The story feels kinda disjointed with how random stuff keeps flying on screen. I have no issue with the lore being unclear because they still want people to play xc2 if they play this first. But the real issue is that the plot itself is pretty unclear, like who are these guys the story cuts to that are talking about the nature of blades?

On a similar note, the storypacing is all kinds of fucked. The only place that malos attacks at first that we visit is the only place we do not care about. The other places are destroyed by looters or monsters. The destruction of the one village on gormott(spoilers lol) is basically pointless because it fails to give the characters further motivation to stop malos. Then go to the capital of torna and....oh boi. Then we have to grind to community level2 and it sucks. Then malos appears and the plot suddenly picks up and it seems like it becomes interessting(though his mechs are an unwelcome difficultyspike)and then we meet gramps and.....jesus christ, we have to grind to communitylevel 4.

And that is the crux of why I would not replay it for a long time. It just takes too long, especially with how certain sidequests are locked behind fieldskills. When I actually got communitylevel 4, I was so out of the mainplot that I just continued to do sidequests(and the mainstory is almost over at that point anyways).

And would you know, the golden monsters are right infront of my nose so after the game flipped my completionist-switch, I want to do then too and I kinda have to for my goals because they count towards 100% and...well, I managed to beat the first one currently and I still have to grind for the rest. Final boss will be easy lol. Idk, I feel as if xenoblade1 did this better. Sidequests were actually optional and the superbosses were hidden and not tied to a sidequest(yeah, it is not a formal sidequest, but it effectively is one. Stupid nopon half-sage).

Ah man, malos must be getting bored while lore is canonically sudequesting for 2 hours. Anyways, when it comes to the sidequests themselves, I have mixed feelings. At one point, a dude literally revives after definitively dying, but at other points, the sidequests are actually really good. It has concepts such as heavily hinted suicide, trying to calm people down in the futility of the situration and also the groop leading people to finish their unfinished business before stuff goes down.

When it comes to the gameplay, game is good. But the fieldskills are unnessesarily restrictive(let me open hard to find stuff for free at least, please) and I quite honestly hate the map because it is so messy that I by accident found a secret area while I tried to get to an ethermiasma that was already on the map from me finding it earlier. Also, I like(not)that certain materialspots appearently have way higher odds at certain materials than others and it is almost impossible to know from just playing. I was shocked when I learned that moonbeam bananas are a common material because I was always lacking them.

Jonas Turman

Rip Hugo, We still haven't forgot you.......


I don’t know why y’all are complaining about getting to level 4. I got to level 4 without even trying. And all the side quests are cute lil stories. I loved the romantic gormotti Leo!

noah aube

I really wish we could visit Temperantia/Judicium in this time period


Nice video. I wanted to talk about one thing though, specifically the Jin teaming up with Malos piece and how people can't understand why he'd team up with Malos.

For starters, if you really think about it, Malos had nothing to do with Lora's death besides wrecking Torna and even then one could argue that it was mostly Mythra in the end who destroyed it. I don't think Jin was ever tied to Torna like he was tied to Lora, after all he spent most of his life with her on the run there so it makes sense that he might not hold a huge grudge against Malos for that.

Secondly, something that Jin recognizes in the base game and even somewhat imparts to Rex is that Malos is really a victim of Amaltheus as well. He's been corrupted and he's struggling with trying to understand his true purpose.

So that all said, Jin's beef in XC2 is specifically with humans and most specifically with Amaltheus and the architect. Let me start by quoting Klaus from the end of Xenoblade 2 when he says something that sheds light on a LOT of the character struggles in the game: "When a person loses something, they cannot help but seek a reason why. Within themselves, or within others, they seek a concrete answer to the question of who they really are, deep inside. Such a very lonely existence." Something that isn't hugely discussed in Torna is Jin's inner struggles with being a blade. We see brief glimpses of it like when he reads his old diary but even then we don't actually hear the narration like we do in XC2. Jin has major beef with the architect because he feels that blades have really been given the shit end of the stick when it comes to existence. He thinks they've essentially been made to serve humans and a lot of his reasoning for wanting to kill the architect/end the world is because he feels like it would be better for blades for the world to end then to keep living in servitude of humans. When Lora dies he is left to his devices to hollow out in this lonely existence until Malos extends him a hand and gives him renewed purpose in life. Malos likely re-affirmed Jin's disdain for humans but more importantly give him a path forward from merely wasting away in sadness forever.

