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62 224 views | 20 Jun. 2019
62 224 views | 20 Jun. 2019

I Finally was able to do a lucky trade for a Gible with my friend Paragwar! Invested the rest of the rare candies and completely max the beast Garchomp out.

▪️How good is Garchomp?

▪️Should you use it as a ground or dragon attacker

▪️Garchomp VS Jolteon and alolan Raichu raid


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Antonio Prospero

I'm going to have my second garchomp

Yu Xuan Phang

Far chimp rips and tears!


I have a 100 iv Gabite, a 100 iv Gible and a lucky 80 iv Gible

N’alae Sarine

My first Gible I found was a shiny, now I’ve got around 20 Gible but no garchomp yet

Rekch —

I have a 94% garchomp and can’t wait to power it up!

Badingi Banboni

I have a Gabite as my buddy and I'm just patiently waiting for him to get 100 candies :')

PUGman Savage

In case you dont know, if you stay on the white screen that says all your pokemon have fainted, you can wait at that screen until the raid is over and get to the catch screen if you're away from the gym.

Saiune - Hunter

Man, that Garchomp just destroys Alohan Raichu.. o.o

Amani Brown

Been playing 2 weeks I got 2 of them and a lot of other rares

Preston Graff

I used my lvl 40 garchomp against an alolan raichu that knew thunder punch. I was the only one in the gym and I killed it with just my garchomp, I still had about 1/3rd of my health. Ground type for sure. It's like a groudon with more resistances.


my dad traded me gabite without realizing how rare it was

Mind of Zyzz

I found it in a 10k egg yesterday

Ling Ling

Rypherior meant to be a Rock type attacker tho



Bloxxer Plays

Just hatched a Gible from a 10km egg a few days ago and I have 56 candies for it, but I hope I can get another to get more candies and get Garchomp!


Hey guys i have Gabite 89% with 12/14/14 should i evolve or wait ?

Tyler Prenger

I Need one of these Mother******s


A friend traded me a Gible, I traded an old July 2016 pokemon and it came out lucky! I now have a lvl 35, 15 attack, 89% Garchomp! It's a beast


I hatced it

Quick Clips Gaming 1

I found a 15/13/10 level 35 today. I’m very tempted to evolve it.


Found a shiny gible almost got enough candys to get a gabite.

Ovaltine Jenkans

Just got a Lucky Garchomp last night! It also maxes out at 3909, it's a 15-13-12(89%). I'm so stoked. I also have a Lucky 93%, but it's a only a level 20.

Mystic Souls

I'm only 60 candies away from one

Tre Bell

Why does he make it have the double ground moves instead of the double dragon moves and just keep groudon at the ground spot.


I just got mines

Jade Lee

Best moves for Garchomp??? I mean for charge move and secondary TM charge move.


I have found 2 gible and 2 gabite 1 gabite ran away :/

Edit: Location sweden, gothenburg

Diego Pacheco

I got a 15/13/15 one in a lucky trade and it is INSANE. Sadly it was lvl 8 so it has been painful to level it up, but worth it for sure. It Is currently at lvl 33, i need to get more gible (rare) candy

Don't ask me about my day

Hatched a 89% gible with 15 attack, 15 HP and 10 defense. Should I dump my rare candies into it?

Robby B.

Why would you use a Dragonite with Draco meteor instead of outrage?


I've driven like a mad man to get downtown when one spawned. Terrible ivs so I traded it for another. Didn't turn lucky, but ended up at 98% ivs

TMoney 777

Been holding my 10ks and waiting for double candy. Hatched 2 gible today and almost got enough for a Garchomp now!

Christian Granda

I have a 127 rare candy don’t know if I should invest.

Daniel Stern

Might want to wait for gible day for likely Earth Power

Adam Henderson

I hope a community day for this is coming next year!

cameeltje A

frends 4 free xp and gift everyday 6209 5327 5014

a lacava

I have a 91 iv gible I hatched during the double candy event and I’ve been walking it so I have about 70 candies for it. Should I drop like 100 rare candies give or take to evolve and power it up? I really want a Garchomp I’m just afraid his community day will come out not long after and it’ll be a waste of 100+ rare candies. Is it worth the risk?

Ronny Briesen

Garchomp is a monster

Thomas La Motta

Not sure if I got to show you but I found a weather boosted Gible as my dex entry one and I immediately evolved it all the way to Garchomp. It’s ivs aren’t that good but the cp is over 3000 without powering it up.

Bratva 33

Hey back again

Wong Tsz Fung Nick 黃梓峰 - (2D31)

1:05 actually triplely resisting

Ground already double resists electric


Got a Lucky one 100 IV maxed out


I found a Gible which was rare and it had a 1000cp and had an 89 IV, Today I evolved into a Garchomp since coincidentally I hatched a Gible and used the candy to get a Gabite


why do people keep saying gaRbite?? it's GABITE with no R...

