Botania | Automatic Tree Farm | Tutorial

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Botania | Automatic Tree Farm | Tutorial

91 391 views | 4 Oct. 2015
91 391 views | 4 Oct. 2015

This design is ideal for a beginner to Botania or just a passive early game tree farm. I did come up with this design myself for the intentions of a cheap and simple tree farm, bearing in mind to keep it relatively cheap, and simpler, while not having a messy build. This completes the tree farm challenge but not the advance version, that one is yet to come.

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Explanation of function:

The Idea is that the mana powering this farm is produced by the munchdew's, that uses a path with the force relays and lenses to break the logs of the new trees. The height of the munchdew is intentional, to keep some leaves to de-spawn for saplings. The design avoids large trees growing and will function continuously. The hopperhock collects all the dropped items and, in particular, the open crate is there to keep the saplings always available for the rannuncarpus to plant. The issue without redstone timing the hopperhock, is that the hopperhock and rannuncarpus will compete for the saplings, and drop the efficiency of the farm.

If you have any requests don't be shy, drop them in the comment section.

More Botania tutorials are on their way!

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This video was shot on the Agrarian Skies 2 Modpack.

Agrarian Skies 2 is a modded sky block, played on the Curse launcher.

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Justas Gecevicius

runnuncarpus not planting saplings . HELP


A little help? My Warp Bore Mana Spreader isn't firing. It's full of mana, it's bound to the mana pool and yet it will not fire unless I remove the force relay.


Do these All Need to be floating


Instead of using the redstone torch to stop the hopperhock from picking stuff up, couldn't you use podzol or mycelium instead. It makes a delay that allows the rannuncarpus place the saplings down first before the hopperhock pick anything up.

jphee _

Doesn't work for me in version 1.12 at first. The mana spreader at the bottom could not use mana from the pool, so I add another pool with some mana next to the spreader, and it works.


I just had a great idea to increase the efficiency for this farm, I don't know why I didn't do it before:
Use a redstone mana spreader above the mana pool, with a hovering hourglass (set around 1-2min), pointing at a drum of the canopy (between the top force relay and the mana spreader).

Allon Vorlete

4 years late but a tip;
The frame actually needs to be 8x8 or the planting flower will try to place logs at the sides if there’s any dirt there for it.
Also I just crashed my game but I think I did something wrong because I only had 1 sapling in my box and no wood. Not sure how I could’ve screwed it up though.


If you use oak saplings with a caping block to prevent the super oaks from generating, you could get apples to feed to a gourmaryllis.


Leave a comment if you need any help, and tell me what you thought of the video :)


I think they changed the force relay, it just breaks if the bore mana lens hits it.


did they change how the rannuncarpus works because it keeps placing the wood logs that drop.

Zenith Maiden

I've been looking around at several sources now and I can't find an answer. how in the world do you stop force relays from breaking saplings? using a potency/efficiency lens with a bore/warp prism and I cannot seem to bind to the dirt blocks without the saplings above them breaking every pulse.

Eric Hayes

I love the idea of short tutorials, this is perfect! I noticed some people mentioning that this may be more advanced than the "beginner" position for botania, so maybe you can have video titles that show that? I.E., "Botania | Automatic Tree Farm | Intermediate Tutorial". (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) Just a thought.


Nice job! Doesn't fucking work YAHOO!!!


This doesn't seem to be working, I'm using the botania version in the 8.1 build of the 1.7.10 pack. The mana beams don't seem to go into the force relays like shown, they don't even leave the spreader.

Hunter Patton

For some reason, my farm only drops one or two blocks of wood per two trees, why is this?

Samuele Da Ru'

in regrowth force relay destory when cut the trees why ?

Reverse Studios

For some reason, the rannuncarpus is not placing the saplings, I think it's because there is grass around the machines


this is shirt man, i wasted all of my materials and my time, did everything right but it does NOT work...

Josh Garrigan

Very good. Compact, self sustaining and very easy to build...going to incorporate this into my botania build I think :D


hey great gude and really helped thanks! I did a really cosmetically ugly version of this, I just moved the two chest, two blocks up and the open crate as well, the hopper and the hourglass/redstone, I added a wooden pressure plate under the open crate, hooked the redstone wiring back to the open crate, so each time a sapling is on the pressure plate, no more will fall. Now for the sapling storage, I simply up a hopper on top of the crate and a jabba barrel on top of that, upgraded it twice and threw a void storage upgrade onto it so after it fills up itll just delete the excess. Its running perfectly, I could switch out the setup for a drum setup like mentioned alot here, but this setup is working well enough that I don't need to do anything else with it. Thanks for the video! if anyone's not understanding my horrible explanation of this and actually want to try my setup, just comment and ill post a imgur link


I love how quickly and full of info this video is -- thanks

Josh Sideris

This works... But I'm a bit confused. What's stopping the rannuncarpus placing the logs that break?


Tested and confirmed for functionality in the latest version of Regrowth, but I have a small annoyance with the fact that the logs tend to teleport to the Mana Spreader with the lens and then fly off out of the Hopperhock's reach. You can see this happening in the demonstration at the start of the video.