The ending monologue from Torna might throw some of this into question but I actually have a theory that the monologue from the end is not actually the Jin from the story but instead is an excerpt left from the old Jin that he read in the diary. After all, the Lora iceberg in XC2 exists as Jin puts it "to remind him how foolish he was to ever put faith in the Architect", which would reinforce the idea that he is burning away all the hope he once had at the end of Torna.

Jin is an awesome complicated character in my opinion. He was my favourite character in XC2 and Torna has only further reinforced that. His plight with blades reminds me a lot of Roy Batty and the replicants from Blade Runner which is some of my favourite media ever.

Hayden Smith

A neat comparison to draw is that when Addam gets the true 3rd sword, he can't handle it and his body is wrought with electric arcs, just like when someone tries to use the monado in xc1.

Captain Olimar

Well I am getting my XC1 loving friend to play Torna first so let’s gooooo! I’ll probably make a Reddit post.

Cyclone Music X

Very well placed “Drifting Souls”.

Zedrick Jaramillo

I don't like how the community level holds the story hostage.


I disagree with Torna being easier I actually think it's much harder than base game.

Ryan Woo

My guess is monolithsoft wants to make the close up cutscenes more cinematic, so they try to make blurry background. To turn on shallow depth of field in this engine is probably impossible itself or on the Switch to keep the decent frame rate, so they use a workaround. It looks like the frame is generated, they put the blur effect on the whole frame, and then they put the intended to be focused character or object on top of it to create pseudo blurry background. As a result, the blurry but bleed out a bit under the sharp characters. It’s only speculation!


4:15 I'm pretty sure that effect was also in the base game

Alpaka Fantasy

Anyone using the Bonus/Talent Skills/Arts? Like at all?

Misael Cueva

Have you seen the bonus you get in the theater after finishing both games?

Samurai Trooper

Malos flexing for 15 hours


This game made me want to replay the base game again. (i was planning on doing it anyways but with different costumes). Also in portable mode i noticed the fuzzy filter near malos's foot. In terms of story this definitely an amazing dlc. I kind of wish for a pre-sequel though. A sequel to this but still before the base game. Or a prequel to torna where we see the start of the war or when we see when malos first gets awaken or we see when the world tree was born. I feel like they can do so much with this. But most of all I WANT XENOSAGA TRILOGY remake that shit for the switch so i can play all my xenosaga with KosMos

Amestris Square

I def agree if torna was 30, id recommend it without any doubts, my friend ended up renting and loving it

farmsalot 123

Torna the golden country to me was far better than the main game.
The main games gatcha system just sucked to me. I hated it and diving with a passion . Story was ok but lived in the past to much. The pacing was horrible .
Torna the golden country was fair better in everyway. They got rid of the gatcha system (thank god) the stories straight and to the point . Did a great job in completing the main games story. Combat was( in my opinion) better. I overall wished the main game would be been more like expansion .

Sundel [スンデル]

The new Gormott theme sounds like a Star Ocean song...#MatoiSakurabaforXC3

Zedrick Jaramillo

One down side is no elemental blade combo pathway chart during battle.


Hugo was kinda funny with adam teasing him in battle

cor ninsin95

Um, I'm 18hrs in and still missing 4 community members for Lv. 2. All the side quests I have available are item quests. I don't know where to get the items. Wanted to play blind, but like XC2, this game is near impossible to beat without resorting to online guides.

evil I

Taking your advice in this video let me replay Torna and enjoy it more then I did the first time

David Rodriguez

Tetsuya Takahashi recommends playing Torna after concluding chapter 7 and before getting into 8 in the base game. I think it makes much more sense.


is their any good theory about golden eyes but you forget that rex don't belong in fonsett village his mother carry all the way toward fonsett village his father died near a small titan

Blu Guyolem

It’s also funny how how drivers in xenoblade 2 fight is cut Lora was poor

Slobertooth 13

I'm suprised you didn't talk about Minoth at all.