Marcus Rand Jr.

I want Garchomp so bad!!!!!! I'm so tired of hatching Dratini

Wong Tsz Fung Nick 黃梓峰 - (2D31)

I hate that garchomp is shorter than the avatar tho


Straight flexin

Nashypoo 72

With the 2x hatch candy, if you hatch 2 Gible, you will be close to, or be able to get Garchomp. That's why I'm trying to hatch eggs quickly. BTW Poke AK, should my Garchomp have Dragon moves or Ground moves???

drew lo

I am sad... why you ask while I did a trade with my lucky friend welp.. I got a lucky perfect...I am now stuck with do I evolve it or stash it..

Rodo Chucho

is it a good idea to save a good Gible for a future CD?

riley buehler

Does the 100iv garchomp reach over 4,000 cp?

Zeus The Fox

I have a Hundo Chomp I'm very Greatful


Garchomp is taking over Garchomp’s spot? lol


I think for gible community day, he will get “earth power” instead of another dragon charge move.

Izzat Othman

Finally evolve it . Sacrifice my rare cndy 120

Blackseed Unklemaal-b7ack5eed


David Villa

Does anyone have a garchomp to trade plz

Beast 195

2:35 mistake

bas blablabla

Damn how many thunder punched could a raichu do one after another


Garchomp is a beast. Absolute favorite pokemon. I've never seen a wild Gible and have only hatched or used rare candy to evolve

Phillio Leonoveta

You said garchomp instead of Groudon

Chad Matthieu

@7:20 there is AWFUL overlap noise from Pokemon Go

Marc-Andre Roy

I managed to get a 100% gible but I’m wanting to hold off on evolving Incase/when it gets a cday for the special move.. worth?

Mystic Souls

I wonder if it does better than Tyranitar?

Michał Lucci

I sought and looked for my Gible. in the end, I am hatching from the 10km egg and guess what IV ? 98% IV! Unfortunately for me 14 15 15. I would like him to have an attack 15.


So far I have a gabite with 11 candy oh boy do I have a long way until I get my garchomp

Benzel Wasington

I kind of Wish garchomp could do Dragon breath as fast move to

salty cucumber

2:35... ok?

Aaron Joo

Someone give me the tl;dr

Embrace Shilal

Garchomp = Hammerhead Shark


Thank you

6 9

i got a 96 one and a 89 one but they are both weather boosted so my 96 garchomp a beast

Zoku X

I have a L17 & L21 (100%) Gible


You messed up and said garchomp but said Grodons stats

Beliye Kolgotki

I still got competition chomp Voyeboda on pokebank


Champion Cynthia Team HYPE!


I hatched a gible from an egg and I was able to evoke it when I got it into a gabite

poke unova

4665 3655 6346


Indeed, i already proved it, lets see when Garchomp vs Raikou

Top Rivers

Shits crazy how much you have to grind just to get 1 competitive mon.

Ghost Grenade

I’ve been finding a lot of gibles around my area in England

The PlushTuber

I have one Gabite but i never cought a Gible xD

Arjay Duran

Yeah, it's a beast. I completely almost solo'ed a boosted alolan raichu raid, with a 3610cp 87iv chomp (can't max it, I'm only lv34).


how do you have so much stardust Poke Ak?


I have 3 maxed out garchomps

Manny G

i still dont have a gible lol

Ace Carbonel

Got a 98iv lucky Gible


So you telling me with my 14/15/15 Garchomp that I got blessed from an egg hatch....I should max that out asap? Ok got you.

DarshD Gaming & Entertainment

Still waiting for my Gible to hatch.... let's hope we get a community day in 2020...

Sam 88 Wise

Making me think about investing rare Candy into my Gible, normally only invest those into legendaries baby please


I got a 100 iv one, I peed myself when I got it. Actually that went too far, I didn't pee myself but I was super surprised with my luck.


I wish I knew this before I gave 3 gibles 100 iv


I hatched 4 gible In a row from 10k eggs just WOW

Bad Moon

Saweet! Did a lucky friend trade with gible and got my garchomp with good ivs finally. So stoked since it's such a sweet design. I love variety and spice in my teams, so having it as either a dragon or ground is gonna be sick

Yongho Shin

9372 8449 5280

Deracs Nekowa

I hatched a shiny Gible the other day and evolved it into a Gabite but I ran out of Gible candy.

Antonio Gallano

I thought it was john malkovich 6:17 hahaha

Brandon Bordi

I wish I had a gible. Even if I found one it would probably be pretty bad IV and cp


I caught a 100iv gible

noy choen

do you think it would learn earth power in CD?