Nice tutorial, but i have one tip for you:
NEVER shoot mana from a mana spreader into a mana spreader, as this will cause you to lose mana.
So in this build, put a mana pool in place of the second spreader, with the spreader next to it.
Doing it this way increases the efficiency of this farm even more.


There is a problem with that system. The Munchdew eats leaves and gives mana to the Mana Spreader, but then the Spreader isn't shooting the mana to the Force Relay. For some reason looks like the mana beam passes through the force relay and the mana pool. So the process can't go on as the mana beam isn't bouncing. Is there any way of fixing that? I can't find any solution.. Thanks in advance


I am imagining the purpose of this build is purely as a tree farm and not to generate mana. Is this the case?

Bellum Aeternus

Great video! I'm having an issue though and I rewatched confirming i followed exactly. Only one of the dirt blocks gets a sapling planted for me and the other gets nada.

Timon Lukas

Awesome video! I like that you keep it so short. You have earned yourself a new sub. :)


I replicated exactly this model but it doesn’t seem to drop any wood, I got some apples in the chest but no wood at all, I don’t even see any logs drop when the mana run through ! I must have done something wrong but I can’t see what, any help will be gladly accepted

Lil Boll

The particular mod pack I'm using allows munchdews to drop saplings :p


when i set this farm up, it doesnt seem to drop any wood for me


So you can bind a flower to a mana spreader? Because that is a great Idea to use like you did clearly in this video. :)

ArturGama YT

I didn't notice it was already finished lol I was expecting a long tedious video but this is better!


Ooh! Yeah this works great. Have it feeding the wood to my endoflames. Although I do have a question, how would I add more trees for the farm, or would I just make another farm a little farther away from it.

Derek Wagher

Does this generate leftover mana for a mana pool? I'm looking to make a simple beginner mana generator. I don't have enough coal for endoflames/know-how to make complex generators.


3 dirt blocks (im pretty sure it needs to be dirt, cant be grass else tree grows on the grass and changes it into dirt)
3 saplings
1 apple
1 log
1 open crate
2 chests
3 item frames

1 BORE WARP lens (cant be other way around)
1 mana pool
2 mana spreaders
2 force relays

1 redstone torch
1 hourglass
1 red sand
1 redstone repeater

1 floating hopperhuck
1 floating munchdew
1 floating rannuncarpus
3 floating agricarnations (optional? idk)

Timothy Evans

I DO like short tutorials!!!!!

Alex Jennings

Short sweet and too the point. Not to mention clear and well organized. Well done.

LARP Crafter

This does NOT work. I built it exactly in a creative test world and it does not work. I am still trying to figure out how the stupid force relays and spreaders are supposed to be cutting trees down and it makes ZERO sense. and that really isn't explained very well in the video. This is FRUSTRATING! Rethink design or let me know what the hell is up. or pull this video from YouTube.

Mr Redshirt.


Josh Escarda

So I recently started getting into Botania, and trying to find a build for afk mana-buildup is sort of difficult, and even more so when you don't understand the mod at all. This video really helps a lot, but I have three questions:

1. Can an Endoflame be incorporated in this build without too many changes being made, and how?

2. Would I be able to duplicate this build into arrays or a grid that will not bother each other?

3. Would this be a realistic method of a permanent mana build, if array/grid farming with this build is possible?


Im having some issues because the mana isn't reaching the mana pool because of the mana loss. How could I prevent that?

Adagio Vibe

Short tutorials are great, keep it up!

Samuel Joyce

Awesome video, nice and quick, all set up, everything I need to see, love the simple layout of the video, no jumping around, straight to the point and a great list at the end just in case you missed something.

Will be returning for more.

Martel Yggdrasil

I know the video is fairly old, but the setup still works so it should be a relevant question: How do you deal with the saplings dropping from the open crate that are in surplus?
Because the hopper-hock is picking them up frequently they never despawn and you get more and more of them on the ground, potentially causing issues if you leave this running without supervision for hours.

In single-player it's not much of an issue but when you want to play on a server it is a big no to leave growing stacks of items on the ground, especially if they can never despawn on their own.


The rannuncarpus range is too big if you would do this on a flat surface of dirt. it will place all the sapling around the device. Any tips for that?

Luke Oslund

I like the speed tutorial, thank you.

Wayne Clark

got it to work but no wood drops


Some times it will bug and you must give to it new saplings

The Bard

how do i get it to destroy the logs? also thanks for the video this is great!


I just completely remove the open crate after planting(if you got fast decay) and everything should work nicely. (if you dont want excess saplings, natural despawn)

Huub Cotino

Any 'Botania' way to make those trees grow faster?


Thank you dude

Jonathan Scrivenor

the logs just shot off the side of the platform lol, shouldn't be a problem if this is done inside though

Nathan Lamberth

It was too fast for someone that doesn't no this mod (that's me), but that's okay I'll return for this when understand the components. Love it, do more

JellyDrive PeanutDisk

im so confused by some things, like how force relays work and the munchdew and how it doesnt eat all the leaves


You make really good, clear tutorials. Please keep making them :)