What did you think of the Econ Homework?

Mr Bubble

Just don’t skip the side quests. The final side quest is the most touching thing ever.


Torna is beauty minus the mandatory "side quests"


Idk about anyone else but I REALLY find it hard to recommend playing the dlc or the base game first.

I think each have their merits but I think I would eventually have to say play the base game then torna then the base game again.

If you play torna first there's a few things that isn't good about that:

1. Mythras reveal isn't surprising
2. Amalthus being evil isn't surprising.
3. Malos being a second aegis isn't surprising.
4. Siren and ophion aren't as mysterious or cool.
5. A lot of lore and how the world works is missing since it assumes you are at least familiar with alrest and what drivers and blades are.

Playing the base game first keeps all those moments fresh and hit hard seeing them for the first time. But then going back and playing torna is really cool based on how it recontextualizes everything. And I think springboarding off of torna into a second base game playthrough offers a seamless narrative.

kurumi the spirit nightmare

wow nice job on the video my friend i really really enjoyed it tbh tornas final boss is better than the original in my opinion too i really agree there as well with the forcing of doing the side quests but anyways keep up the good work my friend


The first Xenoblade game without a nopon anywhere in your party. 0/10


I was very pleasantly suprised by how good the side quests were. Best ones in a JRPG since Automata.


Super late, but yeah i really didnt like the weird effects they had going on in the cutscenes, its especially noticeable on haze's scarf, where the parts layered in front of her body are all HD, but the part flying behind her is a pixelated mess like the background is

Armin Rafieyan

Great review but actually there is 2 night time themes which is the Kingdom of Torna area and the capital of Torna just so you know


Well keep in mind that on top of everything that happened here, Jin also witnessed all the stuff we know happened in the following 500 years and with the context of this prequel, yeah that had to be beyond depressing.

Also, I would assume Zettar's son founds Tantal as an independent kingdom. The people would recognize Zettar, but not necessarily a son.

Sam Rivett

Jin is Lao all over again.

HyperFreeze 2

Rex is the reincarnation of Milton and no one can change my mind


The fuzzy outline thing really bothered me too, I may be wrong but the conclusion I came to was that it was rendering the scene in two passes: foreground and background. Foreground rendered at full res, whereas background rendered at low res, making it both faster and simulating a cheap depth of field. From the looks of it though, is since the pixels are much larger in the bg, foreground elements bleed into it

Zakaria Mohamed


Zedrick Jaramillo

Why is Judicium unexplorable? In the main game that's where the final battle actually takes places since Torna sinks due to Amalthus after Mythra sleeps.


I agree, i didnt like it that the base game had only the "capital" of the titans and no other villages, and it made me not take mor ardain seriously, because what kind of empire has only 1 city?

Rafael Fontanes

Anyone else realize that the driver teams are kind of color coordinated? Each driver mostly white with accents of a primary color. Lora and Haze wear red and white, and Jin wears white with subtle red-ish hues. Hugo wears blue and white, Brigid wears blue, and Aegeon wears white and has blue water things. Addam wears white yellow (with some black), Mythra wears white and yellow, and Minoth wears mostly black. Minoth seems to be the least like his driver, but it makes sense due to the fact that he actually isn't Addam's blade. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I find it to be pretty neat.

El Zar De Pootis

Spoiler alert..... I thought Milton was gonna survive because i thought he was the father of Nia, i know its 500 years prior but she´s a flesh eater, i think she has seen some old shit in her life

David Huang

Torna's quest is almost anti-Majora's Mask - in that game you struggled and struggled to prevent the end of the world, and finally brought happy endings to everyone in Termina.

But in Torna, you already know its fate is unavoidable before you start playing the game. Yet I seeked out every sidequest, built up my community level, get to know every person in Torna, replaying the game and falling in love even more with the people of Torna. The sidequests in this game are so important because they bring so much joy for the players, and hence make the ending so much more impactful and sad.

But even with tragic ending coming, I still want to help out every person I met in the game. To see them come together and bond before the end of the world......there is something beautiful and poetic about that. We may not know where fates will take us, but helping and cherishing the people around us is what counts. Treasuring these moments......is what Lora's journey is all about.

Love your works and please keep it up. Xenoblade for life!

Captain Olimar

Zettar made the Kingdom, Zeke’s mother is probably his descendant, King Euligeminos said his lineage was from a Tornan military division. Does this sound correct? IdK.

ICEY The Dropout

Great first review, I'm going to miss updates and more dlc for my favorite game of all time, looking forward to torna theory videos


You mentioned a theory about Addam and the pneuma sword, what is it

Zedrick Jaramillo

Lora is 27.


I believe Jin joined malos because he was the only person that he knew that was still alive, so he ignored the fact that he was an enemy and became friends

Lucas Yap

That song his talking about

It’s drifting souls right?

Ian Hsieh

This is not a review, this is a review DLC LOL.
48 minutes!?


Congrats on 7000 Subscribers! You now have the same amount of subs as there are members in the Xenoblade chronicles amino.

Jacob Mazur

I know that I’m a little late but I just wanted to commend you for your excellent review. Great job man!

Alpaka Fantasy

Adam's english voice felt a bit strange to me in the first cutscenes because I didn't except him to be a sunny boy kind of character but on my NG+ run it feels ok I guess. But he's not my favorite character though ;-)


Could anyone point me where is it written/explained Adam is married and has kids please?

Jeremy Miller

Interesting watching your final story thoughts. For some reason I expected almost everyone to die Rogue One style XD I forgot about Mikhail

Ryan Woo

Hi Luxin, the last bit of your video made me emotional too! Your content is great. I watched many of your Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s video. Yes, I felt the same when I finished the Torna few days ago. This is the end of Xenoblade series until the next one! I wish you the best as a content creator. About the XC2, I’m almost want to regard Torna better than the main game. My point is Torna is more refined, polished. The battle system is a bit better and I like the community system a bit more. XC2 has few things annoyed me, I don’t like Tora and his dad and grandpa are all dirty men. In some dialogue hinted that Poppy could be sex slave that makes me sick. Nopons should be cute fur balls! I’m kidding, bad nopon is fine, I just thought that part is unnecessary and Tora has so little in the plot, he doesn’t has enough reason to go along the journey. Many character design are excellent, but few of them are too sexual and too distracting. I like side quest, but I need certain rare blade to use certain field skills to do certain quests are little bit complicated in XC2. Other than that I love the main game. After 250 hours in the main game and 25 hours in Torna, I will take a break play other games for a while, then I will come back to get all the rare blade and beat some super bosses. Thanks again!

Eric Mcswasy

0/10 no akhos and patroka and only 3 teams with 5 open slots

Adam Zielinski

I despise the "Depth of field" effect they have. It looks HORRIBLE in the backgrounds like in the throne room discussion before Malos

The Lamb Sauce





The thing about Driver/Blade interaction is actually very interesting from a lore perspective: Rex is the only old-style driver you ever meet. Yes, he uses the Aegis sword, but he doesn't use her arts. He uses his own.
Also, spoiler

The DLC basically answered the quesiton about whether Rex is a real Driver. We see that Zettar got the same reaction to the aegis crystal as he would've gotten from any regular Blade's core crystal. Rex can, in the post credit scene, re-awaken Pyra and Mythra. That means he's almost definitely a natural Driver.

Brendan Irvine

You didn't mention the fact that Hugo says don't forget me in chain attacks...

noponic drago

addams permanent smile annoyed me alot also that blur was anoying


I havent been a sub for long but I love your content glad you arent going anywhere


only 15 hours? took me like almost 40 lol

Jaime De la Rosa

My favorite quest is Lyta’s quest

Mugen TV

I cried at the end of the game. I never cried by playing a video game before and this game was the one that did it :(


Wait when does it say Addam has a wife?

Bad Gamer

I feel like the best thing Monolith Soft could do until the next new Xenoblade comes out is porting Xenoblade Chronicles X to the Switch it would also be a wish of mine because XCX got pretty much no attention on the WiiU

Who agrees?


You did the impactful music right when you did the ending of a era thing. (*´Д`*)